Shares in central copy “model of Inner Mongolia” invest more than 2 billion “snowball” built 10GW photovoltaic projects

Arctic star solar PV network news: July 31, in the ring shares released bulletin said, its recently and Sichuan development, and Leshan power, and Tianjin Jin Alliance and SunPower signed has understanding memorandum, will in Sichuan Province development, and has and/or sold main using efficient (efficiency not below 24%) low concentrated PV technology products built of power plant, currently intends development construction capacity for 3GW of efficient PV Center project, long-term development construction target Super 10GW.

Consistent with the people had speculated, Central stake had taken on “Inner Mongolia” was successfully copied in Sichuan. And the so-called “Inner Mongolia”, that is, shares in Central and local governments, such as SunPower take a collaborative approach with regard to development projects in Inner Mongolia.

According to the announcement, this time shares, Sichuan’s development, in Central Tianjin to be respectively invested 720 million dollars and 700 million dollars, 560 million Yuan, total registered capital of the new company 73.8%; funded Leshan electric power to be 580 million Yuan, accounting for 21.6% of the registered capital; SunPower invested 125 million yuan of registered capital: 4.6%. This includes 2.685 billion yuan of registered capital, also includes the development of Sichuan and Tianjin two provincial investment platform.

Got through plant developed the power generation process is successfully copied the “Inner Mongolia model”

As early as in December 2012, and shares the company intends to invest in central China concentrated (Inner Mongolia) of PV power Bill adopted by the Board of Trustees considered. According to the motion, and shares invested 160 million yuan in central China focusing 40% shares; SunPower donated 100 million RMB, China concentrated 25% shares of Inner Mongolia electric power (Group) limited liability company invested 80 million Yuan, China concentrated 20% shares, Jinqiao development limited liability company of urban construction in Huhhot invested 60 million Yuan, Hua Xia 15% stake in the spotlight.

“Inner Mongolia model” and similar parts, just got through plant from the development of the combination of the whole process of generating mode. According to press the investigation, each party involved in the joint venture company was gobblers. Sichuan development is Sichuan Government of investment platform, representative Sichuan Government on project of support, in joint venture company in of role positioning natural is solution Government of approval process, and flagging, needs Government support of related things; Tianjin Jin Alliance is Tianjin country funding Board of a investment platform, natural representative has old Club on in the ring shares of support, again once 560 million big of injected, can be described as on its full has confidence; Leshan power participation to project can be described as somewhat accident, but according to informed persons revealed, Mainly because the networks behind it is Sichuan electric power company, which can help the grid-connected power plant to solve problems in Central share and SunPower, as always, on behalf of CFZ+C7 advanced technology provider, responsible for resolving power of high efficiency and low cost.

Sunpower partners receive financial support, technology is authorized

Shares of Central “CFZ core technologies combined with SunPower high efficiency solar cell + low-concentrated technology (C7)” pattern, as the field of PV technology in strong cooperation, allegedly bringing disruptive change: will be diluted to 0.4 Yuan/kWh costs below. Although so far there is no specific data to confirm that, although cooperation between the two sides still expect a lot from the industry.

SunPower, as the international photovoltaic industry “majors”, is a design, manufacture and sales currently can achieve high conversion efficiency, high quality and high reliability of solar modules and systems companies, while shares in Central, is its efficient providers of silicon materials.

Earlier, the Sunpower photovoltaic power stations have access to Buffett, highly recognized international giants such as Apple, Google, recently won the HASI company more than $ 40 million of non-recourse debt financing, which is the second debt financing from companies in 2014 for SunPower. HASI companies have said, their authorized SunPower high quality technology.

Central shares earlier announcements, Inner Mongolia and Chinese joint ventures of concentrating manufacturing C7 system receiver capacity is 300MW and SunPower to advance procurement 70MW battery package, used in saihan district of Huhhot 20MW solar plant project and bald Hai Xiang 100MW PV power plant project in wuchuan County, the two projects will be completed in 2015, power generation.

To be sure, in the domestic PV market development in the future, Central shares will continue to work with Sunpower; expansion in the international market, Central shares will receive Sunpower and their major shareholders, total support.

Own funds + financing channels provide guaranteed funding

Outside in technology, business model, financial shares to colonize Earth, Central, is an indispensable condition. Back in April of this year, shares issued in Central “has been signed with the Government of the ABA Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture, Sichuan the solar energy efficient photovoltaic power generation project in ABA strategic cooperation agreement, the preliminary planning 3GW of solar efficient photovoltaic power station” announcements. At the market’s biggest concerns is that its funding.

Reporters noted, as distinguished from “Inner Mongolia model”, more Sichuan joint venture highlights: not just got the endorsement of the local governments of the two places, the registered capital of more than 26 billion, much higher than the 400 million joint venture company in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan hydropower station in the world problems is solved directly. In accordance with industry accepted/w power plant costs 10 Yuan, more than 2 billion of their own money, if the use of financial leverage, and can be used to build more than 800MW power station scale. Under partial construction in central planning, construction of the power plant by realisation and follow-up support for power plant construction, the Fund does not really matter.

And crucially, not so long ago, Central equity said in a statement that the company is embarking on financial leasing and factoring, decided to adopt the Hong Kong Holdings Limited to wholly-owned subsidiaries in Central the capital increase of 500 million Yuan to support its Tianjin zhonghuan finance leasing company and Tianjin zhonghuan commercial factoring company.

Reporters a finance person, “leasing company access to bank credit can not be fully used, can revitalize the company’s stock assets such as photovoltaic power plants, wafer, in addition to leasing platform can also take international trade and make effective use of overseas enterprises low cost funding.”

Particularly worth mentioning is that “in Central Hong Kong in Tianjin Dongjiang free trade zone set up in Hong Kong Central rental leases are treated as foreign companies which, according to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Commerce (lease financing by the Ministry of Commerce supervised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission on regulatory, financial leasing), foreign-funded financial leasing company’s risk assets total net assets of no more than 10 times. In other words, Central leasing capital 10 times leverage is available, its capital up to a maximum of 5 billion yuan. “These financial sources told reporters that” the financing channels, Central, it’s no wonder the shares’s recent announcement of an end to corporate bond issuance. ”

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