Shenzhen municipal development and Reform Commission published and distributed photovoltaic power generation project management notification

Polaris solar PV net news: development and reform Bureau of the district (District Development Bureau), power limited, Shenzhen investment limited in Shenzhen, the units concerned are:

Forwards under the Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission National Energy Board issued the notice on issuance of interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (Guangdong development and reform to the new (2014), 37th), combined with the actual city, distributed photovoltaic power generation project management in our city are hereby notified as follows:

Subsidies, State funds management

National subsidies to need State funds balanced the amount of distributed PV power generation projects and the annual scale management guidance. I will given to the city, State, province, size of distributed PV annual guidance, I need to apply for State funding subsidized project scope management.

II, State financial subsidy

(A) uses its own residential and residential construction projects in the region.

Individuals using its own residential and construction of distributed solar power projects in residential areas, directly or in Shenzhen Shenzhen China merchant power companies to apply for registration, power supply company in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen investment focus to my board applied for entry into the annual subsidies on a monthly scale, I appointed in accordance with the city’s annual scale index issued by the views included in annual subsidies.

(Ii) enterprise use of industrial and commercial buildings, such as the roof construction of the project.

Units depending on the city’s investment in fixed assets of the project project management relevant provisions in the project area (area) development and reform Department to handle projects of fixed assets investment and filing procedures. Completed investment in fixed assets and filing procedures and have started construction conditions, to my Board (Civic Center Administration Service Hall Windows) applications submitted to the annual subsidies into national funds. I will scale according to the city’s annual index, meet the requirements of distributed PV project issued in a timely manner into annual subsidies.

Applications when annual subsidy must submit the following materials:

1. integration of distributed solar power projects in National Fund annual subsidies application documentation (includes project name, condition of building size, construction, engineering and technology programming, implementation planning, economic evaluation, financing and so on);

2. fixed assets expenditure filings;

3. business license and organization code certificate;

4. project detailed project location description material (needs detailing all roof area and the corresponding capacity, specifically to Dan Dong building);

5. the legality of all materials involved in 4 buildings show that real estate card project units and is based on the buildings, grounds and facilities when everyone is not the same body, required project units and signing of all buildings, premises and facilities used or rental agreement.

Integrated into the annual subsidy total size of distributed solar power projects to the national, province, ordered the city’s annual guidance after taking, I appointed the suspension when applications for distributed solar power projects of the year into subsidies. Have been included in the annual subsidies of distributed solar power projects, such as building the roof during the implementation process (place), the changing construction scale, investment, should report in a timely manner and in accordance with the above requirements apply to change the original file into subsidies views.

Third, grid, metering and billing

(A) in Shenzhen, Shenzhen China merchant power companies should actively support the development of distributed PV, high quality the incorporation formalities, and to provide for needs of distributed solar power projects collect payment of electricity service.

(B) connected to the public power grid of distributed solar power projects, access and access the public network by part of systems engineering, Shenzhen investment company investing in Shenzhen. Access user-side of distributed solar power projects, user-side support by units of the project investment of engineering construction, public power grids section due to the projects connected to the grid, Shenzhen investment company investing in Shenzhen.

(C) in Shenzhen, Shenzhen investment power company is responsible for the full generating capacity of distributed solar power projects, electricity metering, respectively, provide and install free electric energy metering, no reserve capacity fees charged to the projects unit.

(D) in national subsidies distributed in photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project was built and completed after acceptance, the company (individual) radial or Shenzhen in Shenzhen China Merchant applications for the subsidies allocated by the power company Shenzhen power supply Bureau, Shenzhen investment company certified scale projects included in the annual subsidy, amount of the monthly payment by State subsidies in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Four, the submission of information

Shenzhen power, and Shenzhen merchants powered company is responsible for this company grid range within distributed PV power of run monitoring, and project construction, and run information of statistics submitted work, and Yu monthly 5th Qian will year cumulative of project information summary table (by Annex 1) submitted I Board, Yu annually July 5 and the January 5 Qian will year half and Shang a annual distributed PV power project situation (by Annex 2) submitted I Board. Each unit of distributed solar power projects should actively cooperate with Shenzhen power supply Bureau and Shenzhen merchants provide the information submitted by the power company.

V other matters

District (area) should actively coordinate within their respective jurisdictions equipped the roofs of factories and other buildings of the industrial park for the construction of distributed solar power projects, planning and construction of the new building roof considering conditions of distributed PV system design should be synchronized. Ladder spontaneous own demand of distributed solar power projects are not included in the price the scope included in various districts (district), Enterprise volume of energy-saving.

Hereby notified.


1. social summary statement of distributed solar power projects

2. social statement of distributed solar power projects

Shenzhen City development and Reform Commission

On July 8, 2014

Note: (1) should including investors, and construction sites and construction capacity, main content; (2) should including district, and street, and road and the building name; (3) should retained two bit decimal; (4) should fill in in business administrative competent sector registered of full name; (5) should fill in grid enterprise grid acceptance of date, specific to years, and months, and day; (6) should fill in distributed PV power project of construction way, as roof, and South State surface, and BIPV, and BAPV, and plant clearing, ; (7) should fill in distributed PV power load user in business competent sector registered of full name; (8) should according to distributed PV project user side features fill in “spontaneous use” or “contract energy management”; (9) should fill in property boundaries points of grid voltage grade; (10) should fill in run period annual electricity, run insufficient a years of indicate built run time; (11) should fill in estimates or construction stage investment total; (12) should fill in PV power load user of user side sales electric price, Peak-Valley electricity price should be filled separately peaks, flat, Valley price (13) in accordance with distributed PV 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidy levels and annual energy output calculations, retained two decimal places (14) refers to electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation project to remove Internet section by power users to eliminate part of the scale.

Original title: Shenzhen City development and Reform Commission published and distributed solar generation project management notification

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