Shunfeng photovoltaic medium-term profitability Biao Sheng 6 times to 2.95 billion yuan in revenue

Polaris solar PV net news: shunfeng photovoltaic profit for medium-term success, Biao incomes rose 6 times to 2.95 billion yuan, gross profit surged 13.7 times to 750 million Yuan, recorded a net profit of 504 million Yuan, compared with net losses of 673 million yuan in the same period last year. Net profit per share for the period of 23.57 points.

Group said that revenue and gross profit increased mainly due to the acquisition of Wuxi Suntech solar product manufacturing and trading volume of freight traffic has increased substantially, the group completed in 2013 of grid-connected solar power stations, during most of the power stations completed tests and in operation, and generating revenue.

As of June 30, the Group has a solar power stations total generating capacity reached approximately 185,798 megawatt-hours, of which about 60% coming from the solar power station is located in the Xinjiang region, and continue to rise, July monthly output of about 64,825 MWh, 8.5% more than in June alone generating capacity.

As of June 30, the expected annual design capacity of 1,757 megawatts, of which 876 megawatts has started construction.

Original title: shunfeng photovoltaic medium-term turnaround Biao incomes rose 6 times from 2.95 billion dollars

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