Smart PV solutions technical white paper

Polaris solar PV net news: one. Definition of smart PV solutions

Huawei smart PV solution is the power station as a customer-facing product that can be delivered from the power plant construction to operation and maintenance processes are optimized and innovative, digital and information technology and the cross-border integration of photovoltaic technology to achieve initial investment under the premise of not increasing, reducing the initial investment, reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve system capacity and increase ROI objective.

Smart PV solution compared to traditional centralized larger machines as the representative utility solutions, design ideas, there are three significant differences, a digital photovoltaic power plant, the other is the station easier, three is the global Automation operation and maintenance.

Digital PV station: first is on existing of PV power part for smart of transformation, makes traditional of inverse variable device just power parts, and is a set power transform, and remote control, and data acquisition, and online analysis, and environment since adapted is equal to one of smart controller, became station of nerve endings and regional control of Center; second, through on existing RS485, speed transmission channel of upgrade, makes whole station formed fusion voice and video communications, and fast flexible deployment, and from maintenance of high-speed Internet, Laying of power flow of information highways; and, finally, collected plants complete information to the cloud storage, using data analysis and mining engine, realization of intelligent power management and the continuous optimization of power station performance.

Let station more simple: no inverse variable device room, and DC Confluence box, System extra facilities, no melt silk, and fan, easy loss parts, achieved station of simple of, and standardization delivered, station all parts can meet sand, and salt fog, and high temperature high wet, and high elevation, various complex environment, 25 from maintenance, and reliable run of quality requirements, construction and shipped dimension more simple, maximum degree protection customer investment.

Global Automation operation and maintenance: in addition to the initial investment and capacity concerns, increased as the scale of stock of power stations, power stations increasingly wide range 25 life-cycle operation and maintenance of power stations gradually increased in importance. Smart solutions by means of digital PV PV power station platform, offers a global, integrated, fully automatic management of processes and operating methods, improve operational efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, makes it possible to globalization of mass operations, full scale operational effect.

Through digital power station, power station more innovative ideas, such as simple, automated operation and maintenance, to create “intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable” smart PV solutions, final realization of station and operations to maximize value.

II. Technical characteristics of smart PV solutions and customer value

Compared to conventional centralized larger machines as the representative plant smart photovoltaic power stations without increasing the investment, higher return on investment and the availability of a range of advantages, specifically in the following areas:

1, do not increase the initial investment. Smart photovoltaic power stations due to the use of simple design, no DC combiner boxes and DC distribution cabinets, no civil engineering room, part features such as easy installation, initial cost no more than traditional photovoltaic power plant. Also, due to the intelligent controller for photovoltaic (string inverters), small volume, light weight, standardization, through automated production line for large-scale manufacturing, labor costs account for relatively small, has a distinct size advantage.

2, smart internal rate of return IRR PV power station compared with conventional power plants raise over 3%. As a result of multiple MPPT, multi-modal tracking advanced technology, effectively reducing attenuation, inconsistent shadows, construction and installation of the component, the terrain is inconsistent, DC photovoltaic arrays, such as the loss of influence of pressure drop, the system PR (PerformanceRatio) value of more than 82%, compared to the traditional programme average generating capacity increase by more than 5%, internal rate of return IRR climb more than 3%.

3, 25 systems and reliable operation of maintenance-free design. Smart controller used IP65 protective grade, achieved within external of environment isolation, makes devices keep in stable of run environment in the, reduced temperature, and sand, and salt fog, external environment on devices life of effects; system no easy loss parts, no melt silk, and fan, needed regularly replaced devices, achieved system from maintenance; reference Huawei communications base station products global mass shipping and the deployment of design and quality management experience, from devices to system achieved 25 reliability design and the life simulation, plus strictly of validation test, Guaranteed parts throughout the entire lifecycle of the system without replacing, reliable and economical to run.

4, PV power installed capacity of actual utilization rate is high. Smart PV plants average less fault 30% system fault one-tenth for electricity only traditional programmes, the maintenance cost of the warranty period only traditional programme of one-fifth. Traditional photovoltaic plant is essentially a series of systems, DC combiner boxes, DC distribution cabinets, computer room cooling and auxiliary power supply equipment, inverter and other component failures will result in partial or total power loss PV, because professionals need maintenance, repair cycle is long and costly. Smart solar plant is simple in structure, is essentially a distributed parallel systems, a single inverter failure does not affect the operation of other equipment, but due to the small size, light weight, machine spare parts, easy installation and maintenance, and greatly enhance the usability of the system.

5, set of intelligent cascade control and multiple MPPT tracking technologies, power station “visible, credible, and control and controllable.” Smart photovoltaic power plant to enter each string independently of the voltage and current measurement, accuracy is more than 10 times of the traditional scheme of intelligent combiner box times, precisely for a string failures, laid the Foundation for improved operational efficiency. More road MPPT technology, reduced block, and dust, and group series lost distribution of effects, flat terrain Xia electricity upgrade 5% above; in roof, and mountain station in the reduced different towards, and shadow block of effects, electricity upgrade 8-10%; and track system of tie using, track control and controller integrated, can achieved on bracket of independent track, upgrade electricity, smart controller and track bracket became best of partner.

6, smart PV “upgradeable, and evolution”. When technological progress, when the environment changes with Intelligent remote online upgrade controller software, backward compatible design features, without changing the running equipment, upgrades will be able to enjoy the latest technological achievements through algorithms to maximize reuse of existing equipment.

7 carry out friendly, intelligent active power adaptive technology. Use of intelligent controller for high-speed processing capability, higher sampling frequency, control and control advantages, adapt to changes in network, realize multi-parallel better control, better grid harmonic quality to better meet the requirements grid access, improve the adaptability in poor power environment.

8, active safety. Reduce transport distances to realize active safety. Secure transmission and protection of DC is the key and difficult. Design of smart PV without DC bus, string output inverse DC power directly into the inverter to AC power transmission over long distances, take the initiative to circumvent security and protection from direct current transmission problems, reduce safety hazard from arcing, power plants safer.

9, security Dodge PID effect. PID led to of component power attenuation will great of effects investment proceeds, through smart controller automatically detects component potential, active adjustment system work voltage, makes battery Board cathode without grounding of situation Xia, achieved on to are pressure, effective avoid PID effect; due to battery Board cathode without grounding, plus inverse variable device internal of residual current monitoring circuit, can in detection to leak current is greater than 30 Ma of situation Xia, 150ms within cut circuit, achieved has active security.

10, smart and efficient operation and maintenance. Globalization, tiered hydropower station management and operation system, deployed in different locations are managed as a power station power station in logic. Headquarters to globally understand the plant’s operations and earnings, laying the foundations for assessment and management improvement. Distribution in around of station, can through unmanned machine implementation big range of patrol, line personnel through custom of of shipped dimension smart terminal, achieved and headquarters expert shipped dimension team of video, and voice, and location and fault information of real-time interactive, achieved before and after party remote collaborative shipped dimension, reduced line shipped dimension personnel of skills requirements, maximize of complex with headquarters expert resources, achieved personnel of most optimization configuration, improve system of maintenance efficiency.

11, big data analysis engine and the introduction of expert operation and maintenance system, to detect potential defects, mining revenue boost. Through data real-time collection, and cloud storage and online expert analysis system, station can automatically medical, to out based on proceeds maximize of maintenance recommends, as cleaning recommends, and parts replaced and maintenance recommends,, achieved prevention sex maintenance; accumulated long-term operations data, integrated analysis natural, as temperature, and irradiation volume, environment factors, through on smart control unit algorithm online adjustment or software upgrade, makes station in different environment Xia system parts run in best match State, achieved proceeds of maximize.

12, smart PV power friendly to the environment. Intelligent controller for fan-free design, realized the 29dB low ambient noise; having civil engine room, reduce damage to vegetation and soil environment; electromagnetic radiation is small, the protection of human health. Smart photovoltaic power plant to achieve harmony between people and the environment, greatly increases the scope of PV power station, created conditions for photovoltaic home.

III. Smart photovoltaic power plant solutions and traditional PV solutions difference list

(The author is a Huawei smart PV solutions General Manager)

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