Solar companies using policy speculation who ruined it?

Polaris solar PV net news: policy purpose: benefit from growth industries

May 2014, to further accelerated solar set hot system application, promoted Shandong province solar light hot industry towards big do strong of direction development, province economic and information board, and province Department of finance determines will higher education, and medium vocational education, and elementary education school, and the public medical health institutions, and respecting pension institutions into subsidies range, increased solar set hot system subsidies promotion efforts, and issued has Shandong province solar set hot system subsidies funds using management provisional approach (Lu Caijian ( 2014), 25th), through layers of screening, selected from many solar companies in product quality and financial strength of technology enterprise in Shandong provincial schools and public health care institutions, service in the nursing home for the elderly for the benefit of society. Final selection of 23 companies shortlisted for the supply of the solar thermal system subsidy program list, became the envy of other enterprises.

Has always been the solar thermal production and utilization in Shandong province province, which enjoys a reputation and Rizhao city, Shandong province, not only the origin and geographical conditions closely, and also that businesses hard and strong Government support has a lot of links. Since 2007, Shandong province aims to promote solar thermal system has numerous incentives to the development of the industry, has developed and implemented a series of financial subsidy policy of the solar system, and trained a large number of backbone enterprises, promotes the positive development of solar energy industry in Shandong.

Implementation status: the profit to disrupt the rhythm

However, under the guidance of good policy, but the existence of a policy void opportunistic behaviour of some enterprises. Intervention policy of subsidizing the market at a low price, avoid rough, smacks of shoddy. The presence of opportunistic behavior, also makes people wonder if the policy implementation of the truly open and fair principle of fairness? If there is a legitimate interest in the chain? Are exclusively through reasonable and lawful operation of the formal procedures for the entire project? These questions are placed in front of people’s eyes, it became the object of speculation.

In recent years, the solar energy market gradually replace solar energy retail market, where the primary business enterprise development. In Shandong and the country’s solar energy market, also derived from the installation company specializing in solar engineering, they occupy an important position in the market of solar energy projects. Although solar power engineering market and there were critics in the industry: don’t do dying, was dead. However, as far as development was concerned, engineering market in many enterprises out of the market bottlenecks, new still has a pivotal position in the development process. Policies encouraging is a breeze, however some speculation has become blocked in front of the mountain, spring breeze will revert to the Northwest, out of rhythm.

Reflection: who exactly ruined?

Many people in the industry to be described as “false philanthropy” and even expressed that such speculation to some extent can be thought of as monopolized the market. We also did not say whether or not such acts of charity, just want to ask, in the name of policy what destroyed the speculation of who?

One said enterprise itself. Maybe a lot of people will be surprised, that profit for the enterprise itself. As everyone knows, the saying goes: good things do not go out, bad news travels. The originator of this phenomenon will become the object of criticism, not the others. If the monopoly industries, even if you are consortia, how to deal with engineering, installation of the Shandong market needs? Eventually is broken broken reputation ruin your prospects.

Two Japanese counterparts. Emerging clues, there are already many agencies were calling the original unit, asked installation price. Due to the low consumer awareness of solar energy products, the price factor becomes determinant of solar installation. This phenomenon came out, many customers before giving up his right of solar manufacturers and distributors, move to take advantage of low prices to grab market opportunities for enterprise. Have been installed, but the amounts have not been recovered some of the return is more difficult to add.

The third industry. Slang way: do not not know, a startled. This was inappropriately borrow the words the author. For consumers, prices, is no better than the so-called wonder, a startled. Accustomed to low-priced products, when faced with a high-price products, consumer choice is often abandoned. But at the moment, many businesses to cater to this phenomenon in the market, reduce product prices, resulting in lower prices to compete. Not only many adhere to the bottom line of businesses will be forced into a corner, and product prices would drag down the entire market, eventually affecting the healthy development of the solar industry.

Four Japanese Government. Government policy aims to benefit from the people at the same time, promoting the development of solar energy industry. But disturb the emergence of policy actions, not only contrary to the policy intentions, also caused damages to the interests of the Government and the country. As the article mentioned, speculation is the key not only to monopolized the market, but also in order to draw the Government’s subsidies, the subsidies as corporate profit focus.

Five Japanese users and consumers. End users and consumers of policy implementation. When one of its products exist quality chosen by suspects, victims can only be directly to consumers and users, and no one else.

Solar industry is the industry for the benefit of society, is the benefit of the public sector, the industry itself is a positive. However, the use of policies in the name of damage of consumers ‘ rights, endangering social rights, we have to think about the meaning of existence.

Original title: solar companies using policy speculation who ruined it?

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