Solar thermal power generation in China: luck

Polaris solar PV net news: the quiet solar-thermal power generation industry for many years, and finally in 2014 for the dawn.

In July this year, China Guangdong nuclear power Group (hereinafter the cgnpc) announced, delingha, Qinghai province owned by the group a 50MW solar-thermal power generation demonstration project was officially started. In a press release, cgnpc described the project as “China’s first officially started construction of large-scale commercial solar-thermal power project”.

This reporter learned that, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board is studying price introduced a number of solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects, and to develop the price associated with this policy. Current plans, was launched before the end of October this year a number of demonstration projects, total approximately 1000MW.

Launch demonstration projects, pricing policies, or solar thermal industry in China will usher in a historic moment. Industry insiders speculated that this year and next, light and heat markets will be concentrated.

From a development point of view, China’s solar-thermal power and photovoltaic started almost simultaneously. However, due to the lack of policy support, photovoltaic power generation in China, a single large solar thermal power generation is staggering forward. Photovoltaic and solar thermal differences, briefly speaking, which directly convert light energy into electrical energy, which first put energy into thermal energy, heat energy into electrical energy.

At present, China PV Assembly machine of more than 17GW, but solar thermal installed capacity is still in its infancy stages, most of the pilot project is still in transit, lacks maneuverability in business.

Launched this round of solar thermal demonstration project and photo-electric price policy that will ensure that investors can reasonably measure the return on investment and risk of solar thermal power stations, and uncontrollability of the investment will be greatly reduced. Everything is ready, the East wind, a large number of people in the industry are awaiting policy fall boots.

The first commercial project

Cgnpc delingha, Qinghai project, located in delingha, Qinghai province, solar power base within the planning phase two construction of the trough solar thermal installed capacity of 100MW power station.

This new 50MW trough solar thermal power stations, using high temperature trough HTF concentrated solar technology, supporting the construction of a seven-hour molten salt energy storage devices, annual output of around 225 million, total investment of 2 billion yuan, the project duration 28 months, is expected to put into operation in November 2016.

In fact, the cgnpc once planned for 2012 to start construction of the project, it is clear that today, two years after the conditions are more mature. At present, the project has been declared the first “national solar thermal demonstration project.”

China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in Han Qinghao in said in an interview with Xinhua, General Manager, photo-electric price policy is expected to be issued in the near future, the domestic enterprises has basically met the production capacity of solar thermal trough power generation industry-wide chain.

Investors widely expected that associated with solar thermal electricity price policy must be introduced within this year, so that capital market enthusiasm, booster photothermal physical investment. In addition, the cgnpc also carried out within two years, a number of technical tests on solar thermal power generation, “now is the best time to Delhi project work started.”

In delingha solar thermal projects, totalling approximately 2 billion yuan of investment, capital accounts for 30% and 70% of loans from the Asian Development Bank and domestic commercial banks.

Han Qinghao explained that described the project as “the first large-scale commercial solar-thermal power generation projects”, is because of the projects financed using capital and bank loans, pursue commercial revenue after the repayment of the investors, it did not have during the previous domestic solar thermal projects.

This reporter learned that, in solar-thermal power generation has been Guangdong nuclear power as one of the major non-nuclear clean energy strategy. In February 2013, approved by the National Energy Board, cgnpc in Delhi set up a “national energy solar thermal power technology research and Development Center”, for solar-thermal power generation technology development, in addition to 863 solar thermal power Tower project was launched and planned to set foot in the construction of solar thermal power plant investment and overseas EPC projects.

China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in the photovoltaic field previously rewarding, especially in the area of large photovoltaic power plant investment competitive. This foray into solar thermal power generation sector, strategic importance than business sense. Han Qinghao admitted that as the development of a comprehensive solar energy company, entered the field of light and heat is an inevitable choice.

Break policies

Many people in Government and business, told reporters that before the end of October this year to launch expected very strong to photothermal development policies, industry-2014 has been called the “first year of solar thermal development of China.”

Solar-thermal power generation in China never experienced, the biggest constraint is the policy. The most direct reference, are both forms of photovoltaic solar power generation. In 2013, in order to absorb excess capacity in State for photovoltaic power introduced a series of policies, including pricing, direct stimulation of the domestic PV market opening. This year, China PV installed capacity exceeds 11GW, almost United States PV module annual production capacity of the company.

At this stage, scenery, such as rapid development of new energy, directly depending on the Government’s policies. Solar thermal industry due to the smaller, three years have not been too many government departments concerned, this is quite different from solar thermal and PV development in China’s most fundamental reason.

For example, most critical thermal electricity price, national development and Reform Commission has yet to give a clear statement. No feed-in tariff, solar-thermal power plant investors unable to risk and benefit assessments of the project, nor to make investment decisions.

Previously, cgnpc, the first charged with solar energy and energy saving, and five power generation groups has the intent of investing in solar thermal, but are carefully tested, large-scale projects have little.

In June of this year, the National Energy Board issued a survey of solar thermal power capacity commissioned letter, the principal electric power planning and Design Institute, national solar power industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as solar thermal industry Federation) and three units of China water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute, to mapping the solar thermal industry development situation in China and provide reference for final sectoral policies.

Solar thermal Industry Association said that as of July 15, they issued a total of 124 research form, and 107 of them have received a reply. Meanwhile, the expert group also examined 12 typical companies, data analysis showed that the support and the trough solar thermal power Tower two prototype technology manufacturing industry chain form, the current localization rate is above 90%.

What kind of price should give light and heat? Trade should be given copies of the proposal, the proposed price range, is concentrated in the 1.3 to 1.4 Yuan/degree/degree. Early this year the China people’s political consultative conference proposals, recommended light power price of 1.38 Yuan/degree. China Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal research and Development Center Director Qiu Hemei also suggested earlier in the year, light heat price should not be lower than 1.35 Yuan/degree and offers preferential tax policies.

According to the solar thermal industry Federation calculated that currently light and heat an average generation cost of 1.38 Yuan/degree.

However, many of the experts interviewed said, is about to launch a solar thermal demonstration project price will certainly be lower than the forecast range. “Mainly on account of the significance of demonstration projects in order to spur investor costs while avoiding being too expensive, repeating the solar overheating–overcapacity experience. ”

How to determine the price of solar-thermal power generation at this stage, there are two views of the industry. First, all the photovoltaic demonstration project should implement unified electricity price, and then in the demonstration project experience in introduction of light and heat on the basis of a benchmark price, secondly, demonstration project conditions, we should stick to the “one thing one debate” principle, it is advantageous to industry support role.

Electric power planning and Design Institute, Deputy Director and Chief Engineer, Sun Rui told Xinhua in an interview, said the introduction at this stage does not have light and heat conditions of the benchmark rate. Better approach, based on information on specific projects, according to the debt plus the principle of return on investment determining feed-in tariff.

Sun Rui believes that solar thermal power and photovoltaic power generation there is an obvious difference, the former is much more complex, such as diversity of technical route, length of storage time and address the actual intensity direct solar radiation, air temperature, wind speed, and so on, light thermal power project investment and economic impact. “After the construction and operation of demonstration projects, having acquired experience and study of feed-in tariff issues. ”

What is the advantage of solar thermal

Solar thermal and PV are using solar power, but on the technical principles are very different. The former is solar radiation directly into electricity, which mainstream technology courses are collected through concentrating the heat into steam and drive turbines, which is the traditional thermal power plants and nuclear power plants generate electricity in a similar way.

For thermal energy different ways of collecting, solar-thermal power generation also includes Tower, trough, dish and four different linear Fresnel technology. It is understood that China is about to launch a solar thermal demonstration project to the main tower and trough. According to solar-thermal power powers United States and Spain’s experience, the two highest degree of technology commercialization, the stage can be used.

While the other two technologies, currently not used commercially. Sweden Colin clean can company are attempts to in China market promotion dish type light hot power, the company big Chinese District President Ou Ruilong told reporter, “regardless of in technology mature degrees also is industrialization aspects, we are has do has mass commercialization of prepared”, “Ordos of 110kw of demonstration project Yu September 2012 power, near two years of practice experience enhanced has Colin clean can in China market development dish type sitelinguang hot power of confidence. ”

Ou Ruilong stressed that compared with the trough and Tower, dish-type solar thermal power generation costs in the labor cost and construction cost was relatively small, coupled with standardization and industrialization of production is expected to decline in the cost of this technology in the future will be faster. Technology should be used, and ultimately by the market to make a choice. “Light and heat will definitely compete with photovoltaic power, my solar thermal market in China and very confident in the future of the dish solar thermal power generation. ”

Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation has incomparable advantages–power-friendly. Considering the intermittent PV, large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power generation must be taking steps, built or equipped with a certain amount of stored energy for peak power station and solar-thermal power generation project by turbo-generator, by configuring the storage system, to achieve 24-hour power and turbine can meet the normal requirements of power system dispatching.

The industry expects upcoming model project Photo-electric price would be at least 30% above the PV electricity price benchmarking, but this does not mean that light and heat less competitive. If the pilot project is successful, smooth development of industrialization, solar-thermal power generation cost will also be in rapid decline.

Sun Rui stressed that simply compare the cost of solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation is unscientific, as both “power quality” is totally different. If you must compare both, based on photovoltaic feed-in tariff, you want to overlay the same thermal energy storage and solar thermal power generation time, corresponds to the capacity of energy storage power station costs, “, the solar-thermal power generation has the absolute advantage.”

Upcoming China solar thermal market is how big? Optimism in the industry of billions of Yuan. This cake will be shared by the State-owned enterprises, private companies, foreign invested enterprises. At present, most of the investors are interested in entering the solar thermal photovoltaic power generation. Ou Ruilong, said Colin clean energy is working with five power generation groups, a number of potential partners to discuss and promote disc-type power generation technology in China.

In the equipment manufacturing business, vacuum heat pipe trough solar thermal power generation, key private parts, for foreign-funded enterprises at present monopolized domestic equipment manufacturers are small batch production, but the long-term reliability of the equipment needs to be tested in the application. Remaining equipment and materials used in solar-thermal power generation have been most widely used in thermal power plants, chemical and other areas, the quality of Chinese products and foreign products is not very different.

However, many industry experts predicted that solar thermal power generation if it is to achieve the scale of photovoltaic power generation in the short term, it will be more difficult. Higher levels of industrialization of photovoltaic power generation, global industrial use. In terms of technology, radiant power PV can take advantage of Sun, without geographical restrictions and building integration can be achieved. Heat and light can only use direct light from electricity generation, only in the DNI (the sun radiation index) up to 1800, has commercial value. Therefore, PV power generation areas, extensive, and solar-thermal power generation is only suitable for building conditions suitable area, and is dominated by large ground power station. In this sense, solar thermal and PV also has a certain degree of complementarity.

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