Solar-thermal power: not easy to say love to you

Polaris solar PV net news: compared with the high degree of attention China PV, fellow field of solar energy, solar-thermal power generation is a bit too “solitude”.

Before entering the development cycle in PV and wind power, and solar-thermal power generation projects in China would not be pursued blindly, not occur for a while “great leap forward”, excess capacity, and so on.

Although in the early 80 ‘s, many research institutes have started research and development of solar-thermal power, but many years have passed, solar-thermal power generation is still in the development stage, demonstration projects is scarce.

However, since 2014, solar-thermal power generation industry suddenly appeared light.

Not only the national energy Bureau, the NDRC’s price Department, and other departments on promoting the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects were focused on has been more outgoing–solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects electricity price has been finalized, in the price range 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh.

The news, the “solar thermal power industry experienced explosive growth” views immediately spread like wildfire. However, solar-thermal power generation industry in China would really be introduced through demonstration projects electricity prices East wind, and took to the fast-growing roses, please?

Far from market

Statistics show that by the end of 2013, the global solar thermal power generation have been put into operation around 3320 megawatts of installed capacity, commercial stations and experimental demonstration projects with a total of about 120. Among them, about 15 megawatts of solar-thermal power installed capacity in China in 2013, new installed capacity of 13 MW.

At present, solar-thermal power generation industry in China is still in the early stages of development and demonstration project is industry-led, can they really rely on market operation and very few profitable projects.

Vice President of China renewable energy society, Meng Xiangan said in an interview with reporters: “compared to photovoltaic installation of 1900duowanqianwa in China, where 15 megawatts of solar thermal power installed capacity was too small, far below a minimum installed capacity of thermal power plant. ”

Is different from photovoltaic, solar-thermal electricity generation through from the heat to the complex process of converting mechanical energy into electricity. Each link will require significant investments, but only in areas under direct sunlight, such as the Western provinces have used value.

“High costs, poor technology, industrial policy and other factors constrain the rise of solar-thermal power industry, its gap with photovoltaic, wind power is growing. “The investment advisor wanxuezhi, a researcher in the energy sector, told reporters.

In addition, the current solar-thermal power generation industry chain in China still has not formed. In this regard, the business intelligence network Research Institute researcher Fang Fuliang points out that in the energy sector, although the material, equipment and other products have been exported, but system integration technology in the industrial chain is still very backward.

Prices tempt companies bottom line

According to the 2009 National wind power feed-in tariff rule, four types of wind Ziyuan District, 0.54 0.51 Yuan per kWh, respectively, and 0.61 0.58 Yuan Yuan. National solar power grid that was introduced last year the benchmark price, Ziyuan District according to three types of illumination is 0.9 RMB yuan/kWh, 0.95 and 1 Yuan/kWh/kWh.

In contrast, solar-thermal power generation demonstration project on-grid price if located 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan, far more reasonable.

It is understood that the first commercial operation of solar thermal power stations-the delingha, Qinghai province 50 MW solar thermal power Tower, a 10-megawatt project, has been successfully grid-connected electricity generation in July last year.

Fang Fuliang said the project unit cost of electricity is about 0.9 Yuan per kilowatt hour, according to this calculation, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan price there is a certain amount of profit opportunities.

However, Meng Xiangan were of the view that from the current input and output analysis of solar-thermal power generation cost, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh price is not high, “can only be described as ‘ so-so ‘, businesses unable to get higher profits.”

No doubt, the Government plans to introduce pilot projects on-grid price more aims to promote the marketization of solar-thermal power, want to take this out of the industry in research and development for a long time.

But compared with 2008, once as high as 4 Yuan/kWh of PV electricity price subsidies, the current exposure of solar-thermal power generation electricity price would be low. Mistakes have made the Government aware of photovoltaic, wind energy, long-term subsidies not only not conducive to healthy market development, even reduced the enthusiasm of enterprises rely on progress of science and technology to reduce costs.

Meng Xiangan pointed out that the gate does not open, the enterprise is still in wait-and-see the marketing comes as discussing the on-grid price does not mean much, all need to be left to the market to start only after inspection.

In fact, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh price only in testing the boundaries of the enterprise. “Whether the price is reasonable, or whether the money to be, the key to us depends on whether companies are willing to ‘ real money ‘ to jump in – if you want to prove that the price is right, while the Government will be adjusting its prices. “Meng Xiangan said.

Market acceptance is the kingly way

By May 2014, many solar-thermal power generation projects are in preparation stage. Due to economic considerations, they were stranded after the project is completed in the early stages, signs of short term does not start. “Because the support policy is not in place, investors and operators are waiting. “Fang Fuliang told reporters.

And as solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects the implementation of pricing policies, in order to seize market opportunities, investor and operator in a wait-and-see will speed up the construction process of the project, solar-thermal power generation market will experience some growth.

However, the “solar-thermal power generation will have exploded” views, many industry insiders said they were not accepted.

“Solar thermal power generation market process how fast? Can future large-scale development, it is difficult to say. “Meng Xiangan said that although Europe already has a successful operation of solar-thermal power plant, but if copy its model in China is not the reality. Because residential retail electricity prices in Europe are much higher than domestic, the power plant can achieve much higher profits. By contrast, domestic, if wholly dependent on current 0.4 Yuan retail electricity prices rather than subsidies, solar-thermal power station development prospects do not look good.

Wanxuezhi also believes that tariff policies stimulating development will to a certain extent, affected industries, but the potential for explosive growth was close to zero.

In his view, far less wind solar thermal power industry maturity and profitability, industry position in the short term will not appear. In PV and wind power before getting into the development cycle, solar-thermal power projects will not be sought after, would not occur for a while “great leap forward”, excess capacity, and so on.

“Solar thermal power generation in China really do not, eventually was dominated by the market. Only be accepted by the market, and the formation of large-scale development to be truly successful. “Meng Xiangan said.

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