Technology “focus” solar thermal power generation and reveal its sharpness

Polaris solar PV net news: Dr Han Peigang got off the plane, you were blinded by bright sunlight in baotou. This authentic sea turtles is baotou rare earth high-tech zone, 3 years ago, the introduction of high-end talent–he founded the Saint and new energy in Inner Mongolia, and as Chairman, and Chief Scientist.

“I was yelling at baotou sunshine to. “Han Peigang brings project called solar thermal power generation, at the international level is newer than photovoltaic technology, the International Energy Agency called” important breakthroughs to solve global energy problems. “

In equally powerful light in Qinghai, solar-thermal companies also see the Ember spark. On July 1, 2014, the cgnpc Delhi 50,000-kilowatt solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects to commence this is China’s first officially started construction of large-scale commercial solar-thermal power project, the solar thermal industry development in China and plays an important exemplary role.

“Be it at a national level, or the industry have experienced an unprecedented opportunity of development, there are many counterparts and research institutions in 2014 as solar thermal industry’s critical first year, photothermal qianyiji also has great expectations of the market. Solar thermal industry Blue Ocean is open … … “Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group said.

After the following photovoltaic, wind turbine, solar-thermal power generation is expected to duplicate, starting his own gold?

Solar thermal power generation is not far away

Solar-thermal power, in fact, not far away from us.

It is understood that solar thermal power is a central large-scale power generation and clean energy use. It focus the direct light of the Sun acquisition, by water or other medium, converts solar energy into heat, and then use conventional thermodynamic cycle for the same process, formed from high pressure high temperature steam to drive a turbine generator, eventually transforming thermal energy into electrical energy.

Characteristics and advantages of solar-thermal power: heat storage technology, capable of providing reliable electricity supply capacity, frequency, peak capacity, has a low impact on the power grid; systems high efficiency, low power cost; can be combined with conventional thermal power stations, and formation combined power generation mode; significant scale benefits and so on.

National Information Center Chief Economist fan Jianping on this is is bullish, he said, light hot power and wind electric and PV power compared to, has grid friendly, and Chu Re continuous, and power stable, advantage, currently China some enterprise light hot power technology independent development and master has light hot station core key technology and equipment technology, in light hot power equipment system integrated, and localization aspects made has larger breakthrough, conversion efficiency improve, has strong of competitiveness, and currently has has stable run of test project.

Information shows that solar thermal power generation was first put on by the Soviet Union in the late 50 ‘s test, the 70 ‘s after the oil crisis, United States and Japan to speed up development of solar thermal technology, in 1985 during the reign of ~1991, luzzu company in the United States built 8 SEGS trough solar thermal power station, a total of 354MW, luzzu bankruptcy photothermal subsequently stalled. Until 2007, United States NevadaSolarOne grid-connected power generation become the hallmark of a warm reboot, then Spain built Andasol1 power station, European Desertec plan proposed, light and heat entering a new stage of development.

According to statistics, by May 2014, the global solar-thermal power generation capacity more than 4GW is run, machine building and has been included in the proposed project over 10GW; South Africa, and Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, China and other emerging market’s installed capacity is expected to achieve rapid growth over the next five years. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that by 2020 the world CSP capacity will exceed 42GW reckoning coming 10 years average annual capacity of 4GW; by 2030, solar-thermal power installed capacity total installed capacity of 3%~3.6%, assuming that about 200GW 2030 installed capacity accumulated installed capacity is 6.2TW,CSP, built according to the 2500 us $/KW costing potential industrial size of about 3.2 trillion yuan.

According to forecasts by the authoritative international organization, by 2030 7% of solar thermal power generation has the potential to meet global energy needs, 2050, or even to meet global energy demand by up to 25%. United States Government think-tank also predicted over the next 5 years, the global solar thermal-solar power generation capacity will double every 16 months.

At present, solar thermal power generation has completely passed the test on the international stage, is just beginning to large scale commercial operation phase. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of electrical engineering Dr Yao Zhihao said: “at present, the Government is looking for is new, can play a role in alternative energy, solar-thermal electricity generation from this point of view, should be the most promising new sources of energy. ”

Silent years never stops

In China, the solar thermal power industry has experienced many years of development. After following the wind, photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation is widely favoured by new energy markets is a growth industry. But due to the solar-thermal power generation has not been out of high tech, high cost, high electricity prices and bottlenecks in our country has not entered a substantive stage of business applications.

In 2011, the first solar-thermal power generation concession project in Ordos 50MW (megawatts) project in Beijing’s bid. The project has been 8 years in the making, although a total of 11 companies have purchased bids, but only three were involved in the bidding.

At the time had some analysts believe, the main cause of cold is, solar-thermal electricity generation technology in China have yet to achieve industrialization, and expectation of national energy board electricity price is too low, in the case of equipment, high costs, it is difficult to bear.

After 3 years, pairing solar thermal industries in our country. Industry analysis said, restricted China Light hot power development of bottleneck, a is in part core equipment of technology bottleneck, led to domestic light hot power conversion efficiency low, hinder has light hot power of mass using; II is domestic light hot power mostly belongs to developed demonstration stage, no mass industrialization, high cost bottleneck became achieved commercialization of key, cost high, and low proceeds, led to light hot power development slow; three is China is no perfect of subsidies policy introduced, cannot improve enterprise investment light hot power of enthusiasm. These factors affect the large-scale development of solar-thermal power generation in China. How to determine how the demonstration projects, approved model pricing, into the solar thermal power industry to break policy barriers, exploring a new way out at the moment.

After several years of silence, with the adjustment of national energy strategy, policy, solar-thermal power generation gradually become the focus of new energy fields. So far this year, solar-thermal power generation market investments and policy support continues. On February 18, 2014, the National Energy Board, in conjunction with relevant departments organized large solar thermal power generation project developers and related employer solar-thermal power generation demonstration project pricing policy seminars. On March 31, 2014, Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr Zhang gaoli, pointed out that “the Central Government is stepping up efforts to integrate financial, strongly supports the development of solar and other emerging industries of strategic importance. “On April 29, 2014, the National Energy Board commissioned General Electric power planning and Design Institute led by” solar thermal power generation demonstration project technical requirements and apply for a report outlining the “seminar held for soliciting opinions. In June 2014, the National Energy Board electricity planning and Design Institute, and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute, national solar thermal Industry Association issued the survey of solar thermal power capacity commissioned letter in order to better understand the key technical level of domestic solar thermal power generation and manufacturing capabilities.

Meanwhile, the national energy research Bureau and other relevant departments have sent teams to solar-thermal power generation projects currently in trial operation for diagnostic investigation. From the competent departments of the solar-thermal power generation to frequent moves this year, industry estimates, the National Energy Board to speed up the introduction of policies to support solar-thermal power, policy will completely freeing domestic solar thermal power generation market.

Well-grounded light shine

Although no breakthrough solar-thermal power industry in a few years, but years of accumulation also helps industry well-grounded. Analysis of the industry, as the technology system has been improved gradually, increasingly complete upstream and downstream industry chain, human resources and patents has steadily gathered, solar-thermal power generation industry will remain strong in the future stable development. “The Chinese solar-thermal power from technologies to applications have become more mature, in the context of national industrial policy plus, solar-thermal industry will usher in a real outbreak, a qianyiji market will reveal its cutting edge. “Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group said.

National Energy Board has been basically established schedules for the development of solar-thermal power industry in China. 2014 ~2016 year of adoption of the model tariff policy support, complete commercialization of a number of demonstration projects in 2017, large-scale development and construction stages.

According to the reporter, currently the project developers to be developed and has done some preliminary work for solar-thermal power project near 25, total installed capacity is about 1600MW; with cgnpc Delhi 50MWe took 7 hours to thermal trough power plants, for example, based on publicly available data, the total investment of the project is about 1.94 billion yuan.

A conservative forecast, by 2017, the demonstration phase of this industry’s through early rear ushered in a true outbreak; according to Government planning, to achieve lowest 3GW of solar-thermal power installed capacity by 2020 goal, calculated in units kW cost fallen to 30,000 Yuan by 2020, solar-thermal power generation market will exceed the multi-billion-dollar level.

In addition, the solar heat (cogeneration, combined cycle) applications market by 2020 3GW must go beyond just this planning. Xue Liming had to media said, “in future of 10 years ~20 years, new energy and traditional fossil energy in most occasions is symbiosis total wing, and joint collaboration of relationship, especially solar light hot power (in the high temperature application) in coal, and General oil and gas, and non-General oil and gas mining, and transport field of joint application, its market capacity will extremely huge; domestic existing light resources one or two class area of coalfield, and oilfield energy consumption, and capacity optimization on can created out a had billions of Yuan of in the high temperature concentrated light hot market. ”

Analysis of the industry, according to the law of development of wind power and photovoltaic industries, tariff, members of the industries explosive growth began to appear. According to this logic, starting from the second half of the year, solar-thermal power generation is expected to copy PV, wind energy started a golden age.

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