“The rabbit” cell paper-thin out more than 20 layers of Yangzhou “armor”

Polaris solar PV net news: China’s first lunar rabbit “‘s power comes from its two sides gently opens the solar arrays, the core–solar cells manufactured by enterprises in Yangzhou! Recently, this reporter went to explore the economic and technological development zone, located in the city of Yangzhou changelight co. It is understood that the company developed the production of gallium arsenide solar cells break the foreign monopoly, as the cell is the only one to provide the aerospace sector of private enterprise.

The night of December 15, 2013, scientific exploration work being carried out on the Moon’s “Moon” Rover.

(File photo) the Xinhua News Agency

“The rabbit” cell what would it look like?

Horse round wafers are cut

Changelight, over more than 20 Taiwan Germany import of new instruments, the reporters saw-horse round Solar Wafers of gallium arsenide. Staff to carefully open the lid, giving journalists a look at clues.

“Do not underestimate the power of that little block of cells, ‘ the rabbit ‘ number on the Rover’s solar cell is made of the wafer cutting, cut different sizes upon request. “Yangzhou changelight Assistant General Manager Zhang Shuangxiang described to reporters, many people have noted that the” Jade Rabbit “Rover solar arrays that can be automatically opened, the solar cell and this is the same as above.

“Solar is a component produced by different enterprises at the heart of solar cells, it is entirely up to us. “Zhang Shuangxiang told reporters that their solar cells required cutting is completed, sent to the Shanghai Institute of space power-commitment–this is” stars, arrows, missiles, ships, (detection) unit “and other special equipment, power supply systems, research, design and manufacture of control equipment and test service in enterprises.

The rabbit “Yangzhou cell why?

Almost 1 time times higher conversion rates than the average solar panel

“Compared with monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, gallium arsenide solar cell conversion rate is much higher, of course, cost is much higher. “Zhang Shuangxiang says,” the rabbit “, Rover’s solar panels convert light in around 34%, and crystalline silicon solar module is about 20% in the market.

“Year of the rabbit, design quality only 140 kilograms of Lunar Rover, in addition to the solar panels, but also carries many instruments. “Air launch” snatching the gold “, solar panels provide energy is important, but if it is too heavy, is reducing the weight of other analytical instruments. “In the industry with one kilogram of launch costs equivalent to or even higher than that of the weight of one kilogram of gold claims, therefore, higher conversion rate than crystalline silicon solar cells of gallium arsenide solar cells, will dominate. ”

Yangzhou cells have what “secret weapons”?

More than 20 layers of “armor” escort, is still as thin as paper

“Of course, high conversion rate alone is not enough, also test through the layers, especially qualified to conduct radiation tests. “Zhang Shuangxiang said outer space environment will be more severe than the atmosphere surrounded by many, moon, Lunar Rover will be able to withstand vacuum, strong radiation, the Moon’s surface to 150-180 ℃ ℃ temperature extremes and other extreme environments.

“Outer space has no atmosphere, neutron radiation, ion beam, and so on all kinds of radiation has this particularly large damage to solar cells, cell design and manufacturing is not in place, claims a year in space, but our battery lasts 10 years. ”

In order to ensure the safety of cells, dry as special designed more than more than 20 storeys “armor”, filtering all manner of space radiation. “Cell contains more than 20 multi-layered filtering layer, each layer of blocks a destructive Ray, but at the same time ensure the effective radiation through. Such a design is our exclusive technology, is key to ensure the reliability of the product. ”

Wearing layers of gold cell, in fact, still light. “A layer of cells is only 0.2 mm and as thin as paper. “Zhang Shuangxiang says these are fully taken into account the requirements of space launch, specifically for” Jade Rabbit “was specially designed.

Yangzhou cell this is the first time “God”?

So far in 2010 has provided at least tens of thousands of tablets

“We have the technology, research and development, has also broken the monopoly of foreign companies. “Zhang Shuangxiang said due to the solar cell technology high requirements for use in aircraft, currently able to produce only 4 companies in the world, domestic changelight only a business. “Germany, and Japan and the United States each have one company can do it, China only when we do this kind of cell. Used to be a monopoly of foreign enterprises, today Chinese people are satellites with its solar cells. ”

It is reported that, starting from 2010, the company has continued to provide the domestic aerospace agencies solar cells. Zhang Shuangxiang proudly described to reporters, they not only participated in the Moon, also participated in many other projects. So far in 2010, or at least has provided tens of thousands of solar cells. Now flying in the sky satellite, perhaps we Yangzhou produced by the cell.

Our ability to “early adopters” space solar cell?

Heaven, into the ground, primarily the cost

“This technology not only to God but also to enter through our later improved, especially after a convex lens, optical conversion rate is 40%. “Zhang Shuangxiang described to reporters, compared with crystalline silicon solar panels, gallium arsenide solar module for condensing power generation, is convex lenses or parabolic mirrors focus sunlight onto several times over, dozens of times, or hundreds of times or thousands of times, then cast on the solar cells.

Currently, concentrator solar cell technology of gallium arsenide solar power plant has been used in China. “Some time ago, our solar cells used for hydroelectric power generation projects concentrated photovoltaic power station of the Yellow River, although only 5 megawatts, but it’s small scale chopper. ”

“Although the gallium arsenide solar cell has several technical advantages, and now have to deal with is the cost issue. “Zhang Shuangxiang said current cost of gallium arsenide solar cell is crystalline silicon cells twice,” Heaven “is valued in” light, “” into the “civil” is more a cost problem.

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