The satellite solar panel can be folded like a paper (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: Solar Panel installations are usually too considering the styling, but from United States Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA team has developed a style quite particular about solar-panel installations. By mechanical engineers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory BrianTrease and United States the team of Brigham Young University and an origami expert Robert ˙ lang developed the technology for plastic arts in one of the prototype devices.

The concept of structure device can be folded into a prototype of 8.9 feet in diameter, can expand into the 82-foot arrays. As a proof of concept, the team has created a desktop size of prototypes, extensions of up to 4 feet, and can well illustrate a concept device folds and extend mode.

Trease said, “it is the combination of art, culture and technology,” he believes that solar panels can be deployed to a variety of spacecraft, and application to low-cost satellite. Currently the device is still in the prototype stage, team direction and perhaps a symbol of future space technology development-exquisite styling and practicality combined.

Original title: can be folded like a paper of satellite solar panel

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