Those against days of solar PV building-everywhere (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: at present, solar power are everywhere, and are closely related to our life. Solar power applications in any aspect of life? Around us and which applications of solar power? Various types of solar architecture, how much do you know? 1 the photovoltaic, solar power station, China’s largest railway station was officially opened on July 1, 2013. Top installation with the station a total generating capacity of 10 megawatts of solar photovoltaic systems. Rooftop PV area of 120,000 square meters, 44000 installed solar panels, installed capacity of 10 megawatts. 10,054,570 annual power generation, electricity generated can be used by more than 5000 households, more than 20,000 people living all year round. Compared with thermal power is expected to save 3350.41 tons of standard coal annually, 69.18 tons, 8313.36 tons of sulfur dioxide to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, dust 33.16 tons, 17153.68 tons of water saving.

2, Dragon Stadium solar stadium is currently Taiwan’s largest stadium, is also the world’s first completely solar-powered Stadium. The stadium with a dragon theme, 8844 solar panels on the stadium roof upon the Dragon’s scales. Dragon Stadium a total installed capacity of 1 MW.

3, solar hospital in 2013, the world’s largest solar powered hospital open in Haiti! The hospital installed a total of 1,800 pieces of solar panels, in the hospital for several months prior to the operation of the electricity produced, enough to supply more than 60,000 patients ‘ medical electricity needs. This hospital was the result of joint efforts by health PartnersInHealth and submarine, and sponsored by several world renowned medical institution, there are now nearly 1,000 babies were placed in the hospital.

Restaurant July 2014 4, solar energy, a solar energy in Xinyu city, Jiangxi province officially opened the restaurant. According to reports, the restaurant occupies an area of 4800 square meters, poly-dining, roof PV, intelligent eco-gardens in one, restaurant can accommodate up to 600 people. Restaurant roof installed with poly-silicon photovoltaic panels, according to local average sunshine time estimates, the project can power about 550,000 a year.

5 solar, solar toilet public toilet, you build it? Beichen District, this portable, environmentally friendly toilets by dual-port town of Ding village village after village collective enterprise of independent research and development, the integration of the six patented technologies. “We design and produce environmentally friendly toilets, all made using environmentally friendly materials, starting from 2012, r, was officially put into market this year. “Ding village after village party branch Secretary, said. Environmentally friendly exhaust, flush public toilets and heating system are turned on and off automatically, and more water-saving high pressure flush system, manure bins patented foam technology to isolate the smell and the roof equipped with solar power, clean and green.

6, solar carport electric vehicle the electricity goes out? Try it to a solar carport. Now let us look at a high-end atmosphere grade solar carports. BMW probably feel that home is so gorgeous I series models need garage equipped with exclusive lines, so they designed specifically for I-series models of solar garage. Adhering to the concept of electric cars, using bamboo and carbon-fiber skeleton of this solar garage, garage roof is translucent solar panels. Mainly sunny, garage, absorption of solar charging is enough I series models, spare parts can even supplement the family income. Another aspect of this garage life of up to 30 years or so, is still pretty long so an investment benefit. Such a cool garage, watching is still pretty good, but not so common people the ability to consume it.

Here small series to introduce another grounding of the solar parking canopy. Japan Sanyo launched the top solar panel for the solar bicycle shed available 100 electric bike charging under the carport. This shed has been around in some of its stations to promote, electric bicycle rental service to the public to facilitate people’s travel.

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