United Kingdom early termination of the solar PV subsidies project mad rush

Polaris solar PV net news: the last decade, United Kingdom Government to vigorously develop renewable energy projects, especially solar power, more endless subsidies to new energy enterprises. However, the United Kingdom Government has recently proposed to end subsidies for solar companies in advance, in order to reduce costs. Solar energy companies believe that doing so is illegal, to get the Government to change this decision.

Journalists learnt from August 4, the Gulf News reported: the United Kingdom Government has recently proposed to terminate corporate subsidies for solar power, which prompted United Kingdom’s four largest solar companies dissatisfied with, and asked for a judicial review. Last month, United Kingdom Supreme Court ruling: the Government does not comply fully informed of the purpose and intent of the solar subsidy cuts obligations.

These four companies namely, Solarcentury, TGCRenewables, LarkEnergyandOrtaSolarFarms. They are currently working with the authorities to undertake negotiations on this proposal. It is reported that subsidies for renewable energy development projects are aimed at capacity of more than 5 million Watts so Enterprise subsidies, subsidies planned deadline until April 2017. But now the Government is planned for April 2015 on the end of the subsidy. The project started in 2002, implemented largely stimulated the United Kingdom power plant investment, greater use of renewable energy to increase electricity supply.

In May, the United Kingdom made proposals on energy and climate change ahead of the end of subsidies for the project, aimed to prevent a sharp rise in the cost and ensure that there is sufficient funding for low carbon technology projects. It is reported that as early as before that solar subsidies has made policy changes had a dispute with the Government.

Solar companies to argue that this is not in line with legal requirements, and reduce a lot of job opportunities, while the solar industry will increase the cost of hundreds of millions of pounds. If subsidies are terminated in April 2015, tends to cause the currently approved solar construction project in less than a year’s time in the mad rush, it would certainly lead to quality degradation. Opposite end as planned subsidies will allow ample time for project construction, and two years too soon, will soon come to pass. When energy prices are also cheaper. Solar energy companies need is stable, in strict accordance with the legal provisions of the policy. Instead of the current Administration to change policy.

According to industry analysts, current United Kingdom large subsidies for solar projects each year, about 170 million pounds. United Kingdom is Europe’s largest solar PV market, built capacity close to 5 billion watts. But if the Government ends subsidies in advance, will be on the United Kingdom’s large-scale installation of solar equipment market has resulted in severe impact.

Original title: United Kingdom early termination of the solar subsidy, photovoltaic project mad rush

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