United States demise distributed rooftop PV solar samples-Oahu Island Road

Polaris solar PV net news: not long ago, the solar power industry is Oahu’s most popular construction industry. Today, it sank. According to the Honolulu City and County planning departments January 2014 to June provided by photovoltaic systems permit data, has already been published PV total dropped as much as 43% and projects gross domestic product fell by more than 50%.

Last month marked the 14th consecutive months of falling PV annual growth rate over the same period the number of licenses, with the hope of reversing this trend in the short term is unlikely. Many significant percentage of the sales depend on solar companies will find themselves in serious trouble in 2014, third-and fourth-quarter earnings will be less than half. At least in the short term, it is difficult to reverse the reduction in pain.

Last April, Governor Neil. Abercrombie announced, turning to renewable energy in Hawaii has “adversity.” “There is no turning back,” said at the Capitol, the Governor stood on either side of him and three PUC Commissioners. In fact, Abercrombie in Hawaii declared: “the Rubicon has been crossed,” “conversation is over, the time has come to act. ”

Why the decline?

What caused a significant decline in the number of these almost unanimously, and what can be done about it? I raised these issues, status of senior executives of major solar company, as well as current and previous energy managers in business, Ministry of economic development and tourism (DBEDT) performance. While some of the more nuanced reactions than others, but clearly a consensus that all fingers point to the Hawaiian Electric Company. According to the solar energy society of Hawaii (HSEA) Executive Director Leslie. Cole-Brooks, by diminishing the power grid connected photovoltaic installation of this year there will be less, and “high penetration of photovoltaic power system utility are not updated in order to meet renewable energy. ”

On the island to allow more rooftop PV

Jon. Yoshimura, SolarCity Chief Director of the company in Hawaii, according to Glick, Cole-Brook and DeBone, said PUC’s role in guiding the HECO power system upgrades. DeBone and Saturnia asserts that in addition to the introduction of more solar photovoltaic engineering challenges, economic, social and equity issues should be discussed to ensure that PV does not continue to benefit from the upper end of the economic ladder, low cost and consumption.

PV industry reduced its expected, Yoshimura said: “we will never go back to the years 2011 and 2012 gold rush. Solar photovoltaic power generation business plan accordingly reconstituted, and establish reasonable expectations for themselves, employees and customers. Many companies are deploying new products (solar hot water), to cope with the drop in business; non-export and battery storage system is also seen as a potential solution. ”

PV penetration

416 circuit of power have all over Oahu, Hawaii. In the last month, of which about 20% of the minimum load of the circuit during the day (DML) for 120%, such as dark blue, so in those service areas with little or no additional PV is accepted. About 23% of the circuit within the 75~120% DML, viz 43% HECO circuits combined. In addition, the grid PV capacity at the current level for the entire island is not just a particular circuit. Non-translation of technical terms: nearly half of Hawaii power lines on both the design and management of the grid PV penetration threshold is met or exceeded. Prompting greater scrutiny and discussion of today’s electricity infrastructure was practical and technical restrictions to further exceed the current maximum thresholds.

Prospects for the future this alarming levels penetration of PV for the growing number of circuits, and the system-wide cumulative impacts without amendments to existing technologies, policies and regulations. Cost-efficiency and effective storage capacity makes it noon solar electricity supply and public utilities in the evening peak demand is made sense, but would need time and drive the cost of photovoltaic power for homeowners or businesses. To completely off-grid foreground, HECO to more disgruntled customers although there are attractive, but taking into account the cost and the degree of responsibility, off-grid life takes time and effort, the taxpayers of almost all public services is really a practically impossible task. There is no doubt that through multiple Governors, Parliament, Member of the PUC, visionary dreamers and people who are on the front lines of hardware and system flow, the situation on the ground was not up to the speaker’s rhetoric.

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