United States solar tariffs provoked PV module quality warning

Polaris solar PV net news: one procurement experts have warned that United States on mainland China and Taiwan’s PV tariffs on imports will make the battery and component quality is more difficult to determine.

Component quality consulting company co-founder Ian SolarBuyer. Gregory (IanGregory), United States tariff no longer damage the transparent supply chains, making it difficult for investors to ensure that the products they buy.

Despite the introduction of a certification system to guarantee the quality of components, but Gregory said many producers lack of transparency in operations, means that the manufacturing standards of consistency is almost impossible to monitor.

Gregory said that, due to meet United States most solar energy demand Chinese manufacturers began seeking ways to evade tariffs, the situation has become even more evident.

Gregory said: “due to the tariffs, now things are turned upside down. It severely disrupted supply chains. We now know that many manufacturers are not in place of manufacture manufacturing Assembly six months earlier, had not manufactured components by six months ago, may be assigned to different companies in different countries. ”

“A component design, materials used, as well as its impact on where and how to make quality. In the United States market due to customs, and how and where their manufacturing to a large extent changed completely. ”

Gregory cited renesola (ReneSola) as an example of widespread on the market. The Chinese producers had said its currently outsourced production to new areas to evade United States Customs, while some other mainland China and Taiwan suppliers, said they are considering similar moves.

He said: “in terms of consistency and quality, is a new challenge for banks and investors. ”

Gregory added that the United States tariff imposed would result in extra costs, while leaving a brutal cost reductions in the industry, is likely to affect quality.

He added: “the United States of dumping and subsidy investigations has been highly focused on prices and costs, rather than quality, so it doesn’t help. ”

Original title: United States solar tariffs provoked PV module quality warning

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