Wealthy new energy vision–Buffett VS Bill Gates

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, celebrities from around the world have joined to sweep the world ice challenge, a charity event, even the world’s richest man Bill Gates is no exception. It is reported that the ice bucket challenge called “ALS ice bucket challenge” (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), participants were asked on the Web publish their own video content was iced water poured all over the body, the participant may then require the other person to participate in this activity. The activity aims to is to let more people know about rare disease known as ALS or “amyotrophy lateral sclerosis”, and also raise money to help the goal of treatment.

It is said that gates had planned to invite Warren to join the game, but considering Warren is 84 years old and thus turned to invited 43-year old founder of Tesla’s Elon-Thomas g. Although Buffett did not participate in the ice bucket challenge. But in some ways, for example on new energy investment, he goes far beyond the claim that “investment for the poor” Bill Gates.

Buffett: I invest in PV is an “entertainment”

Buffett has a habit of unfamiliar stocks do, carefully before making any investment in research, he did not understand before, would like to see no hasty decision. When the slump in global solar PV industry, Buffett is doing, one after another big injection of solar photovoltaic business:

On December 7, 2011, Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy acquisition in Southern California Topper which is worth more than $ 2 billion solar power plant, estimated up to 500 megawatts of installed capacity, 17th, from NRG Energy bought the company $ 1.8 billion worth of power plants in the Agua Caliente 49% shares on January 2, 2013, MidAmerican Energy announced that funding does not exceed 2.5 billion dollars from the California Sun 579 MW installed capacity for Power bought the company’s Antelope Valley solar project, which includes Kern, California and Los Angeles County’s two solar power plants on June 20, 2014, and Warren Buffett’s Rocky Mountain power company and United States First Texas Wind company signed a 20-year agreement, purchasing capacity of 320MW PV asset.

And Buffett in the United States said at the annual Edison Electric Institute, will continue to increase investment in the energy sector. The dynamic is Warren Buffett bullish on strong proof of the renewable energy industry. He said investing in public utilities, “not rich, but you can spend it wisely”, in the case of a weak economy, this kind of project profitability is very stable. Buffett is a staunch realist, nicknamed investment “Safari,” he had said: “for me, investment is not only a sport, is also a form of entertainment, to fear at a time when others are greedy and greedy when others are. ”

Obviously, his version of the PV industry “greedy” for his huge returns. In early June, Buffett made during the Las Vegas for the Edison Electric Institute’s annual symposium, Berkshire Hathaway, plans to move its investments in solar and wind power generation amount doubling from the current level of $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion. Contrary to Bill Gates, the situation is different.

Bill Gates: renewable energy does not possess more than fossil fuels cost competitiveness

In fact, Bill Gates has been keen to charities, uphold the “investment for the poor” concept. Earlier, Bill Gates was asked about how he wants to change the fate of mankind in the next 50 years, when he said he wanted to create “energy miracles”, that is, create cost only half coal and new energy does not produce carbon dioxide. But it turns out he does not spend too much money on developing new sources of energy.

Not long ago, Bill Gates talked about on the blog of “energy poverty”, he quoted political scientist Bjorn-Lomborg’s views: “before shifting to clean energy in poor countries, poor families need access to cheap electricity, so they don’t have to burn cow dung, cardboard or branches for heating and cooking. These dirty fuels of the health impacts of indoor air pollution is very scary (especially for kids). ”

Bill Gates on energy investment for the poor, enabling them to use a cheap and clean source of energy, but he made a stupid mistake. The error originates from a point of view, which is that renewable energy does not have more cost-competitive than fossil fuels, and that energy poverty is caused by the climate. In this case, his charity is misleading, there is nothing more dangerous than the misguided philanthropy.

In fact, the end of “energy poverty” has nothing to do with climate change, it needs the correct path: distributed energy. Knowledgeable entrepreneurs invest their limited time and dollars to the PV industry is a reasonable business decision, these decisions are focused on the most inexpensive way to provide energy. For proof of the power of distributed energy, keeping the real market growth rate – instead of Gates ‘ blog: the World Bank’s “Lighting Africa” project solar product sales with 95% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeds the grid in sub-Saharan Africa. In Bangladesh, the IDCOL solar projects have been very successful in installing 3 million solar energy systems, compound annual growth rate over the past decade as high as 60%. After much deliberation, even India cool tend to service the new Prime Minister on the issue of expansion of the electricity grid with distributed energy to meet his 2019 power goal for each family will live.

When it comes to energy poverty, Gates advocated obsolete and ineffective solution, which will provide continuing energy poverty. This is no doubt because of his lack of awareness of his unfamiliar new energy fields. While Buffett is macro-analysis of present situation and future prospects after sweeping into new energy markets, feast and enjoy PV. So, as the Sun Yat-sen University Professor shenhui said: talk about new energy sources does not mean that you really understand the new energy.

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