Zibo PV encounter financing difficulties calling for banks “untied” loan

Polaris solar PV net news: Zibo’s photovoltaic industry in the ascendant, “one-stop” service provider–Tang Shandong new energy engineering limited (hereinafter “Tang”) settled after, but also opened up a new era of industry. However, six months later, Tang found that Zibo photovoltaic promotion into the awkward stage, users install wishes conflict with bank loans became more and more prominent.

PV industry experience financing problems

Long on the predicament of loans used to finance photovoltaic industry reports have never been interrupted and banks are tightening loans have sent many PV companies at risk. Today, Zibo, funding this “stumbling block” also stopped on the road in the development of the industry. However, the difference is that before, hunger is no longer the PV provider of funds, but a willingness to install a user.

“Photovoltaic is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, has won most of the market’s recognition. “August 18, Tang Yong Tang General Manager told reporters. However, for most users, the costs of the installation of a photovoltaic solar system is not a decimal.

It is understood that the PV system does not “nit” install user, home use and commercial use of electricity can be installed. For small users in rural areas, if calculated on a 3000W/5000W, respectively 36,000 and 60,000 dollars initial installation costs for enterprises and other units in accordance with the specific number of kilowatts accounting installation price, such as installation of 100KW systems costs for 1.1 million dollars.

“The cost that was watched by many users is balking. “Many households and businesses unable to one-off setup fee to rely on loans. However, in consultation with the banks before they found that loans should be so difficult to take on the road.

Loans which are frightening away users

Interview journalist learned user loans difficult for two main reasons. One is willing to provide loans of banks is too low, the second is the loan interest rate is too high.

Jin Shan Zhen Yang, linzi district is one of the users blocked by high lending rates. “I plan to install a 3000W photovoltaic solar power generation systems, but advice about Qi commercial banks are willing to lend,” Mr Yang gave a wry smile said, “and lending rates as high as 10%, really can’t afford. ”

10% of high lending rates stand for? Tang Yong gave reporters an account: suppose a 3000W power system installation, initial costs 36,000 dollars, Germany calculated on the annual interest rate of just 3.75%, pay interest each year 1350, 5 years of repayment interest 6750 Yuan while at Zibo 10% rates, annual interest 3600, 5 years 18000 million. In other words, the Zibo PV users ‘ interest burden is Germany 3 times, almost half of the loans were used to repay the loan.

The first “crab” Bank

Under huge market demand in the high-interest obstacles to slow down. Tang Yong said all along, the PV loans in financial institutions was virtually nonexistent in Zibo Qi commercial bank this year after consultation by the first “crab” banks raised lending rates at the original interest rate, based on 50%, but than has previously been put through a pathway to numerous users.

Reporter learned from the aligned commercial banks, which are currently being processed for personal loans apply for a total of 5, and credit lines are in the 30,000-60,000 dollars. In addition, Lake town, zhangdian district, a rare earth enterprises also is applying for, the enterprises belonging to commercial users, the loan amount can be as high as 3 million, 5 years to recover.

Calling for more banks loosen loan

Previously, Zibo city banks are cautious on PV loan, is a main reason no successful precedent. Now align the commercial banks have opened this route, whether the new inspiration for other banks?

Zibo branch of Jining Bank small business lending Center Operations Director Li Tao believes that cases against Tang, if you installed the user is an enterprise, exclusion of certain industries unable to provide loans, credit lines within the 500,000 yuan, it can be incorporated into the loan account.

Actually, on Zibo PV industry of development, already has policy support: this year January late, Shandong province NDRC to around city NDRC and the country network Shandong province power company issued has on 2014 PV power annual added construction scale of notification, clear province added enjoy national subsidies funds of distributed power record scale for 1000MW, and, Zibo city, was which 45MW of issued capacity, for market provides has broad space.

“Everything is ready, the East wind. Now, we can look forward to most is the Bank solar loans for more ‘ relaxed ‘, give the user a more low interest rates and enjoy PV. “Tang Yong said.

Original title: Zibo PV encounter financing difficulties calling for banks “untied” loan

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