An analysis of income and expenditures and PV cash flow situation “table”

Polaris solar PV net news: author study on photovoltaic industry soon, but now is deeply in love with the industry, this is a great industry, and will also have a great company, as recent media reports said “the next Ma” will appear in the new energy industry.

After communicating with many people, everyone’s views on photovoltaic can boil down to several points:

1. This is a manufacturing 2. quality not 3. subsidies 4. wind, which is no atmosphere, 5. threshold is low, competition is fierce

These problems are 07-08 ideas.

Insiders predict PV will usher in a new chapter in the second half of this year. Today, the author mainly want to explore with you the downstream plant stuff, hoping to draw out, learning together.

The premise:

Capacity: 100MW

Construction cost: 750 million RMB (calculated according to 8yilai)

Average yearly power generation hours: 1460 hours (average sunshine time is 4 hours)

Income from electricity sales: 0.9

Loan 70%: 7.5*0.7=5.3 million RMB

Loan interest rate: 7%

Decay rate of equipment: 1%

Operating costs: calculated on a total investment of 1%

Income tax: 15%

So for the first year after incorporation as follows:

Income * income * year power hours = kilowatt installed capacity of =0.9*100*1460=135000=1.32 million RMB

Operation cost = capital cost of *1%=7.5*1%=0.075 billion

Depreciation of 20 =7.5/20=0.375 billion

Loan interest =5.3*0.07=0.371 billion

15%= income tax expenditure (revenue-operating costs-depreciation-interest) *15%=0.075 million

Net profit = revenues-operating costs-used-for-loan interest income =1.32-0.075-0.375-0.371-0.075=0.424 million

Cash flow = net income-income tax-operating costs-loan interest =1.32-0.075-0.371-0.075=0.80 billion

If funds are for the construction of their own, do not raise loans, as follows:

15%= income tax expenditure (revenue-operating costs-depreciation) *15%=0.13 million

Net profit = revenues-operating costs-remove old-income tax = 74 million

Cash flow = net income-income tax-operating cost = 111.5 million

This is the first year of data, because the power plant after the completion of, as long as there is electricity generation, would have a steady stream of income, cash flow will be very good, taking into account the attenuation factors and the rate of interest per annum, the next evolution of annual data in the following table:

Last show that 20 years, 100MW power station will bring:

1, 931 million net profit, or 1.691 billion of net cash flows (financing under 70%)

2, 1.262 billion net profit or 2.021 billion of net cash flows (full case of own funds)

Average annual net profit and cash flow are as follows:

1, 46.5 million net profit, or 84.5 million of net cash flows (financing under 70%)

2, 63.1 million net profit, or 101 million of net cash flows (full case of own funds)

That is according to the present circumstances, investing in a photovoltaic plant, recycled cycles in 7-8, there are more than 10 years left a stream of cash flows, this is the greatness of energy companies.

With the conversion upgrade (it is understood polycrystalline conversion rate is hard to have much of a breakthrough, future upgrade or watch crystal), lower construction costs, payback period will be reduced to 6-7.

As an energy company, 6-7 can return, very tempting, it’s no wonder many bigwigs now mad shopping layout of PV power plant, for example, Shi Yuzhu, evergrande had begun, such as layouts.

Original title: simply calculate the PV of payments and cash flow

Zhongke hengyuan sued Suntech

Polaris solar PV net news: zhongke hengyuan Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “zhongke hengyuan”) announced today that the companies have filed lawsuits against Jiangsu high people’s Court, and on September 3, 2014 received a notice accepting the case, case number: (2014) No. 00022 early Su Shang, accusing Wuxi Suntech Power Co (“Suntech”).

Zhongke hengyuan claims, Suntech does not perform numbered C-M-201312127 the solar module and supplementary agreement to the contract agreement, Suntech received money after sources amounted to 206 million Yuan loan in two tranches, zhongke hengyuan is not specific to the supplier. Suntech zhongke hengyuan requirements and bear the return the full amount for breach of contract.

Shunfeng power International Limited (HK01165, hereafter called “shunfeng photovoltaic”) in 2014, instead of Suntech Power Holdings Limited (NYSE:STP, hereafter called “Suntech”), Wuxi Suntech holdings. Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV is a professional manufacturer of solar wafers, cells and modules production, July 13, 2011 listing in Hong Kong.

Zhongke hengyuan Description: zhongke hengyuan Technology Corporation is specialized in clean energy development, production and application of high-tech enterprises, small wind and solar energy application system total solution provider and a key parts supplier.

Original title: zhongke hengyuan sued Suntech

Large solar project developer executives declared war on Australia in Canberra defended renewable energy goals

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 29, Australia large collective solar developer executives to the capital Canberra (Canberra) to declare war and said it would defend the renewable energy target (RET).

Several solar companies (including FirstSolar, FotowatioRenewableVentures and SunPower) executives held in Canberra and the key ministers and MPs to negotiate.

“We will tell them that, if RET is cut, Australia eclipsed the prospect of large solar projects market. “KaneThornton, Executive Director of the clean energy Committee said.

“In view of the uncertain future in RET, currently Australia renewable energy project investments have fallen sharply. Over time, Australia clean energy industries will be destroyed, and the field of large-scale solar energy project is the first to be destroyed. ”

FotowatioRenewableVentures (FRV) Manager AndreaFontana said: “we are highly capitalized investment strategies, so only if we are confident about the local regulatory framework, we will inject funds and resources. Large-scale solar projects is a very reliable product. But if RET is cut, we are likely to get around Australia and choices in other markets worldwide investment in large-scale solar projects. ”

FirstSolar Vice President of business development, JackCurtis claims that in developing large-scale solar energy projects, companies choose to cooperate with the local suppliers as much as possible, to ensure the largest measure of entering Australia project.

“We value those policies to support renewable energy and environmental stability in the country. If RET is cut, we will carefully consider whether to invest in the future Australia project. ”

WilfJohnston SunPowerAustralia executives revealed that for startup and operation of large-scale solar energy projects, and RET has been significant.

“Prior to the development of utility-grade solar project, investors must ensure that funds are available. Since its launch in 2001, RET escort for developers. No RET, and whether developers will invest Australia projects caught in the middle. “Johnston said.

Original title: large-scale solar project developer executives declared war on Australia in Canberra defended renewable energy goals

Jinko solar CDB international $ 24.99 million purchase bulls power 21% equity

Polaris solar PV net news: CDB international announced that the open international holding company and majority shareholder bi hua, have agreed to subscribe for the enlarged share capital 23.81% and 26.19% owned by companies cope with the cost of 24.9984 million dollars. After you subscribe, the company and China International Holdings would take bihua enlarged share capital of 23.81% and 76.19%.

BI Hua as the controlling shareholder of the subsidiary company. On July 25, 2014, bihua made ATP power purchase agreements, bi Hua agreed to subscribe to sitech power enlarged share capital of about 21% (on a fully diluted basis). Sitech jinkosolar power subsidiary, mainly engaged in solar project development and operations. CDB international expectations, China solar energy market in the next few years there will be rapid growth, and electricity will continue as a leading player in the market.

Original title: jinko solar CDB international $ 24.99 million purchase bulls power 21% equity

Cooling policy in Australia solar-thermal power generation tough times

Polaris solar PV net news: Although there are many favorable conditions for development, but Australia grid-connected solar-thermal power industries continued to struggle. So far under the current Government’s attitude to this situation is unlikely to get better.

Australia solar thermal development prospects seems to be supported by the gradual reduction of Government renewable energy policy is totally disrupted.

Solar thermal developer pulled out of

Australia Government reduced the target for renewable energy development, while also slashing the Australia renewable energy agency support ARENA (ARENA holds Australia renewable energy fund) in the past few months, at least two companies have given up on Australia’s solar thermal development plan.

In July, the United States solar thermal developer SolarReserve has renounced the Australia of grid-connected solar-thermal power generation market. This happened in Australia appoints DickWarburton of climate warming skeptics to Australia after approved the renewable energy development goals again. Australia was meant to have achieved by 2020 at least 20% of electricity supplied by renewable goal, but in the past two years Australia’s electricity demand has been on the decline, some critics began to propose the repeal of the objectives proposed.

A few days later, originally planned in Australia North Queensland building local Ratch company first solar thermal power plant was forced to stop because of the loss of financial support for the project. Australia broadcasting company reported losing Government support will increase the project cost about 84%. Ratch Collinsville project planned by Novatec’s linear Fresnel solar thermal technology, and photovoltaic power generation and natural gas power mixed configurations of the complementary power, had previously won the ARENA promises of financial support.

It can be said that SolarReserve and Ratch companies is because Australia grid-connected solar thermal market Outlook is not optimistic about having to give up the solar-thermal power generation in the country marketing plan. There’s only two more developers continue to Australia solar-thermal power generation market to continue trying. One is Spain abenge company, the company is located in Australia West Perenjori an installed capacity of 20MW of solar thermal power tower to conduct a feasibility study, and have been awarded a $ ARENA45 million of financial support. Another is Australia own Vast company, the company will be in Australia New South Wales Jemalong building a solar thermal power station of the 6MWt, the plant when completed will become Australia’s first solar thermal power plant with heat storage. In fact the station is to follow up a preliminary installed capacity of 30MW project demonstration.

Harsh investment environment

Australia solar thermal associations Chairman AndrewWant said: “the authorities seem intent on reducing Australia renewable energy market attractive to investors, which led directly to the investor and developer of solar thermal technology exit Australia markets or slashed solar-thermal business. ”

Although Australia has very good conditions of solar thermal technology development, such as DNI, covering a large area of grid and high technology research and development abilities, but because the Australia national policy is causing the poor investment environment for domestic development of solar thermal technology has brought tremendous challenges, arguably Australia’s solar thermal development has now entered a very difficult time.

Australia has announced plans to build solar thermal projects in recent years about 15, but now seems to be the only GraphiteEnergy LakeCargelligo demonstration project is put into operation.

Solar thermal projects have run aground

Last year, the planning of AlintaEnergy project is located in the PortAugusta capacity of 50MW and Australia installed 40MW WhyallaSolarOasis BN for projects in the South are forced to run aground because of lack of ARENA funding support.

Located near the PointPaterson capacity of 30MW Acquasol1 trough solar thermal desalination project seems never to be developed. In 2010 the project was reported to have stopped due to funding issues, in addition to the company’s Web site home page has not been updated for a long.

SunFarms recent development of solar-thermal project in the PortAugusta seems to be a little better. Want: “investment in the project is just getting the new, so most likely will continue to be developed. ”

Queensland KoganCreek,CS energy company AREVA linear Fresnel technology development capacity as 44MW of photo-thermal mixed steam capacity expansion projects have made some progress. AREVA said although the company dropped out of the solar-thermal power generation market, but the project is going to continue to go on, but the running time of the commercialization of the project may be significantly delayed.

KoganCreek was once thought to be in the technological development of solar thermal in Australia in front of the city, because before including ParsonsBrinckerhoff and company decided to set up a joint company of Siemens joint development of solar-thermal project in the region, but Siemens withdrew from solar-thermal power generation market.

Industry controversy

Because the trade disputes, located in New South Wales Liddell power station of the two existing linear Fresnel solar-thermal power generation unit has stopped running. GraphiteEnergy CEONickBain made it clear that the company will put more energy into energy stored and not on photo-thermal technology. He said: “I am a firm supporter of solar thermal technology, but the development of PV” steal “the thermal spring. Not only can be used in some special areas such as EOR projects in the Middle East, I don’t see the competitiveness of solar thermal technologies in other areas. ”

Australia people say it is more firm than people in other parts of photovoltaic technology had seriously hampered the development of solar thermal technology. Prosper greatly reduces the power needs of distributed PV, which is also Australia renewable energy planning and adjustment for a reason.

But even Australia’s PV industry at present, there are some concerns, senior analyst MichaelBarker NPDSolarbuzz said: “due to the persistent negative policy impacts of the policy change and is widely expected, Australia’s renewable energy development is a bit unnerving. ”

Currently Australia in the field of solar thermal technology is still focused on applications in off-grid power, such as solar thermal driving oil and other industrial area of solar thermal application.

Australia has one of the world’s most important photothermal technique Research Institute–one of the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research organisation (CSIRO) national solar energy Center, which is located in Newcastle, NSW. CSIRO is working with Mitsubishi heavy industries and other industrial partners to develop innovative solar thermal technologies research. However, Australia’s current domestic situation, whether these innovative solar thermal technologies can be applied to Australia grid-connected solar-thermal power project is unknown.

Original title: cooling policy in Australia solar-thermal power generation tough times

Suspected associate of Nanyang technology increased reproduction of Jersey City figure account “Zheng Suzhen” 130 million fully underwritten supporting fundraising

Polaris solar PV net news: Nanyang Technological figure increased reproduction of Jersey City

Suspected Ze Hee associated account “Zheng Suzhen” 130 million fully underwritten supporting fundraising

With “fast track approach” characterized by private-equity firms Jersey City investment started to change styles, frequently raise directional add-issuance of listed companies since last year that chemically market. A few days ago, Jersey City’s “shadow” appears again in the listed companies increased programme of science and technology in Southeast Asia, but shares directly subscribe projects different is that the suspected Shanghai zexi associated investment account “Zheng Suzhen” fully underwritten supporting science and technology increase the fundraising stakes in Southeast Asia.

Suspected accounts frequency appear

Nanyang Tech bulletins, the March this year, increased its programme, 66 million yuan in cash and the issuance of 64.186 million shares of the company combined way, buying a stake in Dong Xucheng, Ningbo material technology 80% and to raise matching funds, the remaining funds will be used for company has started to invest in the “produce 16,000 tons of LCD liquid crystal optical pet film project” construction.

On September 26, the Nanyang technology announcements for increased project implementation reports, disclosure of specific information concerning the relevant shares. Report shows, this collection of supporting and financing the issuance price of 5.8 yuan per share issue price set at 8.18 yuan per share, issue 15.892 million shares, raise capital of 130 million Yuan, Zheng Suzhen natural persons are targeted to be finalized for 1 investors.

According to the Shanghai municipal industrial and commercial Bureau information, Zheng Suzhen Ze city investments, was one of the earliest legal representatives, while Shanghai zexi investment is the legal representative of drama. Zheng Suzhen drama mother have been rumours in the market, namely Zheng Suzhen accounts associated to invest in Jersey City. If this is true, it also means that Jersey City investment by increasing of the associated account was indirectly involved in the Nanyang Technological …

The suspected Shanghai zexi investment account that is associated, “Zheng Suzhen” too frequent in recent years in the a-share market. In February this year, Heyzer added through equity auctions get first 15.69% equity, its elected 3 successfully appeared in the listed company’s Board of Directors. Public information display, Heyzer added legal representative is Xu Bailiang, shareholders are with Zheng Suzhen Xu Bailiang, holds 99% and 1% shares respectively. Earlier, in September 2012, letong 8.39 Yuan price per share shares intended to be non-public offering of 60 million shares, including Zhuhai Zhi Ming limited issuance of 19 million shares, issuing 31 million shares to Zheng Suzhen, issue 10 million shares to ouyanghuazhen.

Shares the next day trading

Nanyang technology shares increased the effective subscription of the subscription invitation quotes time is September 9, 8:30~12:00, a total of 15 of the subscription object provides a valid subscription offer. Among them, Zheng Suzhen highest, to 8.19 Yuan per share, and purchase amounts are a maximum, reaching 130 million Yuan; second-place Li of Guangxi marine Center purchase amounts, totals about 39 million yuan of additional investment.

Because of the support the fundraising issue shares was priced at 8.18 yuan per share, Guangxi Li Hai Zheng Suzhen and prescribed with success, but due to the number of Guangxi Li Hai and voluntarily waived by the rights issue, final Zheng Suzhen arrogation of the combined fundraising total, stake 15.892 million shares, subscribed capital paid 130 million Yuan, accounted for 2.73% of the total share capital after the release of rights issue.

Guangxi Li Hai’s exit, Nanyang Tech Bulletin does not disclose the reasons. But on September 9, shortly after the purchase is completed, midday Nanyang Tech Stocks rallied, eventually grew by 2.55% to next day on September 10, the shares in the case of no significant positive, open soon direct midday trading.

Looks back on September 10, his data, buy five transaction totals 69.07 million Yuan, sold the first five transactions amounts to 34.32 million Yuan, including buying two of the top five sales offices for organizations dedicated, the remaining three sales offices are in Zhejiang, respectively, guotai Junan securities, Cixi, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Galaxy securities and Everbright securities.

Said one private-sector investments: “in recent years, Jersey City keen on and even the local unit Ningbo of Zhejiang Province increased market, thermoelectric, Ningbo, from some of the larger initiative, now Nanyang technology, (Jersey City stakes in these companies) are mainly because of personal connections and facilitate the communication of concerns. ”

Original title: Nanyang Technological figure increased reproduction of Jersey City

Photovoltaic motivational sales guy: addicted to talk customers

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, haven’t contact z sent a message saying, in some equipment to the first solar cell manufacturers, his company successfully won. In addition, he has successively signed several customers. As a friend of awareness for a few years, genuinely happy for him. Suddenly, this year, we have intermittent contact, can hear good news from him all the time.

Z continue to talk, “I have several harvests this year: 1. reduced product costs, basic 50% lower cost, higher quality 50%;2. client groups targeted more successful experience several big lists down there; 3. finding the right partner, laid the future directions. ”

Businesses back from the dead

Period of 1.5 years, z not only back and radiates vitality rosy prospect. In this small company, z’s contribution is notable.

Z Jiangsu youth work fine, seriously, striving for perfection and skilled in the use of resources, to be good at selling; and when talking to z, and you will be his focus and passion that has been affected. These are my impressions of z.

In 2007 into the PV industry; the end of 2010, z and a few friends formed a photovoltaic device company; the second half of 2012, z company was influenced by the downturn of the environmental impact, teetering. Remember that time, z more than once told me, “and then hang on another six months, if you do not go on to have survived the. ”

After that, we had less contact, every two months to hear his message, not on a business trip, was on a business trip on the road. It turned out that he had run a market and sales. A few words of conversation, can feel his “spell” determination. Understandably, downturn, businesses struggling, if not proactive, is tantamount to death.

The good news is that, z June sown in 2013, sweat does not flow in vain, hard work has paid off, move into 2014, finally see the z plane. Talk from one after another in the customer, to talk about a number of customers, and then into the first major client was done by him, z’s experience is a motivational show, fiery interpretations.

Four sales tips

In this chat, he told me, “to talk about clients really addictive. “This sentence has caused me a great deal of interest,” questioning “he sold what was the secret.

Z concludes, “there are four important points–looking for someone very important, customer demand is important, it is important to understand the competition, networking is very important. ”

In z view, always to the needs of enterprises, the key is to find the right person. “Pawns pawns” useless, my boss is useless, looking around her boss’s “reds.” Looking for the right person usually invincible. It is like a river, only to find the ship and the bridge to the past.

“I don’t care about price, I take care of the customer’s needs. “I’m not selling equipment, but to help customers solve problems. ”

Z tell me that sales must be empathy, for example, we went to the store to buy clothes, the attendant should not be asked “what do you want to buy”, but to let customers “a casual look” while talking to keep a certain distance, so that the customers, there is no burden, but can easily buy.

Sales deal is the object of purchase, z savvy purchase. “Every word is meaningful procurement said, understand the underlying needs are important. ”

Z not many rivals, photovoltaic devices operated by his company between the intermediate position, more favorable. Product price, rebate is high, they are not, in his words is “better”.

The sales process is a process of accumulated contacts. It is said that successful three-minute fight, seven network, z shares the view that choosing partners, customers but do not overlap, you can share resources, work together to win, why not? Open mind and contribute to success.

In addition to selling handy, two years in the team’s efforts to improve the device, with a competitive advantage. In addition, the single product last year, and this year expanded its product line, cost-effective feature allows customers to accept a higher degree. Z said, in order to expand markets, increase sales, continues to expand product lines next year.

Z nearly ten years of hard work one or two line PV manufacturers bagged enough to shine. But as sales, a much-battered profession z, experiences of frustration, of course, abound.

For example, a company in Zhejiang Province, in about 5 minutes, lets put information out. There would be another company’s cell inspection personnel, z calls five times will not have the chance to visit. This became the heart of z, he secretly vowed to “take” behind the company.

Also have to take care of it soon, “done in a recent order for two days, so fast as to be unthinkable. ”

A sentence is to say that “character determines destiny, grace decided to structure”, z finds himself doing the sales material. It now appears that his sales route moving ever closer, moving more freely, which is why “sales addiction” reasons.

Interview with PostScript:

Z was originally thought after six months to accumulate some customers accepting my interview, but his two-year restructuring and selling I am sincerely impressed with really, when I talked to him, feel the positive energy is sufficient. Wrote this article, so as more PV friends struggle with sales on the road “bright road”. At the same time with Daniel sales experience and skills.

Another point, z June sales had not been mentioned throughout the article, and inevitably someone will ask: does he earn big bucks? In fact, I’m curious. However, z replied, this is not the case. “Only alive, still have a chance. ”

Market, the high operational costs of the company, product market breadth of influence, corporate profits will be limited, although z money bag is not full, but there is no denying that, z are on a bright road to wealth.

Original title: photovoltaic motivational sales guy: addicted to talk customers

Sales Director, Suntech America: Latin America PV market: opportunities and challenges

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Suntech Power Holdings (“Suntech”), Director of Americas sales RobertHo an interview, talked about Latin America in the solar market opportunities and challenges.

“We believe that solar energy in Latin America there is a tendency to spread, and that this trend will continue. Solar power is becoming more popular, and incentive policy is bound to catch up, particularly in the context of traditional energy costs continued to remain high. “RobertHo said.

Reporter: a few days ago, Suntech Intersolar exhibition South America explore potential customers. Will talk about Latin America market potential of solar energy?

Ho: currently, Suntech in Mexico’s performance is a strong momentum of development. Recently we have just 30 MW components are supplied to the AuraSolarI project in the country. Not just Mexico, Latin America other solar energy market also increased substantially in space. We believe Intersolar South America with intent to expand the Latin America markets business provides an ideal bridge.

Latin America booming solar market demand, we think that Suntech products has bright prospects in this area. Latin America is a subtropical climate, conducive to the development of the solar industry. In addition, as an alternative and affordable energy, solar PV is expected to drive development across the region. Intersolar we explored South America the potential market opportunities. In addition, for residential, commercial and utility-level facilities to provide off-grid and grid-connected solutions, we see Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico contains interesting business opportunities in the market.

Reporter: what countries do you think will lead Latin America market? What are push factors?

Ho: Brazil, and Mexico and Chile is now Latin America’s most exciting market. These three market demand for clean energy is a geometric increase, while solar power is expected to become a strong driving force. The past 5 years, solar power costs in three steady decline, plus utility-level photovoltaic power plant profitability growth and Government launched the clean energy initiative, solar deployment easier, more attractive to investors.

Suntech America Sales Director RobertHo

Reporter: according to a report released by the International Energy Agency on August 28 expects solar market will grow strongly in emerging markets. However, the debate about distributed PV policy could become an uncertain factor. This point applies to the Latin American market?

Ho: to some extent, apply. For example, in Chile, net metering or DGs need to be further enhanced, providing incentives to promote sector development of residential and commercial roofing systems, which enable individuals to generate their own energy supplies can be used for personal energy needs extra energy can also be used to support grid. These policies is vital for investors. For example, Suntech is suitable not only for the net metering system also applied to major public utilities system, but still requires a transparent regulatory system to ensure the healthy development of the market.

Mexico has a much stronger policy frameworks expanding solar market. In 2007, net metering Bill is widely used in Mexico residential community.

Reporter: energy legislation in the area of influence of Mexico, and Brazil that solar energy market?

Ho: the need to vigorously develop renewable energy incentive policies in these areas. However, we believe that solar energy in Latin America there is a tendency to spread, and that this trend will continue. Solar power is more and more popular, and incentive policy is bound to catch up, particularly in the context of traditional energy costs still high.

In Brazil, public bidding, and FIT net metering project subsidies will jointly promote the expansion of the solar energy market. It is reported that Brazil special tender will be launched in October this year a solar project. We are interested in this, because it’s Brazil special for the first time publicly-funded solar project bidding activities. Investment with industry growing Brazil market increased demand for photovoltaic solutions, photovoltaic industry’s Outlook is bright. We expect this from Brazil Energy Research Institute and sponsored by the National Development Bank bidding activities will promote the development of the local content rule, so as to further boost the local manufacturing capacity and the job market.

In addition, the Mexico Government has established an impressive renewable energy targets. The planned 2020 PV installed capacity of 2000 MW of the country. The future, Suntech hopes to further expand Mexico solar market, building blocks for growth of the photovoltaic industry in the country.

Reporter: competing with traditional energy sources in the Latin America countries which solar energy sector stand out? In terms of competitiveness, traditional energy solar power how to win?

Ho: as the Latin America sun radiation intensity is high in many countries, enabling PV power production, solar PV is expected to be a favorable alternative to replace fossil fuels. On legislation, renewable energy targets and growing energy demand, Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico are expected to be “pioneers”.

In addition, we should also be concerned about flexibility issues. Suntech near Bangkok have been an installed capacity of 45 megawatts of photovoltaic power plant (one of Southeast Asia’s largest solar power project) supply of solar panels. This project has become Thailand flexibility of energy an integral part of the supply chain–the most notable example in 2011 after the great flood, the plant quickly resumed.

Flexibility is an important competitive solar power compared to conventional energy characteristics. Now, more and more vulnerable to natural disasters, solar PV ought to be considered as a very flexible, reliable and competitive source of energy.

In view of the increasing energy demand and prices, people’s attention gradually shifted to affordable energy. Traditional energy price increases will help enhance the competitiveness of solar power. Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico’s recent investment performance of these countries in the region as a whole played an important role in the development of the solar industry. (Translator: Krystal)

Original title: Sales Director, Suntech America: Latin America PV market: opportunities and challenges

Who has the most chance of becoming a new company in the energy sector?

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent times, everyone was outside Ma whole photos to an over-saturation of the bar, her thumbs, watching him on the New York Stock Exchange, beaming pictures, did you find out? In any case, have to admit, MA this well done! Let those who have been as far East markets Alibaba slightly bossed about by Western investors by surprise, “today, you don’t know the answer, and tomorrow, I will let you were out” attitude.

Let us come back to our main story. Let us temporarily forget Ali Baba is the United States largest IPO and forgot Ma instant has become China’s richest man, forgot its employees are so wealthy, also put aside sigh of shame when you miss Ali. Only Alibaba the company, give some thought to what it’s success has brought us? Ma envious of what the draw new energy company executives?

First of all, you have to have a pair of forward-looking insight. I have to say, Alibaba always insight into industry trends, with forward-looking insights, faster step speed robbed in front of competitors. As an important part of Alibaba, Taobao and eBay campaigns are typical. Beginning, Taobao free policy, attracted a large number of businesses, only this one, just enough to eBay for a choke. However, MA know that alone is far from enough for free, and more importantly provides a good platform.

Payment Bao Taobao is one of the most important steps in the buyer did not receive goods, remaining risks, and the seller could not be bound by time, PayPal as a third-party intermediary highlights the huge role. Taobao catch risk that everyone avoided the risk of gaps before they succeeded, leading individuals, businesses, eBay beat the commodity online trading platform.

Then the new blank where the risk in the energy sector? Speed of wind power development in China, far beyond imagination, with just 5 years through Europe and the United States 15 to walk the road. However, the capacity of rapid growth is a big market for wind turbine operation and maintenance services.

At this point, goldwind is in the front. After experiencing overcapacity, fan off a series of changes in the industry, and after the accident, goldwind wind industry wind turbine manufacturing companies of the first recovery, thanks largely to its wind energy services market and other “professional” layout in advance.

Small clumsy in 2009 on wrote had a article articles, mentioned service will became at has early dew excess signs of wind electric industry of blue sea, now even 5 years passed, small clumsy still think, wind electric services still promising, as long as China of clean energy strategy not variable, on will constantly has wind electric grid, with wind machine of using years constantly increased, maintenance of needs also on will constantly increases. Industry insiders predict that by 2020, China’s wind power market possibly as high as 100 billion yuan.

Are similar but the good news is, PV industry in June 2013, the enterprises already have many PV industry leader from simple materials and processing, turned to the downstream, such as Yingli, Crystal, solar, etc, they also admitted that downstream profits were much bigger. Small Zhuo for the photovoltaic industry giants have not appear prior to tender and excess, applauding layout and raw materials, the next step, such as who would have this integration of upstream and downstream businesses, “combined” typed and upgrade, who will become even more powerful.

Secondly, you have to know how to “cock wire in the world.” Taobao’s popularity is that it has the biggest clout, I ask, which shopping sites or shopping malls in double 11 this day, a record that people all over the world at record levels of sales. New energy industry’s clout is distributed. On the occasion of of large grid-connected photovoltaic power plant in the East is in the ascendant, distributed PV are getting their way into ordinary families, do not underestimate individuals distributed solar power, activate a huge user of distributed PV development. Little time being unable to grasp the conditionally installed family of distributed PV roof figures, but you can imagine, it must be a huge number.

To quick step, one must seize the individual user market, on this point, the CLP did a good job. CEEG on PV users will focus on families, themselves as home photovoltaic system is a one-stop service provider, at present, the CLP in Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, has contracts with many home users.

In small’s view, developer, business is not the size of the but the passage of time, play popularity, wealth will be far behind?

Once again, you have to have an insatiable heart. Company since its inception in 1999, by a 17-member team, evolve into an international Internet company, in the process, Alibaba’s continuous investment, merger, split. Buying Yahoo, investment of evergrande, will split into Taobao Taobao (, Taobao Mall ( and Tao (, from online to offline, and domestic to overseas, itself via all mergers and acquisitions to grow, eventually making Taobao became United States largest IPO.

New energy industries, each leading wind power, photovoltaic industry leader, however, who do not want to be a General is not a good soldier, leading companies in the consolidation of their own at the same time, also look to the industry, which moves when it moves.

Forget who is industry veteran said: “every business is the same will eventually evolve into a competition between several groups, such competition may be cruel, but is the embodiment of stepping into normal, healthy development of the industry. ”

And the integration of wind power industry a few years ago had similar, photovoltaic industry will also face an integration, may last for years at a time, but all in all, it must be a Darwinian process.

Finally, Excel find greater profit for themselves. Alibaba in established has leading of consumers e-commerce, and online paid, and B2B online trading market and the cloud computing business Hou, and in Taobao Shang launched has balances treasure, relies on third party paid platform paid treasure, Ali for personal user build has a items balances value-added service, despite recently quotes has fell, but balances treasure seems to has became a funds over 250 billion yuan, customer number over 49 million households of big Fund.

We balance regardless whether treasures could let customers make money by simply saying that Alibaba’s earnings, even without Taobao, B2B, cloud computing services, Ali also “die hungry”.

New energy industry is even more so, as the technology-intensive industry, neither wind nor the PV manufacturing industry should be more forward looking in the long run, more profit. Small clumsy not to encourage diversified investment in light industry, new energy enterprises, but that, enterprises in the main business of roots at the same time, should expand financial services in the industry. In today’s PV financing environment, photovoltaic manufacturers may wish to set up their own finance company or trust company, specifically for other business loans within the industry, this can solve other pressing can also generate profits for themselves. After all, in the industry, PV enterprises financial companies rather than banks and other financial companies to better understand characteristics of the industry, to avoid risks, and secondly can profit as well as future acquisitions and industry consolidation. As they say, their industry’s business, why let someone else do it?

Alibaba’s success much more than 4 points above, market, such as battlefield, both sides are studying the art of war, but there are still points of victory or defeat, the winner you know how to change. Who will be the new company in the energy sector? We’ll see what happens.

Original title: who has the most chance of becoming a new company in the energy sector?

Renewable energy quota management: implementation of “reward and punishment”

Polaris solar PV net news: recently held in Beijing “the 2014 solar leaders Summit”, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission says Ren Dongming, Director of the Centre for renewable energy development in mid-August, Director of the national development and Reform Commission meeting has passed the renewable electricity quotas assessment procedures (trial implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the assessment), also recently completed the final revision. Next, the document will be submitted to the State development and Reform Commission for approval.

In the assessment, National Energy Board, management will be an examination of different provinces, able to fulfill targets would be “reduced scale petrochemical power generation project” punishment and clear incentives for provinces are completed, such as non-renewable electricity consumption can be factored into the amount of energy-saving of water, while not included in the total energy consumption.

Quota implementation of “reward and punishment”

“Renewable energy quota system, if implemented, is equivalent to national requirements for new energy production and eliminate playing shape. “Beijing Hui Sun electric technology co founder Ren Kai told reporters.

This reporter learned that, from different provinces and cities according to the location of the assessment methods, divided into North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest and Northwest in six regions, defined the various provinces and cities in 2015, 2017 and 2020 renewable electricity quotas for basic and advanced indicators. Among them, the quota system the assessment includes wind power, solar power, biomass power generation three.

And earlier consultation draft will be classified into four categories, indicators different from 1%~15%, this file to set the basic and advanced indicators. In the basic indicators of the 2015,, the three Northeastern provinces, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, the most 10%, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces the quota at least for 2% in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Tibet and Qinghai provinces index 7%, the rest of the index of Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces 4%.

In terms of specific actions, the implementation of reward and punishment system. Did not meet quotas or significantly behind schedule in years in provinces and cities will suspend or reduce its new petrochemical generation projects. For exceeding quotas on basic indicators area, excess power consumption the control limits are not included in the total energy consumption in the region, to achieve the advanced index, demonstration projects, financial support, priority will be given to construction of power grids and other support.

According to Ren Dongming said, comprehensive Department, National Energy Board had already made under the consultation draft issue including the State grid and China Southern power grid, into five power generation companies, China Guangdong nuclear, energy and many other large companies, in February this year eventually recovered 28 companies of more than more than 60 recommendations.

“Feedback from local and enterprise in view of the comments are of the view that implementation of a quota system is necessary, it is recommended that part of the national development and Reform Commission on completion as soon as possible after implementation. “Ren Dongming said enterprise feedback opinion focuses on proposed responsibilities, targets set, transaction mechanisms, and other common problems, also includes a specific accounting methods, the inspection cycle, supporting measures such as new.

Prior to that, renewable energy has been seeking a quota system for nearly 10 years. In 2007, the State Council proposed renewable portfolio standard: power plants, power grid enterprises and local governments three main proposed binding renewable energy quota.

But it was not until February 2012, the National Energy Board new Energy Division in developing the renewable energy quota management measures (draft for discussion) (hereinafter referred to as discussion papers), are clear power plant was committed to the development of renewable energy obligations, is to protect the power grid enterprises purchasing quota obligations of principal, local governments bear the obligation to eliminate quotas.

However, provinces and cities for specific issues such as quota dispute, several changes have been made in the above-mentioned document, and the delay in release.

New energy plus

“There is already to the timing of implementation of renewable portfolio standard. “Long-term concern that policy Lin boqiang, Director of China Center for energy economics research at Xiamen University believes that in recent years China’s renewable energy such as wind power and PV installed capacity has grown rapidly, the production costs of enterprises has decreased significantly, market operation basically mature, provides a basis for promoting renewable portfolio standard conditions.

Lin boqiang says, in the “desert wind” “abandoned” in Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, with frequent power rich areas plus more. Quotas mandatory is to ask the power company with a new energy, forcing power companies to buy a certain amount of renewable energy generation, forcing local support for renewable energy generation projects. These “forced” to a great extent, will solve Internet problems of renewable energy, and to further rationalize the market.

Ren Dongming, to support the new energy such as solar, is to stimulate the economy and governance in China haze inevitable.

By Europe and the double impact, China’s PV industry in previous years there have been losses, management difficulties and chain triggered a debt crisis, some enterprises go bankrupt, the industrial situation is a crisis. So, how to start the Chinese PV market are placed in front of policymakers on the other, fossil fuels are the main cause of smog in China, to adjust energy structure, encouraging more use of renewable energy has become one of the China’s energy development strategy.

“There is an important reason, we state the last two years of economic slowdown, and large downward pressures on the economy. “Ren Dongming believes that the development of new energy, throughout the construction of new energy projects, but also conducive to stimulating economic growth.

Along with a series of national policies, supported by strong momentum in the development of new energy enterprises in China. To the total PV installed capacity, for example, 2009 PV installed capacity market is just beginning in 2013, had reached 15 million-kilowatt by the end of the scale. Meanwhile, the PV-related companies have started to restore confidence and began losses, business conditions began to improve, in particular, ease China PV disputes last year. This is a national policy for the entire photovoltaic industry out of trouble with the conditions.

National Energy Board new energy new energy revealed Dong Xiufen, Director of the renewable energy Division, later will also increase the Government’s policy towards new energy grid floor, including the coordination of monetary policies, the scale of development goals, local policies, such as improving and adjusting.

Ren Dongming also suggested that in addition to Central Government money for subsidies, local governments should enact policies to support distributed in photovoltaic development.

In the view of many industry professionals, implementation of renewable portfolio standard, focusing on the implementation of policies.

Energy saving solar technology company Chairman Cao Huabin believes that the main problem with quotas is that each index is assigned to the following in the province, or to a different project. For each province must focus on can accomplish indexes of the country this year, if we had granted to the enterprise’s projects were not completed within the time limit, you can consider withdrawing and leaving others to do.

Original title: renewable energy quota management top indicator to 10%

Photovoltaic power plant risk factors and insurance agency

Polaris solar PV net news: 1, site risk: storms and lightning; freezing, snow and hail pollution dust; rock fall; geology landslide; earthquake flood; a shaded animal bite damage.

2, technical risks: design flaws; equipment failure; attenuation; age; maintain; repair; replacement; appearance; accessibility.

3, the installation of risk: to receive materials; material handling;; fixed connection cable arrangement.

4, security risk: shock; arc; fire; static load; load; theft; vandalism; the safety of the operator.

5, material risk: key materials supporting materials auxiliary materials; delays in delivery, transport damage.

Graph below is based on accident frequency of PV power plant risk assessment-Germany experience:

Below is based on the amount of compensation for losses of PV power plant risk assessment-Germany experience

Property and casualty insurance

1, the direct insurance

Property all risks insurance: underwriting of natural disasters, accidents and other PV power plant caused by property damage.

2, consequential loss insurance

Disruptions and extra expense insurance: this covers natural disasters, accidents and other causes indirect loss of PV power station outages, including electricity and subsidies and an increase in the fixed costs of the derogation.

3, delay insurance: underwriting of PV power station construction period of indirect losses caused by delay in completion, including the increase in interest on loans and fixed costs

Liability insurance

1, commercial general liability insurance: this covers commercial, except the employer’s liability and motor vehicle liability liability risks, including premises, operations, product and project completion, losses arising from the liability.

2, umbrella liability insurance: the super compensation of commercial general liability insurance policy, providing high limits of liability protection for PV power plant.

Quality assurance insurance

1, PV module quality assurance insurance: due to defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for PV modules offer repairs, return guarantee for 25 years.

2, PV system surety: for photovoltaic systems (including inverters, combiner box, tracking systems, and so on) from material and workmanship defects for ten-year repair, replacement guarantee.

Weather derivatives

Weather derivatives to hedge electricity power generation system with weather variability in the effect of financial instruments. Solar photovoltaic power station of weather derivatives to hedge is the abnormal changes in solar irradiance.

Weather derivative risk is the essence of solar PV power station holder with risk of acquisition of bilateral or multilateral trade agreements, namely acquisition risk compensation for negative impacts of specific weather events.

Weather derivatives are similar to insurance, but the pricing and trading in financial markets.

Weather derivatives in the energy sector are mainly used to hedge the price risk of weather-related. In the renewable energy industry, weather derivatives is limited, most of the transactions took place in the fields of wind power and hydropower, photovoltaic applications in the field of less.

Other financial derivatives

1, catastrophe bonds

Catastrophic risk insurance companies unwilling to undertake it by issuing catastrophe bonds into financial markets. Renewable energy industries, Shang unreleased catastrophe bonds.

2, captive insurance company

Owned or controlled by non-insurance companies insurance companies in order to provide insurance for certain risks of the parent company. 2010 United States insurance broker BeecherCarlson have tried to set up captive insurance companies for a photovoltaic power plant.

3, asset securitisation

PV asset securitization is a financing method. Poor’s and Fitch, agreed that, in the absence of historical data, photovoltaic power plant asset securitization is still facing many challenges.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant risk factors and insurance agency

Kuwait: a solar thermal market worth entering?

Polaris solar PV net news: Kuwait national renewable energy plans show that solar thermal power will be in Kuwait occupies an important position in the energy mix of the future, but now also started slowly, Kuwait’s solar thermal power development will be able to speed up development?

Kuwait solar thermal project development process is much slower than we expected. The major natural gas importer and Qatar gas and shell signed a gas contract perennial, while also looking at Iran and the United States signed a similar natural gas purchase contracts, which seems to mean that Kuwait has stopped the pace of development of renewable energy.

Some new industries

Kuwait currently has at least three solar thermal projects in the planning and development of projects, including two currently being advanced. Progress fastest Shagaya light when an installed capacity of 50MW thermal power station, in April this year, the project will be implemented by Spain Cobra company and Kuwait UGETCO company EPC share the project. Shagaya 2GW of installed solar thermal power plants by 2030 Planning Shagaya renewable energy park part of the period apart from a 50MW solar-thermal power station will be constructed, but also includes a 10MW solar plant and a 10MW of wind farms, with a total generation capacity of 70MW.

Chart: Kuwait oil-rich

By Shagaya renewable energy park virtual tour software, we can see that after the completion of the Park’s future looks like. May be considering the Kuwait Scientific Research Institute, a research and Development Department is also located in the Park, as well as prepare for future size increase, the whole Park location range is very large.

In fact, Shagaya solar-thermal power project was proposed by the Hewitt Research Institute renewable energy development plan initial planning of third order of the first project, Kuwait Institute of science’s goal is that by 2030 the installed capacity of solar power a renewable energy park to 2000MW. According to MEED reported that the Park will be built to include installed capacity for solar-thermal power 1150MW systems and photovoltaic power generation system of 720MW, is likely to invite tenders in the form of an independent power plant.

In addition, size 280MW Abdaliyah solar will include gas-fired combined cycle power station installed capacity of 60MW of the trough solar thermal power generation systems, currently the project seemed to be advancing. Bidding requirements in the second quarter of this year has been released, tender intent the deadline for application is July 23, 2014. Next step will invite the eligible tenderers and by the end of bidding companies participated in the bidding.

Abdaliyah project with BOT construction model of cooperation from Kuwait for construction engineering corporation, Germany Federal Institute of physics and technology and the Kuwait national water and electricity company, in cooperation regulation. Kuwait national water and electricity company and Kuwait BOT Engineering Corporation signed a 25-year agreement, while Kuwait national water and electricity company has signed a power purchase contract with the plant.

What’s interesting is, Germany the Federal Institute of physics and technology being considered for Al-Abdaliyah the joint development of the two countries before the end of the biggest project the possibility of issuing shares. According to Kuwait Finance Company KFH published reports, will be determined by the selected bidder company was formed, as well as items sold 60% shares in the company will be open to both domestic and foreign investors.

Photothermal EOR era is coming

Also, using solar power steering oil light EOR technology has gradually developed over the past few years. Internationally renowned solar thermal GlassPoint EOR technology providers last March in Kuwait has set up a new company and enter Kuwait photothermal EOR market, while GlassPoint appointment of Kuwait Petroleum Company’s Office AbdulHussainShehab, Vice Chairman of the new company.

Shehab refers to April 2014 OPEC announcement said: “most conducive to the development of solar-thermal where EOR is located in Kuwait Northern stores a lot of heavy oil. In fact we already know this fact, for many years we have been using steam injection to conduct oil exploration. With the recent progress of solar thermal technology, we can use the light and heat to produce steam. ”

From United States, California’s solar thermal developer eSolar company has been looking for opportunities in oil-rich Gulf region. The company’s solar thermal technologies is tower technology, can also be applied to EOR, desalination of sea water and some industrial heat market sector.

ESolar CEOJohnVanScoter told reporters: “We recently came to Kuwait is looking for local partners, and to set up a consortium for the Kuwait future solar-thermal power or solar-thermal project out to bid, we believe that this idea will be at the end of the year or early next year to implement. ”

VanScoter introduction: “our Tower system uses a modular design, construction is very convenient and does not require any concrete foundations or heavy equipment. Solely with hand tools to complete the construction of the project. You can dismantle it and move it to the location you need, and then rebuild, to implement the system of freshmen. With this design, this system will enable investors throughout the operational life of the system, having obtained a higher rate of return on investments. ”

As he says, photothermal EOR applications, solar thermal systems in normal life more often than a longer oil drilling services, then move the solar thermal system to other possibilities of recovery points is necessary. VanScoter said: “it is hard to believe a photothermal EOR project in your solar thermal system needs to run 30 years ago, typically a photothermal EOR project at run time only for the 5-7. ”

Kuwait many of the hot and the Neutral region of Northern flooding annually to burn off a lot of crude oil or natural gas to produce steam, which produce steam to steam can use solar thermal technology alternative and lower cost. For example, the Kuwait oil company’s production base is located in the northern part of the production of oil can be accounted for 24% of the company’s oil output, now they are making a large heavy oil recovery plans, plans to base oil production increased to 43% per cent of oil production in the North. For the planned Kuwait oil company, is expected to cost $ 5.3 billion over the next 5 years.

GlassPoint CEORodMacGregor said: “Kuwait photothermal EOR technology being developed for global solar company providing a large market opportunity using photothermal techniques to produce steam can meet Kuwait most need a steam-driven oil production projects. This will save a lot of precious fossil fuels such as natural gas and make them more economic value in place. ”

The investment environment

Just like most of its neighbours, Kuwait’s solar industry is in its infancy, development also faces great challenges. Also, business logic and the West of the country are also very different. VanScoter which stressed: “in the Kuwait market’s biggest challenge is to find the right partner, how to play the home advantage partner to provide the most valuable help. In Kuwait without a local partner business will be difficult to continue. Secondly, Kuwait many projects must follow special rules and regulations to operate. For example, after 5 years in order to transfer ownership, unlike most other countries, this is not the same. This provision means that cooperation with local enterprises to form a Union is more difficult, because your local partners have 5 years to get his benefits. This system completely changes the way the returns item. ”

Worth noting is that in Kuwait that all foreign companies and consortia must have a local agent to be eligible to participate in project bidding.

In addition, Kuwait local manufacturers also have preferential price advantages, Kuwait allows domestic producers to own when commodity prices can be higher than the comparable prices of foreign 10%. Companies belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council Member States enjoy similar 5% pricing discount. Unless the pricing more than foreign products under the 10%, there is still no Kuwait local companies can take part in the competition, will consider the company’s products abroad. However, this incentive applies only to Kuwait local companies, the project contractor is not entitled to.

This means that the project developers and contractors are encouraged to use potentially of locally manufactured products, despite Kuwait’s laws in the localization rate of the project has no special requirements.

VanScoter commented: “all in all, I think that Kuwait has relative to other countries more favourable business environment. We in Kuwait saw a lot in the field of power and non-power market opportunity, we look forward to more over the next few years to participate in the commercialization of local diversity projects. ”

Original title: Kuwait: a solar thermal market worth entering?

90% solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid solution meets the mining industry’s electricity needs

Polaris solar PV net news: United States leading solar PV and solar thermal project developer SolarReserve is currently under way with Chile North of a mining company to discuss with regard to the company providing solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid power system solutions of cooperation. SolarReserve claims to be able to provide mineral production 90% proportion of renewable energy supply, media interviews, Chief Executive of SolarReserve KevinSmith. He described in detail the economics of solar power technology to the mining production, the impetus of development of such projects and its vast market opportunities.

Q: the market for solar technology to the mining industry development how do you look at? In addition, depending on the location and type of mining you think for recently where the solar industry a better chance?

A: our market opportunity is where energy costs are higher but the site where sunshine resources better mining factory. In the past six months, we are from Australia, and Chile, and Peru, and Mexico, and South Africa, and Saudi Arabia and the United States has contacted a number of mining companies, involving minerals, such as iron ore, copper, gold, silver, and uranium. The best chance in some diesel fuel to generate electricity in high cost areas, like Australia the West, because they had to ship oil from the seaside to the mines, where diesel cost per MWh up to $ 300 or more. In these more appropriate regions, we can supply in less than half the cost of electricity supply, and the solutions we can provide reliable 24-hour electricity.

Map: SolarReserve Crescent dunes power station will be put into operation before the end of the

Some mining companies began to integrate photovoltaic and diesel generator sets to reduce fuel consumption, we can also offer this solution. This is a good way to save fuel consumption, you can gradually reduce the overall cost of electricity. In General, the photovoltaic can replace fuel 30% power and photovoltaic power is cheaper than oil-fired. But more innovative solutions is the value of mining companies can use energy storage technology to continuous and stable production of electricity. Early I think mining companies may install some simple PV power generation facilities, but in the end the mining industry will be more meaningful to 24 hours of continuous stable power generation solutions, like us with heat storage system of solar thermal power plants.

Q: could you introduce SolarReserve company for mining industries to provide the details about the project?

A: we are working with the Chile business negotiation of a mining company in the North. We have to provide them with a copy of the fixed price of a long-term contract for 25 years, we can provide all the power needed for them, and the contract price from the electricity market than they currently buy electricity more cheaply.

For the mining companies, and energy spot market price is a huge challenge that changes infrequently. Energy prices change frequently so that they cannot accurately calculate the project cost, they average about $ 150 annually to/MWh the price of electricity purchased from the grid. The mining company’s 24-hour operation, peak electricity demand of 100MW, 80MW average electricity demand.

We provide light and heat for the design of PV complementary utility program is configured with an installed capacity of 100MW solar thermal system, also with thermal storage for up to 14 hours of molten salt storage system, PV installed capacity of 75MW. This configuration can be used as the base load of the mining plant, the plant will remain in the 90% time of the year over 100MW of generating efficiency. When we are able to supply electrical energy than mining production need less or more time, we can buy power for mining companies from the stock market or sell electricity spot market.

SolarReserve is responsible for the project’s financing and average electricity prices lower than the current spot market electricity prices enter into long-term power purchase agreements with the mining companies, then by SolarReserve company responsible for construction projects, and contract mining company after the project is completed in accordance with the contract price to SolarReserve power purchase. If the mining companies have decided to invest in projects to reduce the capital costs of the project, and then we will enter into a lower power purchase agreement and offered more discounts.

Q: the mining company building such projects is primary conditions are required? Mining company, according to the different needs of your company, how to design different technical solutions?

A: the main condition is that they need to be lower than the average market price of electricity to meet all electricity needs. In this case, whether to use renewable energy sources for the mining companies, it doesn’t really matter, they only think about economics. Our Chile North-except for those companies with a sustainable solution, we provide electricity with coal and gas power more competitive on cost.

In order to better meet the needs of mining production, while reducing market risks, we designed a solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid system to achieve the efficient operation of the system as a whole. PV can be provided at appropriate time periods of the day was relatively inexpensive electricity, solar thermal system will be operate as base load, full power operation time can reach agreement about 90%.

We almost exclusively use solar power as an energy source to meet all electricity needs when they were mining, we can provide them with a competitive, low price long-term supply contracts.

Q: this type of power supply project different from traditional public power supply project?

A: public power supply portfolios tend to have a lot of power generation through a network connection, but the mine’s power is often off-grid, usually with a specific electricity production facilities to direct power to the mine. Public works under specific conditions of the power supply you can buy only about 10% of the electricity, but mining companies prefer to use a completely independent power supply solutions. Public power engineering tends to be energy regulator monitor purchased in part by the production of renewable energy, however, according to our experience, energy approach for mining companies are driven by economic, not policy driven.

Power purchase typically tends to be a focus of the business benefits of using public power supply projects, instead mining company focused on mine. Mine operators who can provide him with an end-to-end power solutions can be beneficial for his one-time power supply problems, then he can focus their attention entirely on mining the core business.

So, Chile Atacama this special of project and we zhiqian development of grid of light hot power project maximum of difference is we can provides a full of can independent run of away from network power solution programme, while we also will will focus concentrated in power cost aspects, efforts makes project of power cost than grid powered cost more low, and non-like past more focused on solar as green energy aspects of advantage.

Q: what SolarReserve’s thermal storage solutions used in the mining industry where the most successful? What prerequisites do I need?

A: the Sun is a free source of energy, so good sunshine resource is critical. If the use of Tower-type solar thermal technology, we need a block of a large area of flat land to build our optical and solar towers. For the mining industry, first we will filter out those culturally and environmentally sensitive areas.

Mining is the most important condition whether it intended to seek a complete power solution. If they are very interested in solutions to provide electricity for a 24-hour, so this project is accompanied by prolonged storage system for solar-thermal power generation technique fitting. In fact our molten-salt thermal storage technologies are very cheap, for power storage batteries typically cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilowatt hour, that does not take into account the aging of the battery and replacement costs. But molten salt heat storage costs only $ 50~100/kWh, and can often reach 30-year life of the system even more.

We can provide solar thermal and PV for mining companies and traditional fuels, hybrid power solution to ensure all electricity needs of the mining process. In the off-grid conditions, we can move with molten salt thermal storage system of solar-thermal power plant layout around as a photovoltaic power generation system in mining process of electric load, while in the case of poor light conditions, we can use traditional fuels heated molten salt power to ensure power supply.

We can completely replace the original generation facilities, can also be integrated into the new system.

In fact, it is most important to us are some of the conditions attached to mining company wants to reduce the consumption of traditional energy expenditures. We recognize that the traditional fossil fuel power generation as a base load for many years, but we should also see that the energy industry is changing, innovative technologies such as ours would be effective means for future energy development.

Q: what do you think makes a 100% of mines in remote areas to use renewable power completely instead of diesel power generation but also how long it takes?

A: we have never come across mining plant which allow us to provide fully renewable power supply scheme. They want lower electricity costs. Diesel power is not our real goal of zero actually use fossil-fuel or diesel power 5%~10% electric power demand is good, and some fossil fuel can be stored for a rainy day, I think the energy supply structure is more reasonable and cost-effective. So perhaps the best renewable energy schemes is that in our large capacity and high efficiency operation of solar thermal power generation systems to add some small amounts of diesel power, such programmes rely on current technology can achieve.

In addition there is a way to eliminate fuel consumption is the establishment of mining operations for heat storage capacity of the rapid reaction mechanism. The energy will be exhausted once the thermal storage tank, it is necessary to discontinue certain unnecessary power consumption operation for the time being. For resolving some of the thick cloud cover above the solar power project for a long time the small probability of unexpected events play a very good help. Up to now, the mining companies tend not to consider this scenario, but I think this is an idea worth exploring. Again, if a mining company has the intention, we can provide a fully powered by renewable electricity solution.

Needs to be emphasized is that the SolarReserve now diesel for less than the cost of electricity for the mining market to provide renewable power supply for 80% or 90%, this is definitely a great news.

Q: would you like for solar technology in production of mining’s effects on the mining sector said what?

A: using solar power can significantly reduce energy costs in the mining industry, change existing mines for patterns. But most cost economical viable options is clearly using molten salt heat storage to implement 24-hour supply of electricity. Based on our world-leading solar thermal power generation technologies and molten salt heat storage technology, we can offer mining companies of the world’s most trusted fully can be used as a base load electricity production system. SolarReserve is recognized worldwide as the commercialization proved after Bank one Tower of molten salt solar thermal technology leader.

Original title: 90% solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid solution meets the mining industry’s electricity needs

Analysis of situation of solar thermal power generation policy at home and abroad

Polaris solar PV net news: an introduction

2012 solar promulgated by the National Energy Board “Twelve-Five” plan put forward: by the end of 2015, China completed the total installed capacity of solar thermal power 1 million-kilowatt. But now there seems to be little hope of achieving this goal. In 2011, Datang renewable energy to bid 0.9399 Yuan per kilowatt hour of electricity price internally first solar-thermal power generation concession project, bid low item price profit cannot be guaranteed, resulting in repeated delays in projects. National thermal power generation related to light delayed introduction of the policy, but also is the direct cause of the slow progress in solar-thermal power generation in China. 2014, the National Energy Board, electricity planning and Design Institute, and other related issues in the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project February 18 organized a “solar-thermal power generation demonstration project price policy forum”, April 29, organized a “solar-thermal power generation demonstration project technical requirements and apply for a draft outline of the report” seminar. Indications, and may also publish relevant encouraging policies for solar thermal power generation in the second half, and identified a number of solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects, commercialization of solar-thermal power generation prelude development will soon begin. Light thermal power development in this paper a good of the United States, and Spain and other State policies introduced and analyzed.

Second, the overall development status

At present, conventional renewable hydropower, solar power, wind power and other power generation technologies have seasonal, intermittent, stability issues. Solar thermal power generation and storage system or combination of thermal power, enables continuous stable power generation, with adjustability, ease of incorporation, and less impact on the environment throughout the life cycle. Reactive power compensation, light and heat without electricity and high quality. Solar-thermal power development pace over the past decade, particularly in the rich solar energy resources of the United States, and Spain, both in technical as well as commercial processes are at the global forefront. Renewable energy policy network released a status report on global renewable energy in 2014, optical research development of thermal power generation and analysis. Reports by the end of 2013, the global solar thermal power achieved already in production capacity compared with 2012, added nearly 900,000-kilowatt, representing an increase of 36%, solar-thermal electricity generation have been produced for total installed capacity of more than 3.4 million-kilowatt. Decade in the production of solar-thermal power installed capacity increased by nearly 10 times. From 2008 until the end of 2013, at the end of 5 years, the global solar-thermal power installed capacity annual growth at around 50%.

Three, typical national policy analysis of solar thermal power generation

Solar thermal power generation renewable energy policies including feed-in tariff, quota systems, net metering, supports the policy of finance and taxation, as well as green electricity prices, which feed-in tariff and quotas on the most common. Mechanism of electricity price (FIT), that is, Government mandated in power grid enterprises according to a certain price within a certain period to buy renewable electricity within the network coverage. Electricity price form usually consists of a fixed price and floating price. Spain was the first to use FIT subsidy mechanism to promote the development of solar-thermal power generation industry countries. PPA power purchase agreement, which defines the power company (usually for public institutions) and at what price, and rule acquisition of renewable electricity generation. As the world’s second in the total installed capacity of solar thermal power station United States, most solar-thermal power plant and power grid Corporation signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). United States building the first largest SEGS power plants the trough solar thermal power station is the local power grid Corporation signed a 30-year long-term power purchase agreements, tariff 13~14 cents per kWh. World’s largest power station – 392,000 kW installed capacity United States Ivanpah solar-thermal power station and Pacific gas and electric company (PG&E), and Southern California Edison Company (SCE) has signed a 25-year PPA power purchase agreement, 1th 126,000 kW power station and 3rd 133,000 kilowatts of power station the power acquired by PG&E, 2nd 133,000 kilowatts of power stations generate electricity acquired by SCE.

(A) Spain

Spain according to a data grid operator REE:

2013 solar-thermal power generation to meet the 1.8% of the country’s total electricity needs. 2014 years ago 4 months, Spain 1.6% of solar-thermal power to meet the country’s electricity needs, in May, Spain solar-thermal power is 3.7% to meet the country’s power needs. Spain 2013 solar-thermal power installed capacity of 350,000 kW, and growth of 18%, until the end of 2013 have been produced for total installed capacity reached 2.3 million-kilowatt, ranks first in the world. Spain is building the world’s first continuous 24-hour continuous power Gemasolar solar-thermal power station, configure up to 15 hours of thermal energy storage systems. This is far beyond the photovoltaic power generation.

1. pricing policy

Spain in solar-thermal power generation policy mainly through FIT the subsidy mechanism, mainly in two kinds of pricing methods, you can choose:

(1) fixed-price: € 0.27/kWh in the first 25 years, EUR 0.22/kWh after 25 years (661/Royal Act No. 2007).

(2) adjusting electricity prices: normal price + additional subsidies (maximum 0.3673 euros per kilowatt hour, minimum of not less than EUR 0.2712/kWh (661/Royal Act No. 2007).

(3) Royal Bill and six hundred and sixty one-two thousand nineths the above policy was revised, fixed-price: € 0.28/kWh during the 25 years before, after 25 years of 0.23 euros/kWh; adjustable price: regular price + additional subsidies (maximum of EUR 0.36 per kilowatt hour, minimum of not less than 0.26 EUR/kWh).

(4) in 2012, removal of price subsidies for new solar thermal power plants, auxiliary gas turbine parts for existing power stations also eliminate price subsidies while demanding a 7% energy tax.

2. policy analysis

Spain was the first to use FIT subsidy mechanism to promote the development of solar-thermal power industry States, 2002 solar-thermal power generation under electricity price subsidies for 0.12 €/kWh in 2007, and this limit is raised to approximately 0.27 EUR/kWh. Thanks to the FIT subsidy policy implemented, solar-thermal power generation projects developed in Spain became significantly profitable renewable energy projects, financing and deploying rapid realization of power plant shortly Spain solar-thermal power installed capacity access to substantial increase in leaps, the total installed capacity has long occupied the world’s first. However in recent years Spain has been evident – some time ago announced the construction of solar thermal power station was discontinued. Such as 50,000-kilowatt, Andasol4, solar thermal power plants, Bogaris two 50,000-kilowatt power station, there are 4 approximately 200,000-kilowatt of solar thermal power project. Because national financial crises caused by FIT subsidies, forcing Spain in 2012 the Government pulled the plug on a new electricity price subsidies for solar thermal power station, auxiliary gas turbine parts for existing power stations also eliminate price subsidies, and 7% energy tax levy.

Defects fixed FIT higher subsidy mechanism is to promote the long-term development of solar-thermal power generation technology and falling costs, because if yields on existing technology can guarantee significant cases, developers are not actively to the promotion of technological innovation. Spain failed to properly FIT subsidy mechanisms to guide the industry to more low cost development in late 2012 Spain Government was forced by the financial crisis may FIT end policy mechanism. Recently Spain Government subsidies announced or will adopt a new mechanism and FIT policy will be implemented retroactively replace, specifically set up solar-thermal power project rate of return of approximately 7.4%, 7.5% slightly lower than the Government’s original proposal. But the policy has not yet been finalized.

(B) United States

United States is the first country to building solar thermal power plants, as early as in the early 1980 of the 20th century, Luz company developed the key components of the trough solar thermal power systems and has been tested. Then in 8 years from 1983 to 1991, Luz company in the United States is being built in the Mojave Desert, California 9 trough solar thermal power plants were SEGSI~SEGSIX, with a total installed capacity of 353,800 kW, into California Edison grid operations so far, ample evidence of solar-thermal power whether it is commercial or technically feasible. As the world’s largest solar thermal plant Ivanpah plant official commissioning, at the end of March 2014, and United States have been produced for solar-thermal power total installed capacity reached 1.435 million kW, ranking second in the world. United States renewable energy consulting firm BernardChabot has released an updated report on the analysis of California’s renewable energy, reports indicate May 2014, solar-thermal power generation to meet the electricity demand in California 0.6%.

1. pricing policy

United States special in solar-thermal power generation policy, without using the project tender for developing solar thermal power project, nor as Spain has a clear unified price incentives, but by financing loan guarantee system of thermal power station to light, the Federal investment tax credit (ITC) and renewable energy sources quota system policy. United States federal investment tax credits for solar energy power station construction costs for tax breaks of up to 30%, and plans are valid for 8 years, until the end of 2016 to expire.

2. policy analysis

To date, United States Department of energy’s loan guarantee program supported a total of 5 solar-thermal power generation projects, the total support amount to 5.835 billion dollars, total support reached 1.282 million kW of installed capacity. Solana trough plant Ivanpah Tower plant obtained United States DOE 1.446 billion-dollar and 1.6 billion-dollar loan guarantee. These loan guarantee schemes for further large-scale solar-thermal power projects of great significance to establish successful financing case. Loan guarantee scheme to reduce investment risk, to complete the project, and can accelerate the commercialization of emerging technologies as soon as possible into the process. But want to get loan guarantees to support difficult, only a small amount is of great significance to obtain loan guarantees to support. While there are also unable to recover the debt risk of the loan guarantee scheme, innovation 2011 PV company Solyndra’s bankruptcy led to United States Department of more than 500 million US dollars debt cannot be recovered, resulting in a renewable energy project loan guarantees to support planned for the year was discontinued. 30% the ITC investment tax credit policy is about to expire in 2016, which will be in full swing of the United States the development of solar-thermal power generation industry brings uncertainty.

IV, analysis of solar-thermal power generation policy in China

And abroad compared to, although lack effective of incentive policy, China of light hot power market yet started, and investment prospects not is clear, however in national development emerging strategic industry of framework Xia, with can renewable energy quota business of implementation, several big power group and the number a private enterprise has began layout, number a dozens of MW level of commercialization light hot power project in Northwest, and Southwest have established. At present, basic solar thermal power can produce major equipment, some of the parts with the commercial production conditions, solar thermal power industry chain has taken initial shape. Ministry of national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board and the national science and technology continued interest and support for solar thermal power project. In 2006 issued by the Ministry of science and technology implementation of the outline of the national medium-and long-term program for scientific and technological development (2006-2020), 2007, issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the renewable energy medium-and long-term development plan 2011 issued by the National Energy Board the national energy technology “Twelve-Five” are explicitly listed as solar thermal power in the planning of focus and priority development direction. But the commercialization of solar-thermal power generation in China is lagging behind. At present, the completion of the total installed capacity of only about a dozen MW, plus not 100,000-kilowatt under construction, solar thermal power is far from meeting the “Twelve-Five” plan called 1 million-kilowatt. The reason, can be attributed to: ① price delay introduction of the policy, no guarantee of return on investment, not real deepening; II the major central SOEs to first occupy the resources prior to the outbreak of solar-thermal power generation market ③ the project had encountered technical difficulties such as much larger plan conceived at the beginning of, it is difficult to advance as expected.

In terms of solar-thermal power generation policy should reflect United States, and Spain, and India, such as solar-thermal power generation policy lessons, Spain FIT pricing policy and United States energy investment tax credits, loan guarantees and other policies should combine effective while avoiding India upper limit is set too low electricity prices caused by competition, which can help to promote the development of solar-thermal power generation to a greater extent. So don’t just choose one way, FIT and loan guarantees are good means of promoting the development of solar-thermal power generation. Loan guarantees can promote better project started quickly, can FIT on commissioning ensure the project rate of return. But the FIT should be set at a reasonable standard, you need to consider long-term development objectives, in line with market expectations and guide its development towards a better direction. Policy you will need to carefully assess the riskiness of the project loan guarantees to avoid similar United States DOE not recovered debts risk.

Since the 80 ‘s of last century the world’s first solar-thermal power station United States SEGS power plants put into operation began, solar-thermal power generation has been more than 30 years of development, technology still has great innovations to optimize space, LCOE (cost per kilowatt-hour) also have significantly declined. Solar thermal power generation as a policy-oriented industry, should be based on China’s reality, localization policy of developing solar thermal power, solar-thermal power generation industry of China’s long-term development is undoubtedly a decisive role.

Original title: analysis of situation of solar thermal power generation policy at home and abroad

GCL Lu title: PV the trade-off

Polaris solar PV net news: Editor’s Note: recently, a piece of GCL-poly with integrated PV terminates cooperation news has caused concern. GCL is currently one of the world’s largest solar companies, after years of exploration and development, has become the world’s most professional photovoltaic system solutions provides expert and has a number of large PV plants on a global scale. For situations of domestic photovoltaic power plant and raw materials market boom in the near future, Vice President of GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited Lv Jinbiao confessed to reporters his view.

PV market recently offered a new round of recovery, opportunities, enterprises must not be hot-headed, single-minded March, I do not know choice.

GCL-power platform this week decided to stop a 400 million yuan of one-year bonds attracted market attention because of this short-term financing flows in the period interest rates than bank lending rates, GCL resolutely discarded, is just a very small amount of money, nor to develop increased financing costs.

Also make the trade-off is that photovoltaic power generation project in cooperation with other enterprises. GCL-poly 6 years ago in United States, California, South Africa, and domestic investment in the construction and operation of photovoltaic power generation project in coastal areas, more in last year’s acquisition of Hong Kong-listed company dedicated to the PV-GCL energy investment platform. PV policy in emerging markets at home and abroad, driven by leading enterprises dedicated to photovoltaic power generation using promotion must be dominated by efficient photovoltaic power generation project pushed, unable to copulate with item received.

PV industry ups and downs, tend to withstand wind and rain, irresistible temptation, this is our industry-leading think. Heard good demand in the market, we’re ready to make cross-border tens of thousands of tons of polycrystalline silicon project, but you are used to solve it? Heard of Western coal resources, will have to work fast, but your team ready for it?

As the GCL, leading industry polysilicon and silicon materials end, standing height, our poly team has improved Siemens process perfectly, but we need to be more advanced fluidized bed process for silane to do subtraction, the old is not reduced, new or not. Silicon wafers are the same, through the revolution, industry consolidation, low-cost expansion 20% the first half of this year, per 3-piece silicon, there is a high performance wafer for such a promotion to higher efficiency, lower costs for PV and cheap Internet access to make contributions. Our Chairman, Mr Zhu said, don’t retreat into the high-tech industry, we have been in the revolution, Revolution itself, to change your life than others to take the initiative.

PV good situation at present, choice, add and subtract, and lines and cherish!

Original title: GCL Lu title: PV the trade-off

2014 World’s new solar installed capacity or up to 48GW of day be number one

Polaris solar PV net news: Mercom Capital 2014 the latest report of the global value of new solar power installed capacity is expected to increase 26%, to 48 gigawatts. Report says 2014 world has several key markets (include the Chinese market, new solar power installed capacity in the first half of only 3.3 GW) weakness, but is likely to rise rapidly in the second half.

In Japanese market, Mercom 2014 China new solar power installed capacity is expected to be close to the revised national targets. Mercom said RajPrabhu, Chief Executive of China reached and even exceeded the target of real possibility. Report noted that given the size FIT subsidies and certain ad hoc reserve, Japan gains remain strong. Mercom is expected in 2014, Japan market will increase to 9 GW of solar energy.

Meanwhile, the report predicts United States new solar installed capacity exceeds 6 GW. Although the United States lacking a strong policy support, but has taken on a more stable growth trend. While Germany and the United Kingdom are expected in the meanwhile. In addition, the first half United Kingdom new solar installed capacity is 1.1 GW, and more than once has been leading the Germany market (1 GW), become the most rapid market growth in Europe.

Original title: 2014 World’s new solar installed capacity or up to 48GW of day be number one

Hina 20 years success–loses me

Polaris solar PV net news: three dozen years, in-depth development of the reform and opening up and the Socialist market economy, China a landmark change in the socio-economic … |||| Encourage competition as a market economy, it compels people to blaze new trails, fighting spirit, the courage to step forward. Market economy has also produced a number of effective and have some non-public economic enterprises. State policy under sail, in the tide of success of hanergy holdings group is the leader in enterprise.

20, Han can do only one thing, that is, clean energy.

Follow the party, comply with the policy, seize the opportunities, take full advantage of the State’s attention to the real economy, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and economic development aspirations, gave Han can usher in a golden opportunity for development.

With the nation’s destiny is the future of enterprise, Li Hejun, hanergy Holdings Group Chairman to this deep experience: Chinese today, because the reform and opening up of the motherland gives us the opportunity to serve the country; development of Hina, as its development is closely integrated with the development of the motherland and national prosperity. We chose the development of clean energy, a common fate with the motherland, you have to constantly blaze new trails, and Chinese to the world.

Li Hejun Hakka descent, has not been short of daring to venture drive, inspired by the economic reform and market economy in 1994, Li Hejun hanergy holding group established (when huarui) and embarked on a road of industrial nation.

Who have engaged since the inception of clean energy, practicing industrial help. The next ten years, Han Feng in hydroelectric field, has invested the Huangtian, MUJING, wulanghe and other small and medium hydropower stations, ranging in capacity from jiwanqian Watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts.

Who are most proud of jinanqiao hydropower station was founded in 2003. The Li Hejun called “miracle” hydroelectric power station is located in the middle reaches of the jinsha River, was approved by the State planning in the middle reaches of the jinsha River hydropower planning report “a grade” fifth level, belongs to the country and especially hydro, installed capacity reached 3 million-kilowatt. In March 2011, the 2.4 million-kilowatt unit one of jinanqiao hydropower station power generation.

Eight all year, for ten years, construction of jinanqiao hydropower station has been difficult, and now look at Jin Anqiao success, Li Hejun believes that Han could have brought at least three levels of harvest. One is stable of economic; second is won has outside trust, because Han can put Jin an bridge so complex of thing are dry into has, also has what dry not, this for Han can won has Mall Shang most valuable of a “letter” Word; its three is for Han can team brings has confident, “han can core team through Jin an bridge ten years of experience, obtained has mental of growth, and team power of growth, we also has has confident, feel we can dry event,” Li Hejun memories said.

Traditional hydropower sector is a cornerstone of Hina development of clean energy. Han construction of hydro-electric projects in provinces such as Yunnan, Guangdong investment, at present, the Chinese hydropower interests total installed capacity of more than 6 million-kilowatt.

In addition, Han started in 2000 for wind power development, currently has a total installed capacity of wind power 131MW. Hina Rudong wind farm northeast of Rudong County in Jiangsu Province, and installed capacity of 100MW, is country’s first demonstration wind power concession projects, is Asia’s largest wind power project of the year. Hina helanshan wind farm is situated in northwestern Ningxia Hui autonomous region, project capacity of 31MW.

Since then, Hina has completed Li Hejun often mentioned in another miracle, in four years to become the world’s largest thin-film solar companies. Original intention of entering the solar industry, Li Hejun interpreted sense of mission. “After finish Jin Anqiao, we don’t have to do anything, why do things that big a risk? who the team’s mission is to change the world with clean energy, who believed that through thin-film technology can change energy patterns, we are thinking of alternatives off the thermal power, nuclear power. “Li Hejun, all renewable energy, solar energy is most likely to become the next leader.

In 2009, solar troughs in China when the Chinese launch of 2000 MW of thin-film solar projects, caused an uproar at the time, when the world’s thin-film solar boss United States FirstSolar 1800 megawatts of capacity.

However, under Li Hejun who in the space of a few years to achieve just this ambitious plan. At present, Han in Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Jiangsu and invest in research and development of thin-film solar industry manufacturing base, total capacity has reached 3 gigawatts, signed about 10 gigawatts of solar power plant construction deal. Hina contribution for reducing carbon dioxide emissions of more than 20 million tons per year and absorbs the carbon dioxide would require 1 billion trees in one year’s time.

Outside even more amazing is that who one after another in the past two years, four world-leading manufacturer of thin-film solar companies into their folds, electricity is Hina’s film technology has reached the international advanced level, with Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) component production conversion rate has reached 15.7%, access to United States national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) certification the highest conversion rate of 20.5%. Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) single junction solar cell conversion 28.8%, dual-junction cell 30.8%, this is thin-film solar cell technology world record for the highest conversion rates. Han will be world solar photovoltaic field can not be shaken technology leaders.

Now Hina to continuously develop innovative spirit of modern enterprises, after 20 years of business and development, laying a “radical wings” enterprise development strategies, namely: on the basis of traditional clean hydro-electric power sector, to development and production of high-tech energy sources such as solar energy plates for the left-wing, based on the film generation applications for industrial structure on the right. “A radical wings” layout form the Han can complete the clean energy industry chain and value chain.

Original title: Hina 20 years success–loses me

Cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station will light EPC general contractor tenders

Polaris solar PV net news: according to reliable sources, cgnpc Delhi 50MW thermal plant-specific exploitation pattern has greatly changed, collectors will be lump sum EPC pattern foreign bids. That insiders interpreted as a former China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development corporation General Manager Han Qinghao leaving investment development department General Manager Li Xiaoxue, China Guangdong nuclear power group one obvious change after he took office.

The project planned used part technology introduction, and design, various service and equipment by in the wide nuclear led respectively tender of mode for development, this species mode also was think is most conducive to in the wide nuclear solar light hot team absorption technology, and accumulated project experience, and and maximum degree Shang improve localization rate of programme, development mode change for overall light field EPC Hou, in the wide nuclear solar of role is big degree Shang on became a simple of project developers.

But the advantage is that light EPC as a whole can make maximum to ensure that projects are successful. Light fields as the most important part of solar thermal power stations, will pack it to the powerful experience of the EPC is the key to the success or failure of the project. From such changes, reveals China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy for the project “safe” State of mind. In fact, as a company owned by a large State owned enterprises, investment in new projects safety as the primary consideration is the biggest consistent style.

News that the EPC light tenders are expected to be unveiled in October. On specific of bid qualification requirements currently also in design, bid qualification requirements will on bid party of project performance experience to out must threshold, specific of threshold “level” is in discussion; while due to domestic power project construction needs some specific of qualification requirements, and Government level on the project of localization rate has a species degree of requirements, objective factors, the tender of bid object is expected to will main by “abroad has project performance of EPC company + domestic Institute + domestic part leading manufacturers” formed of Consortium for bid.

At present, has the strength of solar thermal power plants in China is actively preparing for, to the extent possible to participate to the symbolic significance of the project. Represented by Abengoa, the international giant, also has noticed the bidding pattern was changed, but for the Chinese market if it can come up with different strategies remains to be seen.

Original title: cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station will light EPC general contractor tenders

Enjoy green electricity at no cost, “Sun Life”

Polaris solar PV net news: author friends newly installed solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the House, as far as this guy says: “electricity without tariff payment, also could be sold. “The past few years as the domestic photovoltaic roof technology matures, it makes life seem very distant solar photovoltaic power generation, is no longer out of reach.

Solar PV system mentioned, I believe many people will be remembered in the first PV inverter, the main components of solar photovoltaic power generation system, plays a crucial role in the power system as a whole. In recent years, with PV industry matures, many businesses had sales reach the home market, have been offering household PV inverter, this author from the numerous brands of inverter and selected “T-SOL” TEH3000A PV inverter product reviews and see green, energy-saving products how to change our lives.

This paragraph inverse variable device of brand is “T-SOL”, according to understanding, brand membership Yu Huizhou days energy technology limited, is domestic well-known power manufacturer Trimble group its subsidiary, main operating PV inverse variable device of development, and production and sales, electric charging station/pile of production, and sales and the after-sales service, currently has in both at home and abroad success construction has multiple PV station, is a very has solar PV system combat using experience of company.

Interpretation of functional advantages:

But then again why did I choose this as the fraction of the PV inverter, because this is the one for home use on the market of low-voltage and off one inverter. Ordinary grid-connected inverter is directly to generate electricity into the grid generation, its advantage is that do not need batteries to store energy, save investment and depletion of the battery, its limitations are only normal mains supply and Sun environments to normal power supply. Off grid inverters are equipped with a battery energy storage power supply power generation, its advantages, avoiding disadvantages of incorporation, even in the absence of mains supply case, normal power supply, disadvantage is the extra grid-connected PV electric energy resource could not be, cause energy waste.

Off-grid PV system diagram

Working principle of grid-connected photovoltaic system

TEH3000-one principle of the inverter (combination of on-grid and off-grid inverter technology)

“T-SOL” TEH3000 and one inverter combines the technical advantages of on-grid off-grid, and resolved both defects, not only meets in the absence of mains supply cases, normal power supply, meanwhile, backflow protection technology, can directly convert excess PV grid-connected electricity, reduce household electricity meter number directly, avoiding the waste of energy. And off-camera inverter truly meet the requirements of the current user’s home, but due to the high technical threshold, can produce the same performance of low pressure in the market and away from vendors that one inverters, the country does not exceed ten.

Model analysis:

As a home for PV inverter, from the viewpoint of shape, design, size and ease of installation are factors of consumer priorities.

Appreciation and analysis of TEH3000 shape

This inverter in blue color, coincides with concepts of Solar Green, energy-efficient living ideas. Compact contoured design coupled with lively jump blues, making the entire product technology fully. Shell is made of high quality aluminum, sheet metal processing after, has a good flame and impact-resistant, beautiful and durable shell surfaces are frosted, touch feel very good, there is wear-resistant.

Dimension measurement

My first impression of this inverter is exquisite, bulky shape style broke the traditional inverter. Looks like regular water heater about the same size, measured the size, length 55CM, width is 34CM, higher 17CM. Best weigh in a bit, but also very heavy, weighing, this little guy for about 18KG. There are four mounting holes on either side of the inverter, is used in wall-type structure, easy to install and move are easy installation and operation.

Appreciation of LED display and user interface

LED panels, erected in spring can be seismic

Inverse variable device positive central location equipped with has LED display, convenient user real-time reads inverse variable device of work parameter, occurred exception or short-circuit Shi also can achieved smart closed and issued sound light warned, also has overheating protection, and overload protection, function, security high, worth a mention of is, user can through LED screen Shang of button free switch electricity mode: 1, and spontaneous use, and over electric Internet sold electric mode; 2, and sold electric mode; 3, and spontaneous use, and over electric not Internet sold electric mode. Which was also does one PV inverter is a big selling point.

Label on the side of the inverter

Posted on the side of the inverter parameter label, the label shows the serial number of the machine on-grid off-grid, type, as well as related technical parameters of the model, from the technical parameters to know, T-SOL and away from the machine’s rated 3000W,PV maximum input voltage is 100V only, belonging to the low pressure, high safety factor, very suitable for home. Rated output voltage is 220V, output current rating is 13.6A, Inverter Charger conversion efficiency 98.2%, step-up conversion efficiency 92.6%, inverter conversion efficiency 96.8%.

Heatsink and fan base, made of high quality aluminum, works fine

Inside the inverter according to

Inverters the shell open, the Interior is fine and placed regular parts. Inside the inverter as a whole is divided into three work areas, from right to left are: MPPT charging areas, boost, the inverter area. Run finally generating electricity through three work areas.

Photo of the inductance (electrical energy into magnetic energy which is stored in original)

Close up electrolytic capacitors

Transformers (transforms alternating voltage, current, and impedance devices)

This is the display panel main display inverter operation status and parameters

Control Panel (top) equivalent of the computer’s CPU sampling (below), is responsible for signal processing components

Inverter, bottom socket

Practical application:

Above, from outside to inside the author introduced graphic inverter, inverter installation cost how? What change can bring to life? These should be that you wanted to know and care about. I use a friend’s experience, for example, his complete PV systems cost about 40,000 yuan, roof covering about 120 square meters, 10 300W installed photovoltaic panels on the roof, occupying an area of about 60 square meters photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic 3000W, a case study of Guangdong’s average of 3.5 hours of sunshine a day about electricity around 12 degrees. Can save more than 3,000 yuan annually for the average family, the tariff plus the proceeds from selling electricity costs and Government subsidies, 8 years or so will recover, service life at 25 count, with 16 years of future earnings. Even more important in today’s environment deteriorating, new green energy the environmental benefits are money cannot measure, which is solar PV show great charm.

In fact, distributed PV subsidy policy has come out in many parts of the country, particularly in the highest passion in East China. In an era of increasing scarcity of energy, has made a leap in the development of green energy technologies, solar power as the most flamboyant of the new energy industry in recent years, has entered a large-scale application phase. Is distant from our lives before solar power, now has few uses of patents, with 450,000 yuan of installation cost to get free electricity for more than 20 years of welfare. Believe that in the near future, the wide popularity of commercial solar photovoltaic power generation system, will not be far away.

If you want to install a home solar power system, available through their company website for more information.

Original title: enjoy green electricity at no cost, “Sun Life” – a taste of Tianbao PV inverter brings new experiences

Frequent positive renewable energy construction adjustment in final period

Polaris solar PV net news: about distributed PV new deal, renewable energy quota system, wind power equipment market order specification, reset the coastal nuclear power plant and a series of policy documents, recently have been adopted or are being developed. Industry analysts generally believe that, under the current smog control battle, adjust the structure of energy consumption has become an important starting point to accelerate clean energy alternative to coal consumption, completed by 2015 renewable energy targets up to 9.5% per cent of primary energy consumption in the final sprint. Represented by nuclear power, wind power and solar power, the domestic renewable energy industry, after the first two years of policy “brakes” and after a brief adjustment back into developing fast-track, which will correct past poor market for the renewable energy sector is expected, sector valuation is continuing to enhance the probability of the event.

Enter the policy before the end of intensive release period

Earlier this month after the release distributed PV new, National Energy Board, wind power equipment market continues to regulate succession, renewable energy quota management exposure drafts and other documents, a series of policies are designed to promote renewable energy generation status in new energy development strategy to accelerate the use of clean energy to adapt to the needs of air pollution prevention and control.

According to the policy planning, by 2015, the national water, wind, photovoltaic capacity reached 2.9, 1.0, and 35 million kilowatts, by 2017, the three main renewable energy generating capacity to 3.3, 1.5 and 70 million kW, respectively. Wind and solar PV current installed capacity to progress now, to complete the “Twelve-Five” target must be further clear policy and institutional obstacles, fully arouse the enthusiasm of market participation in renewable energy investments.

China renewable energy society, an expert told reporters that the intent of the policy in the second half of this year growing, is to complete the established capacity in various fields not only target figure, more looking for incentive and restrictive measures to mobilize local governments and companies to develop renewable energy enough attention.

Renewable energy quota system, is considered to be around the current renewable energy power to dissolve obstacles to enhance the level of generation projects operation benefit from one of the most effective policies. Broadcasting certificates Hang Seng considers that, in accordance with the basic idea of quotas, the State power plant, power enterprises, local governments will be the three main binding renewable energy quota requirements set out, which is equivalent to the entire production and new energy industries to dissolve was supported by the national commitment of guaranteed annual minimum consumption. Galaxy securities said that without regard to technical support, grid and grid capacity cases, provinces achieve renewable than required, the fastest and cheapest way is to develop wind power.

Increase in the proportion of renewable energy consumption a key

Air pollution prevention and control has become the industry’s current priorities, the energy industry is considered to bear the brunt. Unreasonable traditional energy consumption is considered to be one of the main causes of serious air pollution, adjustment of domestic energy consumption structure has now become an important measure to control air pollution. According to the National Energy Board recently issued air pollution prevention and control programmes in the energy sector by 2017, China’s coal consumption will drop to below 65%, non-fossil energy consumption to 13% per cent of total energy consumption.

Experts point out that strictly controlling coal consumption over the past few years have been a target, but the effect is always bad, coal consumption in its key to reduce the energy consumption of maneuvers out of space in the current situation does not find very reliable alternative form. Therefore, accelerating the pace of development of renewable energy, increase their level of capacity is already tight. According to the Shanxi securities [-1.45% funds research report] statistical analysis that by 2013, China’s energy consumption structure, coal accounted for 67.5%, oil accounts for more than 17.8%, 5.1% per cent of natural gas, hydropower accounted for more than 7.2%, 1.5% per cent of renewable energy such as wind and solar, and target figures, there is a big gap.

Comprehensive major brokerage analyst’s viewpoint, this year, the senior has been repeatedly referred to the concept of the energy revolution, and will serve as the energy industry’s most important strategic tasks in the future. As one of the main attractions in the energy revolution, accelerating the development of renewable energy generation, and raise the proportion of its overall energy consumption patterns, would be sustainability policy plans. Based on this, the market has reason to amend the last two years due to a variety of factors are lower the renewable energy sector is expected, future general valuation of the industry will be repaired and continue to improve.

Original title: frequent positive renewable energy construction adjustment in final period