20,000-kilowatt following PV industry the new deal into the distributed scale indicator

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 4, the PV industry of the industry have been looking forward to the formal introduction of the new deal. Released today by the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and further clarified in terms of price, incorporations and subsidies of distributed PV incentives.

The notification clearly: “the use of abandoned land, barren slopes, beaches, ponds, lakes, agriculture greenhouses, such as building local absorptive distributed PV. “This means that this” embarrassment “PV projects will be incorporated into the unified management of distributed PV projects, enjoying preferential policies and subsidies.

Insiders told reporters, this will bring positive stimulus for PV investment: “have some ground of distributed PV and PV companies have started offering financing. ”

Notification in the most by industry concern of is: “in ground or using agricultural big shed, no power consumption facilities construction, and to 35,000 v following voltage grade access grid (Northeast 66,000 v and the following), and single project capacity not over 20,000-kilowatt and by electricity main in and dot variable radio district elimination na of PV station project, into distributed PV power scale indicators management, Executive local PV station benchmark Internet electric price, grid enterprise according to distributed power management provisional approach of 17th article provides and the established of” Green passage “, by the prefecture-level city or county-level power grid enterprises in accordance with the simplified procedure for grid access and provide the appropriate grid services. ”

Veteran solar industry analyst Shi Hongwei told reporters, in addition to further clarify this Circular distributed PV “full Internet access, and in accordance with local benchmark price settlement”, but also requires power grid supports from various aspects, and to protection distributed PV Project Fund in full and on time payment of State subsidies in place.

The notice also makes clear: “various types of spontaneous use of distributed solar power projects are under construction scale indicator limit, provincial energy departments should adjust in a timely manner to resolve or to apply to the National Energy Board up-scale indicators. ”

The requirements of the notice: “the parallel operation of photovoltaic power generation projects and enjoy government subsidies at all levels of non-grid-connected PV power generation projects, subject to approval by CNCA certification bodies the certification of photovoltaic products. ”

In addition, individual residential (individually-owned commercial construction) construction of distributed solar power projects, direct descendants accepts an application for grid-connected power grid enterprises to the local administrative Department of energy project record.

Original title: 20,000-kilowatt following PV industry the new deal into the distributed scale indicator

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