2013 major PV stent manufacturers capacity and ranking

Polaris solar PV net news: solar PV mounting systems, are placed in the solar photovoltaic power generation system design, installation, fixed solar panels a special bracket. Common materials are aluminum, stainless steel. PV mounting systems products can be ground support systems, flat roof mounting system, adjustable angle roof bracket system, roofing support systems, column bracket systems.

In order to get maximum power output of photovoltaic power generation system as a whole, combined with the geography and climate of the project location and conditions of solar energy resources, the solar module needs to be headed, tack down the arrangement and spacing of the support structure, usually a steel and aluminum structures, or a combination.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of December 2013, China PV power capacity reached 10.66 million-kilowatt that year, PV cumulative installed capacity reached 17.16 million-kilowatt. Through a statistical understanding of PV mounting systems company, 2013 annual PV mounting systems the company has shipped more than 300MW Jiangsu Elken, Shenzhen, Beijing antaike Norseman, Kunshan, Jiangsu hua, Hangzhou Wei Kang sheng, CITIC blog and so on. Jiangsu love Kang as domestic only of PV bracket listed company, annual shipments stability home industry topped; Hangzhou Wei sheng and Changzhou purple Asahi 2013 years performance fell very obviously; Shenzhen antaike and Beijing Norseman continuous years keep high of domestic sales; Guangdong baowei and Xiamen Qingyuan main market also is in abroad, domestic general sales not more; a new of PV bracket company as Changzhou peaks, and Changzhou huakai, and Jiangsu Wo can, keep more fast of development momentum.

In terms of capacity, Icahn in Jiangsu Province and Shenzhen antaike photovoltaic capacity with 1200MW the stent in 2013, topped the list, Hangzhou curtain Sheng to 1000MW capacity then … … In late 2013 solar rack capacity how? Below, offer domestic PV mounting capacity of enterprises in 2013 and ranked in order further to fully understand.

NO.1 antaike Icahn and Shenzhen, Jiangsu–1200MW

Icahn in Jiangsu Province and Shenzhen antaike 1200MW in PV mounting capacity in 2013, but in terms of shipments, Jiangsu Elken slightly ahead.

Company profile:

“Jiangsu Aiko solar energy science and technology limited” (AKCOME): the headquarters is located in the southern town of Jiangyin, specialized in production and sale of accessories for solar panels and solar systems engineering design, construction, installation, maintenance. Existing products include solar panels Special borders, mounting system, special component EVA encapsulation adhesive film, junction boxes and a variety of PV modules and solar application products.

Icahn’s support system of Jiangsu have fixed terrestrial systems, roof systems, such as single or double spindle automatic track system. Solar racking system has applied for a patent for design on 13, a utility model patent.

In 2009, the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu provincial party Committee Secretary of the Party Secretary Yang weize, Wuxi and Nanjing University of yinxing Hong witnessed by Mr Icahn solar equipment, Deputy General Manager Huang Guoyun, Jiangyin and Coordination Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, Director of the Institute of Honorary Professor You Xiaoceng sign cooperation Jiangyin Aiko solar energy equipment Co Ltd established academician workstation.

In 2012, the Jiangsu Icahn with BYD on distributed micro-grid photovoltaic power generation solutions, integrated solutions and smart grid solutions, such as the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation agreements and, on November 3, 2012, Jiangsu Icahn solar technology company limited signed the strategic cooperation agreement with BYD company limited.

“Shenzhen antaike”:

Shenzhen City antaike building technology limited established Yu 2004, is for industrial and the public building field of project customer provides advanced metal building enclosure system, and environmental drop noise system of design, and procurement, and making and installation for one of system integrated commercial, years main is committed to power, and chemical, and PV station, and road, and municipal and the large public building metal enclosure system, and environmental drop noise system and solar bracket system of integrated supply and installation.

Antaike in 2010 early entered China Solar PV industry market, launched cold bent thin-walled steel material of bracket system, including fixed, and can adjustable, and (oblique/flat) single axis, and double axis track, and floating put, bracket form, can and film, and Crystal, and more Crystal solar Board connection, from project of auxiliary (II times) design, and to products stereotypes, and manufacturing to installation technical guidance, provides system, and full, and standardization of development, and products, and technology and management service, as 2011 late, we has in desert grid station, and Workshop (light steel and concrete roof), residential roofing made of good physical performance, including nearly 350 megawatts of product sales and service, developing unique nodes and connectors (mode), accumulating a wealth of support, management and collaboration experience.

Hangzhou NO.2-curtains-Sheng–1000MW

Description: Hangzhou curtain abundant solar energy science and technology limited company was founded in 2009, is China’s first hi-tech company focused on solar energy installation system, headquartered in Hangzhou binjiang Hi, now the company has 300 employees, of which more than 60 engineers. Factory covers an area of 15000 square meters with a capacity of 1200 megawatts, and occupies 60 acres, total area is 60,000 square metres of industrial base is currently in planning and construction, expected completion in 2012 with an annual output of up to 2500 MW. Sheng solar curtains has been included in the national high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou high-tech enterprises, domestic sales is the largest, most complete product lines, developed the strongest supplier of mounting and installation systems. 2011 a total investment exceeding billion yuan, into a comprehensive PV industry.

Sheng solar curtain has always attached great importance to product innovation, maintain cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, is currently authorized more than more than 30 patents. Wide range of product applications, comprehensiveness, including the full range of roofing, various terrain, BIPV building integrated photovoltaics, single-and dual-axis tracking systems, a full range of screw piles, pile driving equipment.

Beijing NO.3 North Pullman–850MW

Description: serve customers in China’s North German energy technologies (Beijing) Limited was established in 2007, is to provide solar power project design, construction, project management, operations, maintenance and other services of the professional engineering company. In China, the first Norseman energy “set solid” screw pile technique applied to ten megawatt class solar power station construction projects, as a national industry standard-setters, Norseman energy for solar power projects offers a total area, a sustainable solution.

Norseman energy has a technical team of experts, continued commitment to research and development of applied technology of solar power systems, Norseman independent energy systems, grid-connected systems, hybrid systems, in different ways such as BIPV solutions in areas such as electricity, public facilities, residential, communications become widely available.

Norseman energy services include:

Provide complete “turn-key” MW-class solar power system solution and from project planning to system construction, integrated, one-stop service;

Provides photovoltaic building integration solutions, from planning and design, production to one-stop service system integration;

Provide professional, environmentally friendly solar power stations “set solid” system solutions;

With NET series PV building integration components and auxiliary components.

Norseman energy and China building Science Institute, and national building quality supervision detection Center, and China corrosion and protective Center (world three big anti-corrosion research detection institutions is one of), and Beijing science and Technology University, and Tianjin University established has long-term of research subject, and results conversion, cooperation relationship, development, and promotion, and application has to “State solid” spiral pile for representative of more items new process, and new workers method, obtained patent 18 items, “State solid” spiral pile and the to anchor of continued development level and the application scale Home World forefront, and participate in prepared review has Specification for design of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power stations construction regulations, the acceptance of PV power stations, and the technical requirements for PV solar tracking systems and the technical standard for photovoltaic power generation station environmental impact assessment, guidelines for BIPV applications and other standards and regulations.

Jiangsu Hua Kang and NO.4 Wei of Guangdong–800MW

Company profile:

“Jiangsu Hua Kang”: Jiangsu huakang electric steel structure, the predecessor of Jiangsu Hua Kang galvanizing Ltd, founded in 1999, dominated by processed galvanized. Since 2003 expansion yihou, total investment up 45 million Yuan, company existing factory area 45000 square meters, which area 18000m2, to transmission line Tower manufacturing mainly, auxiliary external plated zinc processing, is production ship with outfitting loaded pieces, and 500KV and the following voltage grade transmission line Tower, and 220KV pipe rod, and substation architecture, and communications tower, and traffic facilities (nursing stopped, and logo tube rod, and advertising brand,), and steel, and solar power station bracket, and Outfitting for ships and professional manufacturers of hot-dip galvanizing process.

Jiangsu China Kang power steel limited is located Yu Zhangjiagang leyu town, Dr LO Wing-Lok electromechanical industrial park, tight according to 204 State Road, East by Beijing Shanghai railway line, Shanghai Ning along Highway, from HongQiao international airport only 2 hours car drive; south and Suzhou, and Wuxi received flaw; West even Nanjing; North Pro Yangtze River gold waterways, and Nantong across River across, water, and land, and empty traffic is convenience, environment beautiful, around economic developed, resources full. Since its inception the company has successively won the AAA corporate credit rating certificate or the 500KV transmission line iron Tower manufacturing certificate, the certificate of quality management system certification, 200KV steel pole products certificate of competency of the production license for broadcasting, communications towers and other certificates.

“Guangdong insurance Granville new energy limited”: insurance Granville PV bracket by senior aluminum extrusion and metal processing industry expert team created, factory accounted for to area 60,000 over square meters, is located in China aluminum extrusion profiles industry base–Guangdong Foshan, with rich of aluminum processing experience, and sophisticated of full automation line, and perfect of supply chain supporting, and rigorous of design validation, insurance Granville solar bracket quickly obtained both at home and abroad customer of recognized and favored, success for multiple PV ground station and the PV roof station provides solar bracket products.

Baowei has 22 extruding production lines, extrusion press tonnage range 600MT to 4000MT, can fully meet customer design requirements in PV mounting systems, provide multiple section sizes of aluminum. Company and another three anode oxidation production lines can be up to 8 meters of aluminum profile surface treatment. Baowei aluminium extrusion capacity of 120,000 tons, and yearly production capacity of 600MW PV mounting systems. In addition, Wei and most innovative screw pile production line, with a daily production capacity of 500KW.

Baowei mounting products passed international quality management system certification, China ping an insurance company of 12.7 million product liability insurance, became the only for the solar PV mounting systems industry own brand products purchase liability insurance company. In addition, Wei PV mounting systems gained TÜV Germany Rheinland certification (certificate ID:0000034067), became the sole owner of the TÜV-certified products for solar PV mounting systems companies. Baowei also received the qualification certificate for electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contractor, providing strong protection for power station construction. And Suzhou NO.5 CITIC BO Rui en–600MW Description:

“CITIC blog new energy technologies (Suzhou) limited”: CITIC blog based on industry, actively promote scientific and technological innovation, company technological innovation in traction, scientific management to ensure and improve core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to be CITIC BO into a domestic first-class solar PV mounting systems integrators and operators.

Company independently developed products include dual-axis tracking system, single-axis tracking system and fixing bracket system, and has more than 20 national patents, can provide world-wide solar system solutions in complex environment.

Founded in 2009, is located in economic development zone, lujia town, Kunshan, Jiangsu hefeng, close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the transportation is convenient. Company covers an area of 12000 square meters, factory area of 9500 square meters, building area of 2500 square meters, the company has a professional design team, efficient management team and other highly qualified personnel of more than 300 people, the company registered capital of 60.8 million dollars. Is currently the largest supplier of solar tracking systems and PV mounting systems and integration operators.

“Suzhou ruide en”: Suzhou ruide en solar energy science and technology limited company is a professional manufacturer of solar technology clean energy-related parts as well as surrounding high-tech laser mapping products and spare parts business. Company also has research and development, production and marketing system. Lake is located in the famous Millennium town-mudu, Suzhou is only 10 km away, about 100 km away from Shanghai. Since the company since its inception, through the integration of domestic and foreign resources to better serve customers with accessories new energy solutions, launched a solar PV mounting systems, solar aluminium border, combiner boxes, junction boxes, laser surveying instrument precision scaffolding and a series of high quality and innovative products.

Suzhou Rui en companies in Australia and the United States, and Germany and set up branches in other countries will follow.

Huakai NO.6 Changzhou and Jiangyin and Changzhou peaks in Yongjia and Jin Hai Xin Yuan and Qing Yuan science and technology–500MW

Company profile:

“Changzhou Hua Kai”: Changzhou huakai insulators, Ltd is specialized in the production of solar PV power plant frame and the insulation of Zi Jin enterprises. Founded in 1978, has been to the national grid and auxiliary units producing insulator fittings, steel caps and other products, has a good reputation in the domestic power grid system.

2010 huakai depend on the success its industrial advantage into the photovoltaic industry, set to become solar mounting systems research and development, production, sales, installation and service of high-tech enterprises and companies to “become the leader of the support service provider” for the development of goals, making full use of resources superiority, innovative business models, providing system integrators with technological innovations in PV module mounting bracket. Our products are design involves fixed roof bracket system, stationary ground support systems, single-axis tracking system, dual-axis tracking systems; the company has obtained quality management system certification, PV mounting quality inspection reports.

Mounting system capacity – Changzhou huakai

“Changzhou peaks”: Peak District, Changzhou new energy technology company limited was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 20 million. Specializing in solar PV mounting systems: research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service.

Mountain peaks, Changzhou directly under the parent company of the new energy car accessories limited company, as a nationally renowned enterprise and business scope covers financial investment, steel manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, real estate and many other industries, the enterprises are located in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places.

Mountain new energy will be relying on the company’s strong team of research scientists, capital operation, steel structure design, finishing, technical personnel and other expertise, fully integrated marketing resources, based on capital operation, new energy industry highlights, solar photovoltaic industry bigger and stronger, and strive to blaze a trail with the features of mountain development, and strive to build a green energy business.

Changzhou peaks new energy technology company limited was established in 2012, has completed the mounting domestic production sales 180MW, with several EPC Contracting Parties, power station construction and PV power plant owners to maintain good relations of cooperation.

Company is expected in 2014 300MW PV mounting production and sales for the full year, while operations to broaden the scope of civil works, installation of the bracket Assembly step, to provide professional, efficient and comprehensive one-stop solar mounting solution.

“Jiang Yin Yong”: Jiangyin Yongjia machinery Ltd was established in 1999, primarily engaged in manufacturing metal products and machinery processing products, after ten years of operation, becoming larger in scale, the company is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu-location, traffic is very convenient, Zhouzhuang town, Jiangyin City, adjacent to the Pearl of South Jiangsu huaxi.

Since 2003, the company entered the photovoltaic field, put into research and development team began its research and development for solar PV mounting systems to produce photovoltaic technology already has a number of experienced personnel, engineers to join, to undertake the above and well done-MW project, Yongjia, Jiangyin City, established in 2010 new energy technology co., Ltd. Major producers of solar mounting system, PV system companies to undertake the design of manufacturing and OEM orders, with many years of experiences in design of mechanical production, companies not only can according to customer drawings can also design plan according to the project requirements for customers to optimize to meet load requirements for project sites improved mounting system price/performance.

In recent years company constantly increased PV bracket aspects of development inputs, design of solar bracket system maximum of anti-wind capacity 216 km/h, solar track system maximum anti-wind 150 company/hours (is greater than 13 level Typhoon), in design solar bracket system Shi carefully of considered selection and process optimization, thus guarantee solar bracket system of using life up 25 years above, utilization aluminum anode oxidation super thick hot plated zinc, stainless steel, UV resistant aging techniques to ensure the mounting system’s service life.

Relying on traditional metal machining advantages of southern Jiangsu, so that the company’s mounting system was well under control in terms of cost and ease of installation, at the installation site does not require any soldering, do not even need to drill a hole, these are already taken into account in the design and production. Factories have ISO9000 certified product quality.

Currently a month can provide complex and PV system 30MW and 20MW of roof PV mounting system can also provide a variety of support accessories, customers can choose to use any of the solar module and component size to design their own support systems.

“Jin Hai Xin Yuan”: Jin Hai Xin Yuan electric limited is a new high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province and its predecessor, the original wing Ma Jin Mo electrical equipment factory in Zhenjiang city, through capital increase and share expansion and adjustment of product structure and the composition of the joint-stock company. Located in – the first solar photovoltaic industrial park yangzhong, Jiangsu Province economic development zone, mainly engaged in the transmission and distribution products, photovoltaic power generation system products, smart grid research and development, design, production, sales and service.

Company has a beautiful plant environment, modern office buildings, factories and product lines, the implementation of an efficient, systematic and standardized management, focusing on product branding, design and quality, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Mounting system capacity – Jin Haixin source

Company since its inception, our “based on technological innovation, the development of a low carbon economy” concept, investing huge sums in Dalian and set up three research and development centers in yangzhong, vigorously develop the PV inverter, smart grid and other high-tech products, and the annual sales revenue of over 5% for scientific research and development to ensure that the products of leading-edge technology and manufacturing excellence. 70% above with the Office staff, senior and junior college degree or above in engineering and technical personnel, to create a team comprised entirely of doctoral, masters, highly sophisticated research and development team, which contains a number of experts and professors enjoy special allowance of the State Council. And with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific research and industry technical experts work closely together and Huazhong University of science, North China electric power University, Dalian University of technology and a number of colleges and universities to establish long-term relations of cooperation.

“Original technology”: Xiamen clenergy technology (Xiamen) company limited is a Sino-Australian joint venture, headquartered in Xiamen, China, in the United States and the United Kingdom, and Germany with subsidiaries. Xiamen clenergy technology is solar PV power plant building programme as a whole and the corresponding equipment provider, our main products include PV mounting systems, PV inverters and other clean energy products. Xiamen clenergy technology-rich PV solutions and products covering various fields including household, commercial, utility-grade, category can provide customers with a wealth of standard products and customized solutions, products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and national industry standards for development and production, stable performance, reliable quality and meet the needs of various PV power station.

Mounting system capacity – Xiamen clenergy technology

Qing Yuan sci-tech innovative products, solutions and services highly competitive, won worldwide system integrators, installers and dealers widely favored. Now, many well-known PV enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term strategic partnership of cooperation. Xiamen clenergy technology of photovoltaic plant solutions and products through strategic partners and distributors all over the world, has been in more than 19 countries in the world to introduce and use.

Qingyuan has a strong marketing capability of science and technology and research and development capabilities, and now has established a global network of marketing and research and development, in addition to outside the headquarters of Xiamen, also set up Australia, and Germany and the United States, Europe and other branches, has now become an international enterprise.

Xiamen clenergy technology aim within five years, has become a distinguished world-class solar products.

NO.7 fuleshida and Jiangsu Sheng–400MW

Company profile:

“Fuller”: fuleshida (Beijing) Energy Engineering Limited was established in 2009, is a specialized in PV mounting systems design consulting services, mounting material supply of the new energy industry specialist, providing solar farms supports integration solutions. Fuller’s company, from product design, test, train, mass production stages are performed in strict accordance with national and international quality standards to ensure product safety and reliability, and been recognized and highly valued by the user.

Fuleshida not only has a production base, but professional sales companies, and engineering teams. Can provide customers with project design, field services to service all aspects of my job.

Our company has the most stringent (GB/T19001-2008IDTISO9001:2008) international certification system to ensure that products meet international standards. The company of PV mounting systems using the most advanced production technology, integration of practical application of optimum design, reaching a full set of bracket mounting easy, lifelong maintenance-free, safe and durable.

“Jiangsu Sheng”: Jiangsu Sheng generating equipment co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic PV mounting design, production, installation and related consulting services to hi-tech industries. Corporate headquarters is located in the famous “steel town” in Taizhou of Jiangsu Province dainan town, local resources, and since 2005, the number of colleges and universities in the United to jointly develop cost-effective automatic tracking solar frame, it not only enhances the PV system’s output, and are highly reliable, low-cost advantage, in the leading level at home and abroad.

Business and now owns a professional team and almost 20000 square meters of factory buildings, the main products are high performance automatic tracking solar frame and the fixed mounting. After years of accumulation, dongsheng PV has a first-class research and development team, not to provide customers with a single PV mounting systems products, more customers with PV mounting systems a full range of design and service.

Jiangsu weier NO.8–350MW

Company profile:

Jiangsu weier hardware co, located in Dongtai, Qin, Huadong town, is the production of solar PV system scaffolds and building pipe mounting bracket for the flagship product of professional manufacture factory, plant covers an area of 6000 square meters, fixed assets of 30 million. Production bracket per month can for 50MW above, set design development/production/installation/service Yu one, currently has development out variety dedicated solar bracket series, all bracket design, strictly followed international standards/national standards requirements, can should for various environment occasions, has ground fixed dip type bracket system and the can mode dip ground bracket system, single axis track bracket system and the double axis automatic track bracket system, has roof bracket system,, applies Yu General has box component or no box of film pieces component, Various support systems can be used alone or can be arranged and Phalanxes, mounting, simple and convenient.

NO.9 Changzhou Xu and purple mountain millions of new energy resources and Jiangsu world–300MW

Company profile:

“Changzhou purple Xu”: Changzhou purple Asahi Optical Co Ltd PV mounting system of research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction and the service as their duty, be stationary ground support systems, fixed roof bracket system, single-axis tracking system and a dual-axis tracking system successfully used in the field of photovoltaic systems integration.

In 2011, the total sales of solar mounting 75MW, customers located in China, Thailand, and Afghanistan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. The company has 21 patents for inventions and utility models. Asahi Optical was purple, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Association and photovoltaic Industry Association Director unit, is mounting trade standard setters. In 2012, the introduction of automatic production line of solar PV mounting systems, annual production capacity expanded to 350MW, sales volume is expected to exceed 150-200MW.

Asahi Optical made purple passed the international quality management system certification, CE certification, quality inspection reports, certification, installation of steel structures for three-stage qualification in Australia.

“Millions of new energy”: the Group was founded in 1992, billion new energy is the leading photovoltaic grid-connected inverter technology the internationalization of high-tech enterprise, specializing in solar energy photovoltaic grid-connected inverter product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and grid-connected solar systems solutions of suppliers. Billion new energy sources at home and abroad, has 10 offices, which are located in Germany Munich, Australia, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Suqian, currently owns two modern factories, including a factory covers an area of 33,000 square meters, the second plant under construction for a period of six times. 2 covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, have doctorate or master’s degrees, led research and development team consisting of product research and development centers, 4 national and global sales of product-oriented marketing centers, the company has more than 600 people across the country, including all types of technical research and development staff of more than 200 people. Billion with a complete product range – from micro inverses to string inverters, inverter room until the last megawatt. We can help–from small, medium business, and get the maximum utility out of the ground, and shorten the time for cost recovery of investment. Company has more than 200,000 units in more than 20 countries worldwide have installed the string inverter. (For example: Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, France, China and other countries) companies at present 9 branches have been established abroad, respectively, in: Munich, Milan, Redding, Lyons, Sydney, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suqian. Company engineers more than more than 200 people, to meet the demands of the whole product development. In addition, the company is also equipped with two modern, international standards certification production line (ISO9001:2008ISO14:000:2004), and two research and development centers.

“Jiangsu world”: Jiangsu world photovoltaic technology limited in xinbei district, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was established in 2010. With registered capital of 20 million Yuan. Solar PV mounting systems is engaged in the development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service, and products are mainly stationary ground support systems, fixed roof bracket system, single-axis tracking system and dual axis tracking systems. Our company passed the international quality management system certification, CE certification, quality inspection reports.

Summary: along with the years of ups and downs, many traditional companies, or more attention to the field of solar photovoltaic. All the signs in 2014, the PV industry are good. While the solar frame low entry threshold, low technology content (excluding some roof bracket), many traditional enterprises are also squeezed into the circle. In practice, however, most companies entering the field of solar mounting found are not paved with gold, opportunity. In 2014, the Energy Board new PV installed capacity target adjusted to 14GW, this market will no doubt stimulate PV mounting systems. 2014 PV mounting systems who can grab the market, we’ll see.

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