2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC annual top ten most popular PV contest officially launched

Polaris solar PV net news: an industry, there are always some excellent enterprise, which enterprises played an important role in their respective fields, and every movement is plays an important role. For example, the PV industry, always on the cutting edge, the outstanding enterprises played a leading role, they fail in the brutally competitive and bloody, in Europe, Australia and India fell more under the double squeeze of frequent attack. Such a business should be borne in mind that, to cheer.

In 2012 and 2013 starts “‘ Polaris Cup ‘ top ten most popular PV enterprises award” thanks to jinko, TBEA, GCL, Sun power, CSG, run in peak power, trust and support of a large number of internationally renowned companies such as Li Tenghui, was a complete success.

With the development of new energy industry and national policy support, more and more companies began to enter the PV industry, Polaris solar PV NET should many domestic PV manufacturers demand following the 2012 contest (http://guangfu.bjx.com.cn/zt/vote/DczjList.aspx), the 2013 campaign (http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2013vote /) After the successful, open again the third “2014-‘ Polaris Cup ‘ top ten photovoltaic companies” (http://Guangfu.bjx.com.CN/ZT/2014vote/default.aspx) award, to recognise and affirm those in 2014 for the PV industry in China had made outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises. This times award will relies on Arctic star 150,000/days online users, for objective, and just of voting, and to eventually of voting results as reference according to, by Arctic star market research center wrote related participation enterprise of market report, to makes participation enterprise more detailed to understanding in development process in the by ignored of problem, more objective to understanding enterprise in market competition in the by exists of short Board.

The award voting consists of seven categories: raw materials and auxiliary materials (ingots/bars, wafers of silicon and Silicon-containing), solar cell/module manufacturers (including thin-film batteries), inverter enterprises, power plant EPC, PV mounting systems, PV enterprises, supporting solar thermal enterprises.

2014 “Arctic star Cup” CREC annual most by welcomes top ten PV Enterprise award activities is by Arctic star solar PV network, and Arctic star grid joint hosted, CREC organizing Committee hosted, get has China power reported, and China industrial reported, and electromechanical commercial reported, and Sohu network (green), and China new energy network, and 5E new energy network, and China economic network, and bit network, more than 20 over media of vigorously support and enthusiasm participation. 2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC annual top ten most popular PV industry awards event will be organized jointly with the Organizing Committee of the CREC, at which time award winning 70 enterprises will be in CREC2014 China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and Expo on the appreciation dinner marks the beginning the award.

Award details:

First, selection criteria

1. the company through independent research and development during the past three years, way of transferee or recipient, mergers and acquisitions, exclusive licensing or by more than 5 years, for its main product (service) of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights;

2. business scope includes entities, sales income of no less than 30 million yuan in the past year of the enterprise;

3. the hours of operation of the company for at least two years;

4. the leading company in the industrial chain, enterprise research and development organization and management levels, the technology transfer capacity, the number of independent intellectual property rights, indicators such as sales and total assets growth of leading in the industry as a whole;

5. company in a competitive market, with a non-monopolistic characteristics;

6. the company over a three-year period without any major issues (including security issues, financial issues, credit problems, etc).

Primary election signed by the companies themselves. Polaris solar PV NET selection Committee considers five key indicators: captains of industry, innovation, competition, sustainable development, eco-friendly, harmonious development.

Second, the selection mechanism

1. the primary registration

Online registration: download or obtain application form from the Polaris solar NET, complete the application form, stamped with the company’s cachet or contract seal has been completed, fax to Polaris solar PV NET.

2. the Committee considered

Receipt of application form for members of the Organizing Committee will award related to the company’s application for approval of intent, selected 25 companies eligible for selection types.

3. the final stage

Members of the group will be selected according to the final results, arrange editors improving access to materials related to qualifications of participating companies, selected companies formally launched.

4. selection of cycles

September 5 – September 22 participating companies

September 22 – October 11 online voting

Published on October 14, the results, and synchronized on Polaris strategic media releases

Award ceremony was held on November 6 in Wuxi

Third, the voting rules

1. the polling date: September 22, 2014-October 11, 2014 18:00;

2. the award voting consists of seven categories, each class elected in accordance with the number of votes the top ten enterprises;

3. in line with the principles of fair, the campaign fully open, each class limited to take once a day, each time you select a maximum of three enterprises;

4. this vote is of the form: the Member voting, mobile voting;

Note: the phone vote only when it is used for the first time need verification, vote multiple times without once again verify;

5. the total number of selected places: the “participating” in principle participate in each category not more than 25;

6. the award non-malicious brush vote fraud, extra vote invalid (System unstable to carry out the daily ticket, all suspected brush votes, will be deducted from deducted or append the appropriate number of votes, and run businesses in less than 24 hours without vote);

7. this campaign is purely welfare activities, activities or voting is free.

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