25KW! Yanbian’s largest grid-connected PV power generation projects

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, helong city, Yanbian’s largest photovoltaic project–clear Lake grain processing plant 25KW of grid-connected PV power generation projects.

On September 2, the reporters in the area to see that hundreds of solar photovoltaic panels placed neatly in the food processing workshop for the West side of the canopy, blue photovoltaic panels early autumn heat conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. In the facility’s power room marked “green technology” English logo clearly displayed on the instrument: as at 15:56 on the day, the plant has accumulated power 10.8 hours, PV 111kwh.

This reporter learned that, the food-processing plants as well as feed for pigs, the current population at around 1200, daily feed processing, thermal heating and power consumption is very large, especially in the winter breeding sows need long time to use insulation such as lights, electric hot plate, monthly power consumption peaked at more than 6000kwh. “Our agriculture and industrial power divided into two kinds, up 0.92 Yuan per kWh, just electricity from the plant each year alone need more than 30,000 yuan. Now use solar power, not only to be self-sufficient, the excess electricity sold the Internet. Because the project belongs to energy saving and environmental protection projects, the Government paid subsidies, 6 years to recover the cost. “The factory owner Jin Dongchun said, would continue to increase photovoltaic area next year.

According to reports, the plant currently 96 total installed photovoltaic panels, design generation 100kwh a day. Measured by the authoritative departments, the project is expected to produced 900,000 within 25 degrees can save 284.24 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions to 739.03 tons, 6.25 tonnes of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen compounds, 2.84 tons of dust 4.83 tons. In accordance with the relevant State policies for distributed solar power generation project electricity price subsidy standards for 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

Original title: 25KW! I was the State’s largest grid-connected PV power generation projects

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