90% solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid solution meets the mining industry’s electricity needs

Polaris solar PV net news: United States leading solar PV and solar thermal project developer SolarReserve is currently under way with Chile North of a mining company to discuss with regard to the company providing solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid power system solutions of cooperation. SolarReserve claims to be able to provide mineral production 90% proportion of renewable energy supply, media interviews, Chief Executive of SolarReserve KevinSmith. He described in detail the economics of solar power technology to the mining production, the impetus of development of such projects and its vast market opportunities.

Q: the market for solar technology to the mining industry development how do you look at? In addition, depending on the location and type of mining you think for recently where the solar industry a better chance?

A: our market opportunity is where energy costs are higher but the site where sunshine resources better mining factory. In the past six months, we are from Australia, and Chile, and Peru, and Mexico, and South Africa, and Saudi Arabia and the United States has contacted a number of mining companies, involving minerals, such as iron ore, copper, gold, silver, and uranium. The best chance in some diesel fuel to generate electricity in high cost areas, like Australia the West, because they had to ship oil from the seaside to the mines, where diesel cost per MWh up to $ 300 or more. In these more appropriate regions, we can supply in less than half the cost of electricity supply, and the solutions we can provide reliable 24-hour electricity.

Map: SolarReserve Crescent dunes power station will be put into operation before the end of the

Some mining companies began to integrate photovoltaic and diesel generator sets to reduce fuel consumption, we can also offer this solution. This is a good way to save fuel consumption, you can gradually reduce the overall cost of electricity. In General, the photovoltaic can replace fuel 30% power and photovoltaic power is cheaper than oil-fired. But more innovative solutions is the value of mining companies can use energy storage technology to continuous and stable production of electricity. Early I think mining companies may install some simple PV power generation facilities, but in the end the mining industry will be more meaningful to 24 hours of continuous stable power generation solutions, like us with heat storage system of solar thermal power plants.

Q: could you introduce SolarReserve company for mining industries to provide the details about the project?

A: we are working with the Chile business negotiation of a mining company in the North. We have to provide them with a copy of the fixed price of a long-term contract for 25 years, we can provide all the power needed for them, and the contract price from the electricity market than they currently buy electricity more cheaply.

For the mining companies, and energy spot market price is a huge challenge that changes infrequently. Energy prices change frequently so that they cannot accurately calculate the project cost, they average about $ 150 annually to/MWh the price of electricity purchased from the grid. The mining company’s 24-hour operation, peak electricity demand of 100MW, 80MW average electricity demand.

We provide light and heat for the design of PV complementary utility program is configured with an installed capacity of 100MW solar thermal system, also with thermal storage for up to 14 hours of molten salt storage system, PV installed capacity of 75MW. This configuration can be used as the base load of the mining plant, the plant will remain in the 90% time of the year over 100MW of generating efficiency. When we are able to supply electrical energy than mining production need less or more time, we can buy power for mining companies from the stock market or sell electricity spot market.

SolarReserve is responsible for the project’s financing and average electricity prices lower than the current spot market electricity prices enter into long-term power purchase agreements with the mining companies, then by SolarReserve company responsible for construction projects, and contract mining company after the project is completed in accordance with the contract price to SolarReserve power purchase. If the mining companies have decided to invest in projects to reduce the capital costs of the project, and then we will enter into a lower power purchase agreement and offered more discounts.

Q: the mining company building such projects is primary conditions are required? Mining company, according to the different needs of your company, how to design different technical solutions?

A: the main condition is that they need to be lower than the average market price of electricity to meet all electricity needs. In this case, whether to use renewable energy sources for the mining companies, it doesn’t really matter, they only think about economics. Our Chile North-except for those companies with a sustainable solution, we provide electricity with coal and gas power more competitive on cost.

In order to better meet the needs of mining production, while reducing market risks, we designed a solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid system to achieve the efficient operation of the system as a whole. PV can be provided at appropriate time periods of the day was relatively inexpensive electricity, solar thermal system will be operate as base load, full power operation time can reach agreement about 90%.

We almost exclusively use solar power as an energy source to meet all electricity needs when they were mining, we can provide them with a competitive, low price long-term supply contracts.

Q: this type of power supply project different from traditional public power supply project?

A: public power supply portfolios tend to have a lot of power generation through a network connection, but the mine’s power is often off-grid, usually with a specific electricity production facilities to direct power to the mine. Public works under specific conditions of the power supply you can buy only about 10% of the electricity, but mining companies prefer to use a completely independent power supply solutions. Public power engineering tends to be energy regulator monitor purchased in part by the production of renewable energy, however, according to our experience, energy approach for mining companies are driven by economic, not policy driven.

Power purchase typically tends to be a focus of the business benefits of using public power supply projects, instead mining company focused on mine. Mine operators who can provide him with an end-to-end power solutions can be beneficial for his one-time power supply problems, then he can focus their attention entirely on mining the core business.

So, Chile Atacama this special of project and we zhiqian development of grid of light hot power project maximum of difference is we can provides a full of can independent run of away from network power solution programme, while we also will will focus concentrated in power cost aspects, efforts makes project of power cost than grid powered cost more low, and non-like past more focused on solar as green energy aspects of advantage.

Q: what SolarReserve’s thermal storage solutions used in the mining industry where the most successful? What prerequisites do I need?

A: the Sun is a free source of energy, so good sunshine resource is critical. If the use of Tower-type solar thermal technology, we need a block of a large area of flat land to build our optical and solar towers. For the mining industry, first we will filter out those culturally and environmentally sensitive areas.

Mining is the most important condition whether it intended to seek a complete power solution. If they are very interested in solutions to provide electricity for a 24-hour, so this project is accompanied by prolonged storage system for solar-thermal power generation technique fitting. In fact our molten-salt thermal storage technologies are very cheap, for power storage batteries typically cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilowatt hour, that does not take into account the aging of the battery and replacement costs. But molten salt heat storage costs only $ 50~100/kWh, and can often reach 30-year life of the system even more.

We can provide solar thermal and PV for mining companies and traditional fuels, hybrid power solution to ensure all electricity needs of the mining process. In the off-grid conditions, we can move with molten salt thermal storage system of solar-thermal power plant layout around as a photovoltaic power generation system in mining process of electric load, while in the case of poor light conditions, we can use traditional fuels heated molten salt power to ensure power supply.

We can completely replace the original generation facilities, can also be integrated into the new system.

In fact, it is most important to us are some of the conditions attached to mining company wants to reduce the consumption of traditional energy expenditures. We recognize that the traditional fossil fuel power generation as a base load for many years, but we should also see that the energy industry is changing, innovative technologies such as ours would be effective means for future energy development.

Q: what do you think makes a 100% of mines in remote areas to use renewable power completely instead of diesel power generation but also how long it takes?

A: we have never come across mining plant which allow us to provide fully renewable power supply scheme. They want lower electricity costs. Diesel power is not our real goal of zero actually use fossil-fuel or diesel power 5%~10% electric power demand is good, and some fossil fuel can be stored for a rainy day, I think the energy supply structure is more reasonable and cost-effective. So perhaps the best renewable energy schemes is that in our large capacity and high efficiency operation of solar thermal power generation systems to add some small amounts of diesel power, such programmes rely on current technology can achieve.

In addition there is a way to eliminate fuel consumption is the establishment of mining operations for heat storage capacity of the rapid reaction mechanism. The energy will be exhausted once the thermal storage tank, it is necessary to discontinue certain unnecessary power consumption operation for the time being. For resolving some of the thick cloud cover above the solar power project for a long time the small probability of unexpected events play a very good help. Up to now, the mining companies tend not to consider this scenario, but I think this is an idea worth exploring. Again, if a mining company has the intention, we can provide a fully powered by renewable electricity solution.

Needs to be emphasized is that the SolarReserve now diesel for less than the cost of electricity for the mining market to provide renewable power supply for 80% or 90%, this is definitely a great news.

Q: would you like for solar technology in production of mining’s effects on the mining sector said what?

A: using solar power can significantly reduce energy costs in the mining industry, change existing mines for patterns. But most cost economical viable options is clearly using molten salt heat storage to implement 24-hour supply of electricity. Based on our world-leading solar thermal power generation technologies and molten salt heat storage technology, we can offer mining companies of the world’s most trusted fully can be used as a base load electricity production system. SolarReserve is recognized worldwide as the commercialization proved after Bank one Tower of molten salt solar thermal technology leader.

Original title: 90% solar thermal photovoltaic hybrid solution meets the mining industry’s electricity needs

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