An interview with Zhao Yonghong: still waters run deep PV life

Polaris solar PV net news: Zhao Yonghong: doctor, graduated from Singapore National University, has taught at Zhejiang University College of mechanical and energy engineering. Current PV industry in Zhejiang Province science and technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary-General, the solar photovoltaic Industry Association General Secretary, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the solar photovoltaic industry early warning model of foreign trade point directors and other staff.

Interview with Dr solar photovoltaic Industry Association General Secretary Zhao Yonghong, Hangzhou City

Since 2009, she actively promoted the PV industry’s innovative service platform construction, warning of foreign trade, industrial policy in industry research, industry collaborative innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, technology transfer and investment and financing aspects of positive work. Her in-depth research, carefully refined and active advocate of “differentiated collaborative creativity” new patterns of industrial development, for the promotion of photovoltaic transformation of industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province has played an important role in the development and form a nationwide influence. Meanwhile, Dr Zhao in recent years, actively promote “cross-border cooperation”, especially in the construction industry, power industry, construction of new urbanization actively speaks for the photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province, for enterprises to establish exchanges and cooperation platform.

2010 fall of madness after the wave of huge industrial, Zhejiang small PV companies have bucked, constantly blaze new trails, a single flower in Chinese photovoltaic industry shows quite striking. Therefore, also one of the driving force behind Industry-Association of solar energy photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou City with new eyes.

In 2010, Dr Zhao Yonghong, who worked at Zhejiang University and several local photovoltaic companies jointly founded the solar photovoltaic industry association, Hangzhou City, more than four years, the Photovoltaic Industry Association of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City, became one of “House”, not only won the recognition and trust of enterprises and Government departments, has no small reputation in the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad.

With this performance, for a civil society institutions with no official background, but also in the entire industry faces severe overcapacity in the most difficult period, is not simple.

Along with the top management of decentralized market, actively advocate the reform of government management function, will no doubt have many management functions will gradually be devolved, including the Association of social service agencies. So, how do these institutions for economic development and Enterprise Services? Is a continuation of the previous old thinking from top to bottom? Innovation or active market positive?

Perhaps, Hangzhou’s exploration of solar photovoltaic industry association, has some reference sample values.

Difficulties and opportunities

Zhao Yonghong who seems to have an affinity similar to the magnetic field, bright, gentle personality, childlike innocent smile, as it is kind like a woman next door.

She said that her personality is very suitable for the Association.

Decisions for the year, still makes her feel have benefited, although tough outsider or unimaginable.

2010 was a year of expansion of global PV industry the most popular. Unfortunately, did not last long, but suddenly, with huge capacity far exceeds market demands focus release, international market sniper series of trade industry as a whole is suddenly in deep winter, business is getting harder.

Hangzhou municipal solar photovoltaic industry association, described as “untimely”.

No money, no support, no prestige, no activity … …, upheavals of industry recession, newly established Hangzhou City faces a huge test of the solar energy Photovoltaic Industry Association.

In order to find out the real situation, to join soon Zhao Yonghong visits included government officials, industry experts and entrepreneurs and enterprise employees, many in the industry. She found that all known, almost exclusively negative about the industry Outlook.

“People are speculating the next how much is the rate of business failures, and some even consider that industry will have only a dozen companies, most companies would not have survived. Even some government officials see I asked, what’s up with this industry? Not a sunrise industry, became the sunset? ”

The wind of pessimism in the industry filled the air, Association Zhao Yonghong also once had a sense of powerlessness, because it causes problems, is not such a civil association to change.

“Failing to get reasons are a common mode of thinking. But in the face of strife, a variety of efforts to cause profound analysis of the problem, it seemed to do little to restore confidence in the development of enterprise and Government. To break through this predicament and urgent need for a new mode of thinking and methodology. ”

So Zhao Yonghong began another dimension of reflection: such a look for reflections on the root causes of the problem and its consequences, have little real value for enterprise’s development and its significance? For Association work to find a breakthrough and how much real help?

When they visited around, Zhao Yonghong found that compared to before the crisis, the enterprise there have been some new requirements, start has been made on many previous neglect of new way of thinking, there are many demands she had never been thought of before.

“Companies in transition, industry association services must be restructured to enhance and keep up with it. “It made her think about a fundamental shift in attitudes of the industry crisis. She suddenly realized, is just such a huge industry crisis, her Association has brought development opportunities.

“People want to ‘ turn crises into opportunities ‘, but more often but always staring at people who can’t change their own difficulties, while ignoring their own ready to do improvements in specific, bit by bit. “Zhao Yonghong said, in the face of crisis, the Association must first transform attitudes towards difficulties to stay away from trouble actively see the crisis contained opportunities, but also to discover new needs and good practices.

“Turning crises into opportunities”

For those who have a positive mental attitude, difficulty, success a key to the front door is open.

“Being questioned in this industry, the enterprise become difficult cases, we found that recalls the past to find a cause and there is not much help. Since we can’t dial it back again and again, and I began to think, whether a fresh look at the industry woes? See what things we can do something different, you can let yourself go a little bit? ”

This is referred to as society works by Zhao Yonghong’s “new thinking”.

Through on industry situation of in-depth analysis, Zhao Yonghong see has a active of results, serious of capacity excess and tragic of industry competition actually brings has a very favourable of situation–PV application has in increasingly more of national achieved or close parity Internet, PV power of application prospects has never no so broad, industry chain Shang enterprise between of products development and collaboration also is rendering out unprecedented of active trend.

“This is what a good app to the market timing of the force! “Even if three years have elapsed, time also validate her judgment, Zhao Yonghong but still heartfelt sighs.

See the trends and directions, society is starting to change the focus shifted to actively encourage and guide enterprises to “leveraging the cooperation,” “photovoltaic products from research to research solutions” and so on. Meanwhile, more important change is that Zhao Yonghong members very clearly that its “differentiated collaborative innovation” proposals.

To this end, the Association organizing its members to not only set up three specialized committees, thematic seminars, Zhao Yonghong also tried to communicate with the relevant government departments, consultation, actively reflect the industry’s innovative ideas, new demands, new practices, strive for financial and policy support for business innovation.

In her view, bottom drop out of the global PV industry development at the same time, in fact, are also periods of rapid advances in technology, is the key to industrial relocation period. Because, while the industry is growth spurts, due to market demand, corporate profits in a large space, many companies are difficult to focus on technological innovation. But with the difficulties of the industry threaten the survival, it will pressure businesses seek to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

In the face of crisis, through the Association’s positive guidance, PV enterprises in Hangzhou innovation initiative was soon active again.

Once invited an international testing organizations to give Member companies of the Association to do the training, when lecturers mentions they have a PV module to optimize packaging innovations can provide annual savings of more than 1 million of expenditure, immediately received warm response from the enterprise, and even enterprise offered to cooperate on the spot.

“Saving so much money, in its previous PV companies, it is clear that not many people are willing to spend time considering. “Zhao Yonghong says.

Zhao Yonghong realized that “if we do not the same market, then the excess capacity will no longer be. When another angle to recognize the problem, we find that dilemma is in fact the companies the opportunity to form a new starting point. ”

“As long as innovation, once formed a new operating model, you can get rid of the low price and quality competition. “In her opinion, enterprises not only need to be differentiated development, Association work, too. Only found in enterprise based on the needs of, and others do not like the service pattern is found, the Association can obtain market approval, have room for survival and development.

Small steps go

Between two points, the quickest, is not the only straight lines.

Association for four years of work experience, bring Zhao Yonghong maximum feel, is also growing.

“When flowers filled with traps, depressed time full of opportunities. “These friends gave her words, and her understanding of the industry.

“Anything is possible, not dead. “Zhao Yonghong said that at a time when trade is particularly difficult, the Association, in fact, the new demand came, as long as these requirements are met, will naturally produce value.

Zhao Yonghong, an enterprise does not have any mandatory binding civil institutions, in addition to actively to identify and meet the needs of enterprises, there is no alternative. The dilemma facing the industry as a whole, as well as enterprise survival challenges, her solution, is a step along a problem a problem to be solved.

Four years later, small achievements, accumulated considerable. “When we went to do some little things in a pragmatic manner, through a little bit of accumulation, but found that accumulation is slow. When enterprise thanks when we do a lot of things, we found that he already has done a lot of work on the new directions of work and service, also brought many opportunities for enterprises and resources. ”

That is perhaps a few years Association experience a change to her own style. When it is no longer tandaqiuquan, but one that is based on specific things one thing at a time, Zhao Yonghong found that problem before, seems to be easily solved.

Therefore, Zhao Yonghong regularly to inculcate a philosophy, even small membership thing, also must be done carefully. “Even if the general membership dues only pay 2000 dollars a year, that he thought the service was worth it, to spend more time to discuss and work with associations, only in this way, the Association may have developed. ”

Zhao Yonghong believes that more tough business needs that are both innovative and meticulous service, and more need for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Hangzhou municipal solar photovoltaic industry association has been able to develop, but that in fact caught in bad timing, went through a number of specific services to the enterprises with a valuable service, which received industry recognition.

To that end, she has not only maintained a hotline in touch with business executives, also used to run the Government, run businesses. Many business executives say, “Zhao’s Secretary-General,” who is the most complete business information. “What we do service, but it is not dominated by us, but communicate fully with the enterprise and discuss what you need? What I do is more helpful to you? ”

Is also in demand for such a service in enterprise mode, Zhao Yonghong had seen a lot of new demand.

“In the past when times are good, corporate bosses may just need the Association organized the peer party, but today, all they need is a real role to play ‘ platform ‘ to support the development of enterprises. “Zhao Yonghong believes that if they work hard to serve the urgent needs of enterprises, enterprises need Association and will genuinely value of accreditation association.

Zhao Yonghong and her colleagues ‘ efforts, in recent years, the association with architecture, urbanization, power grids and other fields of work and launched a vigorous exchanges and communication, for the Member companies to build a platform for cross-border cooperation, received high evaluation from the corporate and Government sectors.

“Positive energy” type of communication

Zhao Yonghong left impressed the author most, she resists clarity of negative thinking.

It is evidently a clear no, but natural and is not stiff, appear to be similar information to her, like clouds of mud into the sea, without visible instantly disappeared without a trace.

It in her communication with enterprises and Government departments, and helps a lot.

Zhao Yonghong almost never simply dismiss them. In her view, whatever the circumstances, everyone has his proper place, and that he must be his own most understand. In her view, whether it is an enterprise development was slow, and fixed step or temporary and must have reasonable cause. “How could I possibly know better than he himself? If I were them, may is much better than them. ”

Even more important is that “you have to trust each other, because you can’t replace one another, to trust his own ability to solve problems. “Zhao Yonghong said only on the premise of encouragement and confidence, more help to resolve the problem. Otherwise, “the problem is not resolved, it is still your problem. ”

“I never put pressure on entrepreneurs or any official, this principle is a very important work of the Association. If the debt is not too positive, I will certainly adjust their thinking and mindset. “Zhao Yonghong said there were so many associations, if you can’t bring value to the enterprise, cannot let the Government become aware of your role, what use is it complaining about?

“You do in front of people naturally understand your value. I am the first service done in place to allow the Government to this matter over to the Hangzhou Association is assured of, definitely do a good job. Such things are more than a number, we will gladly offer to do things with me. ”

Seems nice, actually, in Zhao Yonghong’s view, if the struggle for linguistic or literal meaning, and tends to bring new divisions, thus more difficult to solve the problem. And just look at the positive side, or strengthening the common ground, it will help to maintain mutual acceptance and understanding, will be more likely shifted from confrontation to cooperation.

“The communication between people, if emotionally by the mutual recognition and understanding, willingness to help others may become a willing, so that, communication becomes an atmosphere of positive and full of positive energy, problems are more likely to be resolved. ”

Zhao Yonghong said that anyone doing anything, in fact, first of all for themselves, way to accomplish what others in this process. So, as long as you don’t take yourself so great and important, there won’t be so much dissatisfaction and complaints.

In her view, the result of success only in passing, as long as the process of doing things seriously, other things will come.

It seems to have fitted into a potential, as the tranquil River following tidal streams flow to the sea, the more positive things, are being attracted into Zhao Yonghong and her associations–including an increasing number of businesses and Government approval, also includes more business opportunities and development opportunities.

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