Built 170MW, Xinghua city, Jiangsu Yue Kwong complement photovoltaic projects

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, is located in the Hua Hsing Yue Kwong complementarity, Xinghua city, Jiangsu photovoltaic project was completed two months ahead, Chung, sand two grid-connected PV power plant built to generate electricity.

It is learned that the project with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, total capacity 170MW, Chung Town 90MW, shagou Township 80MW. Two power stations were built on the pond, the cumulative take up water of more than 5,800 acres.

According to reports, Xinghua base 170MW plant will produce 1.02 million a day, annual generating capacity of about 360 million degrees, Xinghua bases on-grid electricity prices for around 1.2 Yuan per unit, and can provide power savings of about 90,000 tons of standard coal each year, carbon dioxide emissions of more than 200,000 tons.

Meanwhile, solar power also contribute to local economic development. First, the current rent is 850 dollars per acre per year, by 5% every 5 years. Secondly, 170MW plant generation year after taxes can be formed about 60 million Yuan. In addition, eco-tourism, as far as the glowing blue light of solar-power generation equipment magnificent, is a tourist attraction in itself, Xinghua, and eco-tourism zone in northwestern forest area, thousand Island cauliflower area on the water, the sand ditch town winds, Mu which together form a new line of eco-tourism, Xinghua ecotourism more unique charm.

Fisheries and PV complement each other to achieve, project design for each unit of 25 acres, 1MW, solar panels are separated by some distance, surrounded by deep ruts. “The formation spacing between the panels, you can let the sun shine to the surface. Channel 5 m wide, 5 m deep, and cage fishing fish activity. “Chung Town fisheries station Chen Weidong said,” through investigation and feasibility studies, project base implementation of poly-culture of lobster and crab, while farmed turtles, Tiger sharks, shade-fish such as Loach, eel. Under the current model, acres of fisheries production value of up to 4000 Yuan, achieve win-win economic and ecological benefits. ”

Original title: built 170MW, Xinghua city, Jiangsu Yue Kwong complement photovoltaic projects

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