Cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station will light EPC general contractor tenders

Polaris solar PV net news: according to reliable sources, cgnpc Delhi 50MW thermal plant-specific exploitation pattern has greatly changed, collectors will be lump sum EPC pattern foreign bids. That insiders interpreted as a former China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development corporation General Manager Han Qinghao leaving investment development department General Manager Li Xiaoxue, China Guangdong nuclear power group one obvious change after he took office.

The project planned used part technology introduction, and design, various service and equipment by in the wide nuclear led respectively tender of mode for development, this species mode also was think is most conducive to in the wide nuclear solar light hot team absorption technology, and accumulated project experience, and and maximum degree Shang improve localization rate of programme, development mode change for overall light field EPC Hou, in the wide nuclear solar of role is big degree Shang on became a simple of project developers.

But the advantage is that light EPC as a whole can make maximum to ensure that projects are successful. Light fields as the most important part of solar thermal power stations, will pack it to the powerful experience of the EPC is the key to the success or failure of the project. From such changes, reveals China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy for the project “safe” State of mind. In fact, as a company owned by a large State owned enterprises, investment in new projects safety as the primary consideration is the biggest consistent style.

News that the EPC light tenders are expected to be unveiled in October. On specific of bid qualification requirements currently also in design, bid qualification requirements will on bid party of project performance experience to out must threshold, specific of threshold “level” is in discussion; while due to domestic power project construction needs some specific of qualification requirements, and Government level on the project of localization rate has a species degree of requirements, objective factors, the tender of bid object is expected to will main by “abroad has project performance of EPC company + domestic Institute + domestic part leading manufacturers” formed of Consortium for bid.

At present, has the strength of solar thermal power plants in China is actively preparing for, to the extent possible to participate to the symbolic significance of the project. Represented by Abengoa, the international giant, also has noticed the bidding pattern was changed, but for the Chinese market if it can come up with different strategies remains to be seen.

Original title: cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station will light EPC general contractor tenders

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