Changchun Fuyu: the first photovoltaic environmental workshop completed

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the country’s first solar power environmental protection workshop in Fuyu Xinlong Yi completed Windows and doors LLC.

In Fuyu industrial area of Xinlong Yi Windows and doors LLC, is a design, manufacturing and marketing of wood products manufacturer, mainly produces all kinds of wooden furniture, solid wood doors and Windows and other products. This year, the Omni g company and the Suzhou new energy cooperation, introduce Germany advanced technology, have jointly commissioned a photovoltaic environmental workshops and an annual output of 200,000 square meters of new intelligent energy-saving Windows and doors project. The project covers an area of 2.2 ha, 9043 square meters, doors 6553 square meters workshop, hollow glass 2490 square meters workshop. Projects with a total investment of 45 million Yuan, annual output of 250,000-kilowatt, the annual output of new intelligent energy-saving doors and Windows of 200,000 square meters, all production years to realize a sales income of 150 million Yuan, and profits of 12 million dollars. Workshop of the project for the integration of environmental protection and energy saving construction, roofing materials for photovoltaic power generation.

“Solar PV electricity generation will first go to the State power grid, then our usual usage back to the company. Use the PV workshop, not only to meet the company’s production, lighting, also used solar power to shop floor heating. Use of photovoltaic power generation in such a way, State-sponsored subsidies, combined with revenues generated by part of the excess power into the national grid, our company in addition to the normal production, have used their power to make money. “The head of the company said happily.

The workshop in addition to photovoltaic power generation, also has a rainwater collection system, can be used to collect rainwater for recycling. At present, the principal part of the project has been completed in the workshop, ongoing internal equipment installation and decoration, is expected in late October to officially put into use.

Original title: completion of domestic environmental protection workshop in the city’s first photovoltaic power generation

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