Chao Yang spend $ 1 billion to build the solar farm

Polaris solar PV net news: bullish on the future potential of new energy generation, fuhua Hotel Group President Liao Donghan, former Deputy General Manager Qiu Xinfu UIs, such as major shareholder, venture Chao Yang agro-technology company, and spent 1 billion cheque-book, in Mailiao in Yunlin to create is known as Asia’s first fun Solar Farm “Chao Yang new energy park” that will give further impetus to the stock market in the future Cabinet.

Chao Yang in September 2012 to Yun Linlun three back, Paochung, Mailiao Township building 22 solar plant, covering an area of 12 hectares, total 7 million Watts in the set volume, 1,400 families 1-year supply of electricity which, 6.7 hectares to solar farms special ecological features, planning family vacations and group travel diverse recreation field.

Chao Yang agro-tech 2013 revenues account for only about 20 million Yuan, tariff revenue this year to pump, and tend their vegetable and farm sales, with annual revenue of 80 million yuan in 2015, revenue will be further challenged by 200 million Yuan.

Qiu Xinfu origin of financial management says ventures have been expressing willingness to invest, therefore, Chao Yang is expected to go through before the end of this year increased to 350 million dollars, stocks listed goals.

Original title: Chao Yang spend $ 1 billion to build the solar farm

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