Chile pushing for solar industry

Polaris solar PV net news: Chile North of the Atacama desert (AtacamaDesert) is one of world’s most concentrated sunlight, stable regions. Today, it’s surrounded by acres of solar panels, but also form a unique landscape. Chile with unique natural conditions, are making efforts to promote the development of solar energy industry.

Installed capacity of the project were reaching new heights

In July, Chile President Michelle Bachelet visited the United States, one of the United States Government financial investment business development agency “overseas private investment company” announced that it will for Chile in the Atacama desert solar electric LuzdelNorte offers loans of up to $ 230 million, United States first solar (FirstSolar) will build the capacity of 141 MW solar power plant. The project is not only Chile’s biggest solar-power farms, but also across Latin America will become the largest solar farm.

In fact, it’s not Chile’s first large-scale solar projects. In June this year, is also in the Atacama desert, another United States solar company SunEdison developed, construction of the AmanecerSolarCAP power plant began production. The plant covers an area of more than 250 acres, at a cost of $ 250 million, is equipped with a total of 310,000 photovoltaic modules, with a total installed capacity of 100 megawatts, years when the power supply can reach 270 GW, sufficient for 125,000 Chile home’s energy needs.

SunEdison in Europe, Africa and Latin America, President Jose ˙ Perez had proudly said: “diversify Chile’s energy mix, cut costs and promoting Chile in renewable energy and contribute positively to the project. Up to now, the grid size of the companies in the Atacama desert have reached 150 MW, but all this is just the beginning. ”

Companies favor Solar energy projects

Solar energy is now in Chile became one of the most popular renewable energy projects. Figures, including SunEdison companies, Chile has now absorbed the renewable energy investment of $ 7 billion, mainly for the development of solar projects.

According to Bloomberg, Chile’s largest wind developer Pattern energy group has joined the army of solar energy industry. The Group also plans in the Atacama desert to build a solar power station. On August 26, the Pattern CEO Michael ˙ Galan said the Group has already obtained environmental permit future in Chile to build more renewable energy power plants. “At present, Chile political environment is stable and very economical investments projects. “Garland said,” renewable energy is expected to become Chile’s main electricity supply. ”

According to Chile renewable energy Center, in 2013 with the surge in renewable power installed capacity reached 1.1 GW. Renewable electricity generation reaches about 4 TWh, in 2012, rising to 26%, has accounted for Chile 5.85% of electricity.

In fact, Chile to develop renewable power by last-ditch move. In May of this year, Chile’s Energy Minister Maximo ˙ Pacheco has said that over the past 7 years, Chile have doubled electricity prices, will rise again in the coming 7 years 30%.

Chile President Michelle Bachelet pointed out that, in order to meet the growing demand for electricity, avoid the appearance of a power shortage, Chile needs to realize the diversification of sources of power, and lower costs. In order to reflect Government attaches to the renewable power industry, Bachelet also attended the opening ceremony of the wind farm. She also said that the future Government will expedite renewable energy investment, in particular, to increase solar power generation.

Government pushing new incentives for industry to develop

Under the President’s lead, Chile Government from the solar industry a great deal of support from the policy level.

According to the Chile national heritage Ministry, Bachelet was re-elected on December 15, 2013, Chile within 7 months of the President, Chile Government has granted 76 offers land to renewable energy projects, are located on the Chile North, up to 21,400 hectares of the total area. Among them, the total building solar power plants 70; while the centre-right government, in power for 3.5 years time, total number of granted land concessions for renewable energy project is also to reach 74 times.

Chile Government also points out that starts in 2014 also has increased the number of renewable energy projects. Chile renewable energy Center data show that at present, Chile total installed capacity reached 487 MW of solar projects are under construction.

In addition, the solar industry as one of the Bachelet campaign theme, also won a number of other policies. Bachelet’s Government announced that it will launch a program called “public solar roofs” project, valid for 4 years, and investment of $ 13 million. The project’s target areas are those that have strong natural resources and high electricity prices. In addition, the project will provide Chile use real data for the economic benefits of the photovoltaic system.

However, insiders believe that Chile solar energy industry development is not currently benefiting from Government promotion. For example, up to now, Chile solar projects under construction have not been subsidized rates or other tax breaks. Another market analyst, pointed out that, although Chile lots of utility-grade solar projects are under development, but distributed power generation sector is almost a dead letter.

Moreover, while Chile was approved by Parliament as early as 2012, net metering Bill but has not enacted the necessary rules for the implementation of and Chile currently is equal to neither a net metering law, no feed-in tariff subsidy rates policy. Chile President of the solar energy society Ver ó nicaMunita says: “we have been waiting for the installed capacity is less than 100-kilowatt of distributed generation systems and regulations published. We already have many of our own solar and other renewable energy projects, but none of these systems produce electricity grid. ”

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