China power investment investment cooperation agreements with the Qinghai provincial government to speed up its photovoltaic and solar thermal projects development

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 1, the SASAC and the State Council convened in Xining of Qinghai province on Central enterprises to aid youth Symposium, Deputy Xia Zhong, General Manager of the China Power Investment Corporation on behalf of China Power Investment Corporation and the biggest 30 representatives and provincial governments signed the agreement on investment cooperation.

Since 2009, the China Power Investment Corporation and Qinghai provincial government in “green Conference” signed a number of cooperation agreements, the signing and implementation of the agreement, promoting the group in Qinghai province has played an important role in the development. Over the years, Qinghai province, China Power Investment Corporation will serve as an important regional industrial layout, forming a hydro aluminium, electricity and industrial clusters in Silicon, development of new energy projects to achieve leapfrog development, mining project preliminary work in order. For Qinghai province, to further promote these resources advantages into economic advantages, and to develop clean energy, energy saving and emission reduction, improving ecological environment of Qinghai has made a positive contribution.

It is reported that, as of now, China power investment subsidiary company of the Yellow River in Qinghai electric power installed capacity reached 10.65 million-kilowatt, with total assets of more than 58 billion yuan, the cumulative paid more than 10 billion yuan of taxes and fees, for 14 consecutive years as the financial pillars of enterprises in Qinghai province, making important contribution to rapid social and economic development of Qinghai province.

The signing of the agreement, effectively promoted the China Power Investment Corporation in the pace of development and construction of energy projects in Qinghai. According to the agreement, China Power Investment Corporation will increase investment in Qinghai province, speeding up hydropower, wind power, thermal power, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power project development, and use of their own advantages, actively promoting the hot dry rock, Al, SI and mining industries construction projects.

Original title: China Power Investment Corporation and Qinghai provincial government investment cooperation agreement signed

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