China’s polysilicon production enterprises 16 3 output ratio up to 69%

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, China’s polysilicon production technology progress fast, electricity consumption has with international advanced enterprises of the industry-wide average level equivalent to continuous reduction of business costs, at the same time, industry concentration increased significantly, further strengthening overall competitiveness.

Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous metals industry association Zhao Jiasheng recently in Hohhot, in recent years, Chinese polysilicon companies through a number of technological innovation, production costs have fallen sharply, competitiveness improved significantly.

According to statistics, by the end of June 2014, China’s polysilicon industry-wide average comprehensive electricity consumption has been reduced by 2010 at 180-kilowatt per kg/kg 100-kilowatt, restore electricity consumption by 120-kilowatt cents per kg while at 75-kilowatt per kg, a small number of advanced enterprise integrated electricity consumption has dropped to 70-kilowatt per kg following, when you restore the power consumption has dropped to 45-kilowatt per kg, with international advanced technical level of enterprises.

Zhao Jiasheng said Silane in further advancing the application of fluidized bed technology, the application of this technology will further reduce production costs, new silane is expected after the fluidized bed technology for mass production, as part of the major existing Siemens process polysilicon products, whose production costs are expected to fall to below US $ 10 per kilogram.

Production technology progress? lower costs at the same time, China’s polysilicon industry sector concentration increased significantly, further strengthening overall competitiveness.

2011 years Qian, China total 43 home Siemens method polysilicon enterprise, 20 home physical method polysilicon enterprise, production maximum of 3 home Enterprise accounted for national total of 35%? Zhao Jiasheng said, near two years, with polysilicon price continued go fell, large low competitiveness enterprise was forced to shut stopped, and remaining enterprise through technology? implemented scale effect, way, constantly upgrade enterprise itself strength, polysilicon industry of overall competitiveness also with of strengthened.

According to reports, at present, the polysilicon production enterprises in China to 16, which yield maximum output of 3 companies accounted for more than 69%, industry concentration increase than before.

Original title: China’s polysilicon production technology has reached the international advanced level of overall competitiveness to strengthen

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