Cooling policy in Australia solar-thermal power generation tough times

Polaris solar PV net news: Although there are many favorable conditions for development, but Australia grid-connected solar-thermal power industries continued to struggle. So far under the current Government’s attitude to this situation is unlikely to get better.

Australia solar thermal development prospects seems to be supported by the gradual reduction of Government renewable energy policy is totally disrupted.

Solar thermal developer pulled out of

Australia Government reduced the target for renewable energy development, while also slashing the Australia renewable energy agency support ARENA (ARENA holds Australia renewable energy fund) in the past few months, at least two companies have given up on Australia’s solar thermal development plan.

In July, the United States solar thermal developer SolarReserve has renounced the Australia of grid-connected solar-thermal power generation market. This happened in Australia appoints DickWarburton of climate warming skeptics to Australia after approved the renewable energy development goals again. Australia was meant to have achieved by 2020 at least 20% of electricity supplied by renewable goal, but in the past two years Australia’s electricity demand has been on the decline, some critics began to propose the repeal of the objectives proposed.

A few days later, originally planned in Australia North Queensland building local Ratch company first solar thermal power plant was forced to stop because of the loss of financial support for the project. Australia broadcasting company reported losing Government support will increase the project cost about 84%. Ratch Collinsville project planned by Novatec’s linear Fresnel solar thermal technology, and photovoltaic power generation and natural gas power mixed configurations of the complementary power, had previously won the ARENA promises of financial support.

It can be said that SolarReserve and Ratch companies is because Australia grid-connected solar thermal market Outlook is not optimistic about having to give up the solar-thermal power generation in the country marketing plan. There’s only two more developers continue to Australia solar-thermal power generation market to continue trying. One is Spain abenge company, the company is located in Australia West Perenjori an installed capacity of 20MW of solar thermal power tower to conduct a feasibility study, and have been awarded a $ ARENA45 million of financial support. Another is Australia own Vast company, the company will be in Australia New South Wales Jemalong building a solar thermal power station of the 6MWt, the plant when completed will become Australia’s first solar thermal power plant with heat storage. In fact the station is to follow up a preliminary installed capacity of 30MW project demonstration.

Harsh investment environment

Australia solar thermal associations Chairman AndrewWant said: “the authorities seem intent on reducing Australia renewable energy market attractive to investors, which led directly to the investor and developer of solar thermal technology exit Australia markets or slashed solar-thermal business. ”

Although Australia has very good conditions of solar thermal technology development, such as DNI, covering a large area of grid and high technology research and development abilities, but because the Australia national policy is causing the poor investment environment for domestic development of solar thermal technology has brought tremendous challenges, arguably Australia’s solar thermal development has now entered a very difficult time.

Australia has announced plans to build solar thermal projects in recent years about 15, but now seems to be the only GraphiteEnergy LakeCargelligo demonstration project is put into operation.

Solar thermal projects have run aground

Last year, the planning of AlintaEnergy project is located in the PortAugusta capacity of 50MW and Australia installed 40MW WhyallaSolarOasis BN for projects in the South are forced to run aground because of lack of ARENA funding support.

Located near the PointPaterson capacity of 30MW Acquasol1 trough solar thermal desalination project seems never to be developed. In 2010 the project was reported to have stopped due to funding issues, in addition to the company’s Web site home page has not been updated for a long.

SunFarms recent development of solar-thermal project in the PortAugusta seems to be a little better. Want: “investment in the project is just getting the new, so most likely will continue to be developed. ”

Queensland KoganCreek,CS energy company AREVA linear Fresnel technology development capacity as 44MW of photo-thermal mixed steam capacity expansion projects have made some progress. AREVA said although the company dropped out of the solar-thermal power generation market, but the project is going to continue to go on, but the running time of the commercialization of the project may be significantly delayed.

KoganCreek was once thought to be in the technological development of solar thermal in Australia in front of the city, because before including ParsonsBrinckerhoff and company decided to set up a joint company of Siemens joint development of solar-thermal project in the region, but Siemens withdrew from solar-thermal power generation market.

Industry controversy

Because the trade disputes, located in New South Wales Liddell power station of the two existing linear Fresnel solar-thermal power generation unit has stopped running. GraphiteEnergy CEONickBain made it clear that the company will put more energy into energy stored and not on photo-thermal technology. He said: “I am a firm supporter of solar thermal technology, but the development of PV” steal “the thermal spring. Not only can be used in some special areas such as EOR projects in the Middle East, I don’t see the competitiveness of solar thermal technologies in other areas. ”

Australia people say it is more firm than people in other parts of photovoltaic technology had seriously hampered the development of solar thermal technology. Prosper greatly reduces the power needs of distributed PV, which is also Australia renewable energy planning and adjustment for a reason.

But even Australia’s PV industry at present, there are some concerns, senior analyst MichaelBarker NPDSolarbuzz said: “due to the persistent negative policy impacts of the policy change and is widely expected, Australia’s renewable energy development is a bit unnerving. ”

Currently Australia in the field of solar thermal technology is still focused on applications in off-grid power, such as solar thermal driving oil and other industrial area of solar thermal application.

Australia has one of the world’s most important photothermal technique Research Institute–one of the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research organisation (CSIRO) national solar energy Center, which is located in Newcastle, NSW. CSIRO is working with Mitsubishi heavy industries and other industrial partners to develop innovative solar thermal technologies research. However, Australia’s current domestic situation, whether these innovative solar thermal technologies can be applied to Australia grid-connected solar-thermal power project is unknown.

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