“Crab” eats the sugar plum grass-roots PV trying to “transition” PV solution provider

Polaris solar PV net news: as of now, Shijiazhuang, 36 households were distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects, installed capacity of 1447.4 kilowatts, of which 32 households for personal users. Compared with corporate users, electricity is low, but for the spread of renewable energies it is of great significance.

After one year, again went into An Huipeng family’s two-story buildings, it seems nothing has changed. The only difference is, last interview was in June last year, ceiling fans in the living room on the first floor and hum moving happily, and the visit, corner lot in a brand new air conditioning Cabinet machine.

As the provincial capital, one of the first to install “distributed PV home systems” one user since August 9 last year into the national power grid, who lives in An Huipeng in zanhuang County, city have their own solar power systems power generation throughout the years and 4 months. All appliances are power generation, electricity and the remaining were sold to the national grid. He told reporters that as of August this year, generating a total 2305, Internet transmission of 1658, revenue from electricity sales plus revenue such as State subsidies of up to 2012.

Today, the “crab” eats “sugar plum” An Huipeng, opens first solar accessories in the local dealership in the County realized from the grass-roots PV attempts to PV solution provider “in transition”.

Maximum one day on-site generation 12

September 5 at 11 o’clock in the morning, fine weather. An Huipeng home on the roof of the two-storey, 8 blocks arranged side-by-side in a slope shape of solar photovoltaic panels are working quietly, will exist in the Sun’s energy into electricity runs.

“The system is running quite stable, barely over, had not been worse. “Standing in the yard, told reporters An Huipeng, pointing to the roof of the spontaneous electric equipment, power system, he is 2-kilowatt, 6.3 average daily power generation, in addition to the daily citizen 3 kWh of electricity, and the rest were sold to the national grid. In particular makes him happy is that good weather increased significantly this year, generating capacity has increased from a year earlier, the “capacity of up to 12 degrees in the summer, or at least more than seven degrees”.

As the provincial capital, one of the first spontaneous users install photovoltaic, An Huipeng family’s intention is very simple, “just more and more pollution of the moment and make whatever contribution to environmental protection”, but that he didn’t expect and he has a lot of like-minded people. According to rough estimates, more than a year, to come to his home “visit” has dozens of guests, more than 100 people, some still came exclusively from xingtai, Baoding and other places.

Cost over nine years to recover the cost

For An Huipeng, connected to power more than a year, the best news is that last August, State subsidies on distributed PV standards, subsidies increase: distributed solar power in accordance with the electricity subsidy, subsidy standards for 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt hour (tax included).

In other words, is only sold to the electricity grid has a subsidy before, and now, whether for personal use or sold to the grid, and 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt-hour are subsidies.

“For example, I made a total of 60 degrees, 60 per cent of subsidies, subsidies 0.42 Yuan. This means that many more State subsidies, which the cost recovery time shortened, fast. “An Huipeng for reporter detailed listed has distributed PV power to user brings of proceeds: first is since electricity by save of electricity (Hebei Province residents ladder electric price according to months electricity volume different from 0.52 Yuan/kWh to 0.82 Yuan/kWh ranging); second is will remaining of electricity sold grid of proceeds, each degrees electric 0.419 Yuan; third is national subsidies, each sent once electric of subsidies is 0.42 Yuan.

According to daily generation of 6.3 degrees, since the electricity measured 3 degrees, return An Huipeng home power generation a year is (3×0.52+3.3×0.419+6.3×0.42) x30x12=2011.9. The installed cost of the system is 20,000 yuan, calculation, cost recovery for about 9.9 years. An Ruipeng said his family the shelf-life of the system is 25 years, meaning that are expected in the next period of a dozen years of profit.

Progress: “turn around” parts dealer

“When you start to install this equipment, and did not expect it to make much difference to the life. “However, An Huipeng admits, it is because we see bright prospects of photovoltaic power generation, particularly after the subsidy increase, growing sense of its investment property is growing.

According to An Huipeng introduction, since the installation of the system, electricity sector settlement once every six months. “A few days ago, I looked at the card, and a total of more than 1400 Yuan. “He said, a recent settlement, that is, August 9-grid this year for an entire year.

Runs well, never mind, you can also earn money … … In July, An Huipeng again “build” had registered a PV accessories dealership, realized from the grass-roots PV attempts to PV solution provider “transformation”.

“Main show and sale of photovoltaic accessories, responsible for free installation for the user. “An Huipeng dealership located in the county on the East loop area is small, but sentiment was full, many people a day dying of curiosity into the store” inquiry “. An Huipeng told reporters that now, “photovoltaic” concept is increasingly being accepted by more ordinary people, but the installation fees, subsidies continued to be a matter of priority. Many people originally on “green power” interested, but at least a light buying components such as spent more than 10,000 yuan, and about ten years to return, many of the “looker” flinch.

Looking forward to looking forward to more good news introduction

Personal power is lower than the total, but is significant for the spread of renewable energies.

How can we encourage more families to “green power” way? This reporter learned that, in addition to existing national policies support, a number of provinces also issued a corresponding policy support. Like, Jiangxi province except national subsidies 0.42 Yuan/kWh outside, for early loaded fee implemented province special funds grants, a period engineering grants 4 Yuan/w, II period engineering tentative grants 3 Yuan/w; Hangzhou City is in national subsidies 0.42 Yuan/kWh, and Zhejiang Province subsidies 0.1 Yuan/kWh of based Shang, according to project built Hou of actual power effect, again gives 0.1 Yuan/kWh of subsidies……

“If the initial installation fee can support 4/w, power subsidy subsidy of 0.2 Yuan per kWh more, well, only a 2-kilowatt power system installation fee will be less 8000 Yuan. “An Huipeng is looking forward to that, as a result, the cost recovery period is at least two or three years, will appeal to people has been greatly enhanced.

Reassuring is that reporters learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, for now, they are in the process of developing the city to speed up promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry related suggestions, including distributed photovoltaic, or PV, industrial policy support. To believe that there will definitely be more upbeat news about the operability of the introduction.

An Huipeng said then that he intended to put their own homes on the roof, exterior walls, Windows, fully carpeted PV modules and put themselves into a veritable “distributed PV platform” so that more people understand, using “green power”.

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