Critical data is read first half of 2014 PV power developments

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 will go more than half the 1-6 of the photovoltaic industry in the past months in the industry under a warming trend in the larger environment, gradual adjustment, mainstream businesses have returned to profit, and the whole industry chain-making side and weak differentiation, m willing. While in the terminal station, the Chinese Government’s support brought a strong development in the Chinese market.

Polysilicon prices rose, led by Li Xiexin profit

According to the data of the Ministry of Electronics Division, raw materials, and by the end of June 2014, polysilicon production enterprises increased from 16 and 7 from early last year; poly silicon productions from 62,000 tonnes, an increase of 100%; imported polysilicon 45,900 tons, an increase of 17% and imports of $ 1 billion, an increase of 38.8%.

Prices, 29.3% polysilicon prices rose in the first half, compared with last year’s $ 18/t, polysilicon import price of about $ 21 per ton this year, major importing countries focused on Germany, and Korea and the United States and China’s Taiwan region. Germany imports about 14991 tonnes, an increase of 22%, Korea imports 13775 tonnes, an increase of 51%, United States imports 10030 tonnes, down 19.6% affected by the double reverse. Taiwan imports 4755 tonnes, an increase of 72.4%.

Enterprises, in GCL-poly, daqo new energy, TBEA, has arisen now, mainly of domestic polysilicon polysilicon manufacturers produce and sell more and more concentrated, especially GCL-prominent among them, under these circumstances, 2014 GCL-half sales income of HK $ 17.22 billion, gross profit reached 3.68 billion HK dollars, increased by more than 400% over the previous year.

According to the GCL Shu Hua, the Chief Executive introduced from polysilicon manufacturing, GCL-poly in the Siemens process technology costs have fallen to under $ 14 and October is granular Silicon product line FB2, cost under $ 8, such a rapid decline in Silicon cost.

He said, “coupled with rising grain and wafer cutting technology upgrade, will the battery manufacturing process and raw materials provide a contribution and cost efficient contribution, this will give our entire global business expansion. ”

Wafer production 18GW, Taiwan’s biggest export

According to the Secretariat of China PV Industry Association statistics, wafer production 18GW first half of 2014, an increase of 20%, wafer about 1.112 billion dollars in exports, exports, 4.6GW, “double reverse” preliminary impact mainland China from the China Taiwan imported cell number, but also indirectly affects the wafers to China’s Taiwan region’s exports, particularly poly film.

2014 1 June silicon chip exports, data source: Secretariat of the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China

1-in June, wafer exports to 24 countries and regions, China, one of the largest export region for China’s Taiwan, the export amount of US $ 705 million, 63.5% per cent of the total exports, followed by Korea, exports about $ 121 million, accounted for more than the total exports of 10.9% third for Malaysia, exports about US $ 115 million, followed by the Philippines, Japan, and India, and Germany.

Polycrystalline silicon chips for export, export volume is about 3.1GW, mainly exported to China, respectively Taiwan 2.4GW, Malaysia 390MW, Korea 190MW. Silicon chip exports, 1.3GW, mainly exported to China, Taiwan 300MW, 500MW, Philippines Korea 25MW, Japan 110MW, Malaysia 90MW.

From exporters, and multicrystalline silicon exports mainly concentrated in Concord, has arisen now, firms such as chun, GCL exported approximately US $ 318 million, 44% per cent of total exports, saving around $ 82 million, 11.3% per cent of total exports.

Silicon exporters are concentrated in several businesses such as longi, Central, which the Lungi about 159 million dollars in exports accounted for 40.6% silicon chip to total exports, followed by the Central (Central Europe) is about $ 144 million, exports large amounts of 5 companies with exports amounting to $ 371 million, 94.8% per cent of the total exports.

9.5GW component exports, Canadian solar 694 million dollars exports

Middle reaches manufacturing, at the end of June 2014, component prices rose 7.3%, several leading battery companies to turn a profit, some companies continue. Components around 6.6 billion yuan, slightly lower exports, 9.5GW,2 months, 3、4、5yue stable in June by the United States “double reverse” impact the slump in exports, with exports to the US dropped about 220 million dollars.

First half of 2014 component exporting countries/regions, data sources, photovoltaic industry association, China Secretariat

Half component production about 15.5GW, component total sales income 72.2 billion yuan, export aspects, export to 192 a national and the area, which exports maximum of for Japan, about 2.37 billion dollars, export accounted for than about 35.9%, export volume about 3.5GW; second for United States, exports about 1.35 billion dollars, export volume about 2GW; export to European area about 1.34 billion dollars, export volume about 1.9GW, this three a national and the area accounted for total exports of 76.6%, Top ten exporting country or region for Japan and the United States and the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and Australia, and India, and South Africa, China, Taiwan, and Belgium, and Chile.

Enterprises 1-June, Chinese exporters more than 1500 (including production enterprises and foreign trade companies), in which the largest solar reached 694 million dollars in exports, followed by Trina solar and Yingli, top ten companies total about US $ 4.2 billion, 63.6% per cent of the total exports.

Battery export 1.4GW, ja led by $ 145 million

According to the Secretariat of China PV industry association figures first half of 2014, China produces about 14GW of solar cells, which exports about $ 520 million, exports, 1.4GW, export to 92 countries or regions, one of the largest exporters of Korea, exports amounted to 138 million dollars, followed by Canada, and exports amounting to us $ 119 million, exports about $ 94 million in Europe. The top ten exports for Korea], Canada, and India, and Japan, and Germany, and Italy, China, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Austria, and South Africa.

2014 1 cell June monthly exports, data source: Secretariat of the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China

From the perspective of enterprises, 1-June, China solar cell export more than 200 enterprises (including foreign trade company), with the biggest exports for ja, amounted to $ 145 million, 27.8% per cent of the total exports, followed by the take drops and exports of about $ 69 million, top ten companies with exports amounting to $ 395 million, 75.9% per cent of the total exports.

According to the survey, about 1:12 single crystals and polycrystalline, mainly due to high poly is more cost effective.

Small amount of PV projects in the first half, quarter to climb

Terminal station, according to Department of energy data in 2014, China’s new PV on-grid capacity 3.3 million-kilowatt, about 100% than a year ago, with a new grid-connected PV capacity 2.3 million-kilowatt, 1 million-kilowatt new distributed grid-connected PV capacity.

When cumulative kWh photovoltaic power generation by about 11 billion-kilowatt, an increase of 200%.

Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai cumulative grid-connected PV capacity up, respectively, and 4.45 million-kilowatt and 3.65 million-kilowatt; new grid-connected PV capacity in Xinjiang’s largest, at 900,000-kilowatt.

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong today distributed grid-connected capacity up, respectively, and 700,000-kilowatt and 420,000-kilowatt of Jiangsu new distributed grid-connected PV capacity maximum, 270,000-kilowatt.

According to 2014 14GW PV installed capacity target set by the National Energy Board, domestic PV projects in China in the second half are expected to climb, especially four-quarter since Sprint 10GW domestic installed capacity target, the domestic photovoltaic industry jumping might occur, forming shock development curve, industry will remain deep correction.

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