CSR Zhuzhou PV inverter exporting Philippines started “out to sea” first shots

Polaris solar PV net news: high-speed rail in China sell well overseas, when CSR a core product from succeeding, “out to sea”, by its CSR Zhuzhou 250-kilowatt PV inverters developed by recent bid of PV power projects Manila, started overseas the first shot on the road.

PV inverter is one of the important equipment of the solar photovoltaic power plant, solar photovoltaic systems, solar energy through solar module converts the DC electricity, through the PV inverters convert DC to AC compliance with power quality requirements. Inverter in the process take on DC-AC conversion function, also solar panels for maximum performance and system protection features. In the industry, inverter is known as “solar cell”. Authority figures show that PV inverter market prospects, only in 2015, it will reach 10 billion yuan, while the world is nearly $ 10 billion.

The bid of 250-kilowatt PV inverse variable device, is China South car Zhuzhou by independent development of a paragraph products, its used has advanced of control algorithm, effective to reduced has main circuit filtering parameter value, reduced has machine volume, improve has power density value, has cost low, and reliability high, site maintenance convenient, advantages, Supreme conversion efficiency can reached 98% above, full obtained has Philippines owners of recognized.

Photovoltaic industry is CSR response State “low carbon” call to vigorously develop green, energy saving and environmental protection industries, focusing on supporting one of the emerging industries. Since 2009, CSR zelri in ownership of variable flow control technology, developed a stand-alone power from 50-kilowatt to 630-kilowatt a full line of photovoltaic inverter products, today a sales income of more than 300 million Yuan, Hunan province, became the only PV inverter development, manufacturing and research base of micro-grid system.

At present, the CSR zelri in PV industry has been by the professional supplier of inverters to power system solution provider change, to build and excellent professional supplier of electrical systems for PV inverter and PV system integration internationally renowned new image.

Original title: CSR Zhuzhou PV inverter exporting Philippines started “out to sea” first shots

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