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Polaris solar PV net news: urban “roof power station”

Recently, Jian Guo Lu bei Fang Junqi on the roofs of shops, a distributed grid-connected PV system is installed, in the sunlight, a neat rows of solar photovoltaic modules made sparkling glow. This is my first commercial distributed in photovoltaic systems in the city, it turns out, marked the beginning of distributed PV in the main urban area of application.

Distributed grid-connected PV system is one that uses photovoltaic modules, and other electrical equipment, grid-connected electricity generation systems convert solar energy directly into electricity, power issued by local use, excess power into the national grid.

Yingli group project manager Shi Baohua introduced, this system includes 32 pieces of photovoltaic modules, there are brackets, combiner box, inverter, power distribution box, occupying an area of about 100 square meters on the roof, the system capacity is 7. 84-kilowatt, the system’s owner invested 80,000 yuan, can produce 30 degrees each day, the system can be used for more than 25 years and 6-8 years to recover their investments. Investors in the use of solar power at the same time, can also sell electricity to the national grid.

Distributed grid-connected PV system is very easy to install and can be installed in any sunlit place, effective use of idle resources of the site, including the roofs, balconies, floors, walls, at present, the most widely used is a distributed grid-connected photovoltaic system installed on the roof of a building.

“At downtown businesses and entrepreneurs to promote at the same time, also implement the PV home, ordinary people can also use this kind of green energy. According to the current market price to invest 10,000 yuan, of distributed PV installed capacity of 1-kilowatt, tile installation photovoltaic modules on the roof, covering an area of 10 square meters, according to the different seasons of light, can power a day on average 4 degrees. Installation 3-5-kilowatt the public can meet domestic demand for electricity, home lighting, household appliances use power provided for the residents. “Shi Baohua said.

With the support of States for the PV industry, as well as the increasing level of awareness about photovoltaic, home photovoltaic system will be closer to people.

Increasing energy saving and environmental protection

In March last year, the province’s first distributed grid-connected photovoltaic system project in Xishan industrial area than a new energy grid-connected electricity generation technology limited success.

The company, the manufacturing plant was installed on the roof of nearly 8000 square meters, distributed PV modules. Company technicians said, this system is an annual average generating capacity of 66. 420,000, the electricity used for shop lighting and production equipment. When the load is large, insufficient solar power companies to utility power purchase and load is low burn electricity, excess electricity can be sold to the mains.

Bao thang company that distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is the city’s first enterprise distributed PV grid-connected system, addition to meet the enterprise’s own use of electricity, but is more of an experimental demonstration of the significance of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Photovoltaic power generation does not need fuel, no carbon-dioxide emissions, and does not pollute the air, does not produce noise. Under normal daylight conditions, 1 of 1-kilowatt photovoltaic system can reduce their use of coal is about 400 kilograms, about 1 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Today, the city electricity still dominated by thermal power plants, photovoltaic power generation belongs to green energy, its spread can reduce the use of coal-fired power, good for energy saving and environmental protection. Along with the restructuring of the energy policy, by the company to invest in photovoltaic power generation project in the city is in the ascendant, rising like mushrooms.

The reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, State practices in accordance with the full power of distributed PV subsidy policy, subsidy levels for each kWh of electricity price 0. 42 Yuan (tax included), be paid through the Fund for renewable energy development, by grid enterprises to pay which, distributed PV systems use Internet access of electricity, according to the local power grid enterprises new benchmark coal price acquisitions.

In this regard, Shi Baohua explained that for people, use distributed grid-connected PV systems, install 1-kilowatt, daily power generation 4, power 0 electricity prices for each of the company. 52 dollars, you can save electricity 2. 08 Yuan; distributed grid-connected PV system per kilowatt-hour State 0. 42 Yuan of subsidies, for his own consumption or to sell regardless of the public power company, will receive 0. 42 Yuan of subsidies, 4 kilowatt hours will receive a subsidy of 1. 68 Yuan. If you have remaining capacity, could be sold to power companies, electric power supply company in accordance with the desulfurization of coal-fired electricity price to buy the people’s power, per kilowatt-hour at the 0. 42 Yuan. Distributed grid-connected PV systems not only saves electricity, but also to create income.

Farmers use the PV

Now, distributed grid-connected PV system is widely used in enterprises, businesses in our city, distributed grid-connected photovoltaic system from people far away?

Xuanhua in Jiang Jia Tun Xiang Tai Ping Zhai village, farmers installed solar panels on the roof, a few villagers to achieve a solar photovoltaic power generation.

Tai Ping Zhai village is divided into the old village and village, the villagers after the move into the new village, old village no longer power the villagers engaged in farming in the old village. “Farm when I first moved to the old village, there is not even electricity for lighting at home. “The villager Jia Fengjun said. He is 40 years old, and his farm covers an area of 4 acres, farming more than more than 200 sheep.

Jia Fengjun Huai an and other places to buy feed, bought feed required for processing, due to farm without electricity, he can only pull Xia Bao village, 4 km from away from farms to processing. He dug a reservoir used for on-farm and watered the sheep, if pumped, can hold seven or eight tons of water in the pool, because there was no electricity, Jia Fengjun had to pull new village. In addition, Interior and Treasury also needs lights.

Using solar photovoltaics, Jia Fengjun becomes first person to eat crabs in the village.

A villager who worked in Tibet in the village, saw household solar photovoltaic power generation system in Tibet, Jia Fengjun was recommended. Jia Fengjun online searching, a local insurance company manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products. After he spends 2600 Yuan off-grid PV electricity storage systems have been installed, the technician installed solar panels in the roof of his house, and equipped with AC and DC inverters, photovoltaic controller and batteries.

Jia Fengjun this solar PV system capacity of only 300 Watts of power, solar conversion of sunlight to electricity can cover 2 to 3 rainy days of power usage. “In a State of full, TV can be provided 4-5 hours of electricity, indoor lighting can also be guaranteed. “Jia Fengjun said. He said that with the constant expansion of the farm, he wants to in the future to increase off-grid photovoltaic electricity-storage system to 1-kilowatt. In his installation, and four farmers in the village have installed off-grid photovoltaic electricity storage systems.

At present, the domestic photovoltaic power generation limited to off-grid photovoltaic electricity storage systems, but this system doesn’t work with grid for grid-connected, spontaneous use only apply to remote areas without access to electricity and photovoltaics “fans”, and so on. In the city, few family also distributed grid-connected PV system installed.

People getting closer

Reporters learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, by 2022, PV power installed capacity will reach 2.6 million-kilowatt in our city.

“In my province, distributed PV systems has come into the family, especially in rural areas, farmers who install the distributed grid-connected photovoltaic systems increased, farmers realize the grid access is installed. “Shi Baohua, distributed grid-connected PV is more suitable for rural” rural site adequate, except for outside lighting and electrical appliances, if the distributed grid-connected PV system in heating, will play a more significant role in energy conservation and environmental protection. In rural areas, every family to burn coal to keep warm in winter, each rural family winter burn two or three tons of coal. ”

Bao thang company Manager, Li said, distributed grid-connected photovoltaic systems use the term for 25 up to 30 years, investing a distributed photovoltaic installations need tens of thousands of dollars, about ten years to recover the cost, the return on investment is relatively long. Distributed photovoltaic installations on security, the impact of electricity generation on the grid of the owners House, issues such as efficiency and life of the equipment is relatively complex, distributed PV also has a public awareness process. In addition in the city’s rural, farmers are lack of funding, resulting in the city not many families installed grid-connected PV system.

Shi Baohua said: “now, PV technology has been applied to household appliances, such as PV direct drive air conditioners. With the support of States for the PV industry, as well as the increasing level of awareness about photovoltaic, home photovoltaic system will be closer to people. ”

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