Enjoy green electricity at no cost, “Sun Life”

Polaris solar PV net news: author friends newly installed solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the House, as far as this guy says: “electricity without tariff payment, also could be sold. “The past few years as the domestic photovoltaic roof technology matures, it makes life seem very distant solar photovoltaic power generation, is no longer out of reach.

Solar PV system mentioned, I believe many people will be remembered in the first PV inverter, the main components of solar photovoltaic power generation system, plays a crucial role in the power system as a whole. In recent years, with PV industry matures, many businesses had sales reach the home market, have been offering household PV inverter, this author from the numerous brands of inverter and selected “T-SOL” TEH3000A PV inverter product reviews and see green, energy-saving products how to change our lives.

This paragraph inverse variable device of brand is “T-SOL”, according to understanding, brand membership Yu Huizhou days energy technology limited, is domestic well-known power manufacturer Trimble group its subsidiary, main operating PV inverse variable device of development, and production and sales, electric charging station/pile of production, and sales and the after-sales service, currently has in both at home and abroad success construction has multiple PV station, is a very has solar PV system combat using experience of company.

Interpretation of functional advantages:

But then again why did I choose this as the fraction of the PV inverter, because this is the one for home use on the market of low-voltage and off one inverter. Ordinary grid-connected inverter is directly to generate electricity into the grid generation, its advantage is that do not need batteries to store energy, save investment and depletion of the battery, its limitations are only normal mains supply and Sun environments to normal power supply. Off grid inverters are equipped with a battery energy storage power supply power generation, its advantages, avoiding disadvantages of incorporation, even in the absence of mains supply case, normal power supply, disadvantage is the extra grid-connected PV electric energy resource could not be, cause energy waste.

Off-grid PV system diagram

Working principle of grid-connected photovoltaic system

TEH3000-one principle of the inverter (combination of on-grid and off-grid inverter technology)

“T-SOL” TEH3000 and one inverter combines the technical advantages of on-grid off-grid, and resolved both defects, not only meets in the absence of mains supply cases, normal power supply, meanwhile, backflow protection technology, can directly convert excess PV grid-connected electricity, reduce household electricity meter number directly, avoiding the waste of energy. And off-camera inverter truly meet the requirements of the current user’s home, but due to the high technical threshold, can produce the same performance of low pressure in the market and away from vendors that one inverters, the country does not exceed ten.

Model analysis:

As a home for PV inverter, from the viewpoint of shape, design, size and ease of installation are factors of consumer priorities.

Appreciation and analysis of TEH3000 shape

This inverter in blue color, coincides with concepts of Solar Green, energy-efficient living ideas. Compact contoured design coupled with lively jump blues, making the entire product technology fully. Shell is made of high quality aluminum, sheet metal processing after, has a good flame and impact-resistant, beautiful and durable shell surfaces are frosted, touch feel very good, there is wear-resistant.

Dimension measurement

My first impression of this inverter is exquisite, bulky shape style broke the traditional inverter. Looks like regular water heater about the same size, measured the size, length 55CM, width is 34CM, higher 17CM. Best weigh in a bit, but also very heavy, weighing, this little guy for about 18KG. There are four mounting holes on either side of the inverter, is used in wall-type structure, easy to install and move are easy installation and operation.

Appreciation of LED display and user interface

LED panels, erected in spring can be seismic

Inverse variable device positive central location equipped with has LED display, convenient user real-time reads inverse variable device of work parameter, occurred exception or short-circuit Shi also can achieved smart closed and issued sound light warned, also has overheating protection, and overload protection, function, security high, worth a mention of is, user can through LED screen Shang of button free switch electricity mode: 1, and spontaneous use, and over electric Internet sold electric mode; 2, and sold electric mode; 3, and spontaneous use, and over electric not Internet sold electric mode. Which was also does one PV inverter is a big selling point.

Label on the side of the inverter

Posted on the side of the inverter parameter label, the label shows the serial number of the machine on-grid off-grid, type, as well as related technical parameters of the model, from the technical parameters to know, T-SOL and away from the machine’s rated 3000W,PV maximum input voltage is 100V only, belonging to the low pressure, high safety factor, very suitable for home. Rated output voltage is 220V, output current rating is 13.6A, Inverter Charger conversion efficiency 98.2%, step-up conversion efficiency 92.6%, inverter conversion efficiency 96.8%.

Heatsink and fan base, made of high quality aluminum, works fine

Inside the inverter according to

Inverters the shell open, the Interior is fine and placed regular parts. Inside the inverter as a whole is divided into three work areas, from right to left are: MPPT charging areas, boost, the inverter area. Run finally generating electricity through three work areas.

Photo of the inductance (electrical energy into magnetic energy which is stored in original)

Close up electrolytic capacitors

Transformers (transforms alternating voltage, current, and impedance devices)

This is the display panel main display inverter operation status and parameters

Control Panel (top) equivalent of the computer’s CPU sampling (below), is responsible for signal processing components

Inverter, bottom socket

Practical application:

Above, from outside to inside the author introduced graphic inverter, inverter installation cost how? What change can bring to life? These should be that you wanted to know and care about. I use a friend’s experience, for example, his complete PV systems cost about 40,000 yuan, roof covering about 120 square meters, 10 300W installed photovoltaic panels on the roof, occupying an area of about 60 square meters photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic 3000W, a case study of Guangdong’s average of 3.5 hours of sunshine a day about electricity around 12 degrees. Can save more than 3,000 yuan annually for the average family, the tariff plus the proceeds from selling electricity costs and Government subsidies, 8 years or so will recover, service life at 25 count, with 16 years of future earnings. Even more important in today’s environment deteriorating, new green energy the environmental benefits are money cannot measure, which is solar PV show great charm.

In fact, distributed PV subsidy policy has come out in many parts of the country, particularly in the highest passion in East China. In an era of increasing scarcity of energy, has made a leap in the development of green energy technologies, solar power as the most flamboyant of the new energy industry in recent years, has entered a large-scale application phase. Is distant from our lives before solar power, now has few uses of patents, with 450,000 yuan of installation cost to get free electricity for more than 20 years of welfare. Believe that in the near future, the wide popularity of commercial solar photovoltaic power generation system, will not be far away.

If you want to install a home solar power system, available through their company website for more information.

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