First Solar completion of Texas commercial photovoltaic power stations

Polaris solar PV net news: First Solar recently completed initial 18MW Barilla PV plants in Texas stage, which is in the State’s first power plant that runs without a power purchase agreement.

The Delgado Peixe County in West Texas “commercial” PV power station will be sold in the Texas ERCOT grid spot market power.

Unsubsidized commercial power generation projects are in some countries has become more common in these countries, such as Chile, solar power for expensive fossil fuel power generation provides a viable alternative, but in the United States without extensive testing.

The project will inevitably violate the First Solar,First Solar approach has been tended to before the sold its power plants to power producers, obtaining a long-term power purchase agreement for them.

First Solar TimRebhorn, Senior Vice President for business development, said: “with clean, renewable energy into the Texas market is exciting, its high cost compared to traditional peak resources at competitive prices. This project proves FirstSolar rapid development, construction and production capacity of solar assets, at competitive prices to the grid when needed to provide a clean, renewable energy. ”

Albeit solar in Texas to take off a United States slow in other regions, but the national renewable energy laboratory, said in the United States in the development of solar energy potential, recently completed projects, including 400MWAlamo the first phase of the project, has made the Lone Star State a strong implementation of solar energy.

• Delgado Peixe County Judge Joe; Schuster (JoeShuster), commenting on the announcement, saying: “First Solar is a pioneer Texas, West Texas solar to diverse energy portfolio. In West Texas, we have a lot of land, some of which there was plenty of oil in the ground, and all places have sunshine, making it very suitable for solar power plants like this. I am glad to see the Barilla as the first project, and I hope that it will soon become the ‘ Texas solar patch ‘. ”

Original title: First Solar completion of Texas commercial photovoltaic power stations

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