Focus on PV power station fault diagnosis–Beijing wood can visit software General Manager Li Weihong

Polaris solar PV net news: August 21, Beijing General Manager Li Weihong wood software in 2014 Conference on photovoltaic power plant investment and financing peak Forum on large-scale PV power station stage of development in the construction and operation and maintenance of existing problems with our industry experts conducted in-depth discussions.

In his speech, he emphasized the completion of construction and operation and maintenance management of photovoltaic power station are facing major bottlenecks. Short construction period, square device number, and covers an area of, and issues such as environment and living conditions are poor, lead to higher failure rate and acceptance problems. Photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance staff, new personnel stability, such as the reality is even more difficulties in the operation and maintenance management.

As a domestic renewable energy industry and well-known software enterprises, wood has taken field of hydropower, wind power for many years. For solar photovoltaic emerging strategic industries, which surprises they can bring to the industry?

Reporter: why wooden can think of establishing PV power plant remote diagnosis Center, provides remote diagnostics service?

Li Weihong: first half of the year, the national new PV on-grid capacity 3.3 million-kilowatt, about 100% than a year ago. Among them, the new grid-connected PV capacity 2.3 million-kilowatt, 1 million-kilowatt new distributed grid-connected PV capacity. Not difficult to find, PV industry in China has entered the stage of development on a large scale, there are an increasing number of PV power station into operation for more than 20 years. During the operation, operation of power station is the core elements of the power station efficiency. How to plant high running PV owners are most concerned about protection issues.

For PV power plant running status of remote geographical location, transportation, combined with years of experience in the photovoltaic industry and Internet technology, we set up a photovoltaic plant’s distant Diagnostic Center, focus on photovoltaic plant’s distant diagnostic services, for power plant operators to provide “photovoltaic intelligent solutions.” Aims through intelligent (“information + specialization”) operation theory and efficient troubleshooting, runs through the sharing of professional philosophy and technology, continuous upgrading of power plant operation, and enhance operation efficiency.

Reporter: PV value in what aspect of intelligent solutions?

Li Weihong: in view of the current PV bottlenecks faced by completion of construction and operation and maintenance management, we make photovoltaic power generation intelligent solutions can assist PV acceptance on the one hand, on the other hand can meet the needs of efficient PV power station operation and maintenance management. For a 50,000-kilowatt of photovoltaic plant, inverter there are around 100, combiner box 800 or so, battery components, about 190,000 pieces, all devices are checked one by one, the workload is huge, while the equipment (such as inverters and components) are met? Actual acceptance process, is a common practice in the industry inspection, result in acceptance at the end of station a large number of problems still exist, and seriously affected the project’s economic benefits. If by means of intelligent solutions, you log in on the station for all blind acceptance, ensure the quality of engineering and equipment performance standards. Intelligent solutions for a timely alarm for equipment failures, especially on string-level fault diagnosis, as opposed to sampling is not only efficient, but cover the whole power station fault detection through the inverter and discrete components rate, can measure the power inverter and battery level of the overall operation.

The programme focused Yu group series level fault diagnosis, maximum reduced PV station of electricity loss; through standardized, and Standardization Management, for full improve station integrated efficiency provides has guarantees; smart of solution programme in the big data analysis for equipment performance optimization, and new station of equipment selection, and design optimization provides has according to; station management personnel and the group can through browser, and phone, variety access way anytime, anywhere control multiple station run status, Operations staff may be available through a mobile phone and other mobile device the fault and defect elimination in a timely manner.

Also, the programme can automatically provides accurate of report, break traditional of artificial statistics way, will station and the group headquarters staff from cumbersome of report statistics work in the Liberation; through Sun shipped dimension, achieved led layer on station of effective regulatory; achieved exception branch report a key export, station shipped dimension personnel just carrying export of report can to square in the for equipment fault elimination deficiency, makes shipped dimension became simple, and easily, and efficient.

Reporter: what are the most compelling success stories?

Li Weihong: success case has covered cumulative installed 2 Kat w of PV station, which, typical of case including in the electric voted yellow hydropower Dragon sheep Gorge water light complementary 320,000-kilowatt PV station, and in the electric voted yellow hydropower Qinghai Golmud 300,000-kilowatt PV station, and country electric in Inner Mongolia siziwang banner 100,000-kilowatt PV station, and China hydropower construction new energy company wuwei 50,000-kilowatt PV station, and yellow company new energy station concentrated operations analysis system, and Shanghai space electromechanical PV station operations regulatory platform, and Zhenfa new energy PV power plant decision analysis system, State power in Inner Mongolia photovoltaic power plant MIS systems, etc.

Reporter: you mentioned the free PV power station running diagnostic and capacity upgrade consulting services, what are the specific contents? How does service?

Li Weihong: plant diagnostic services nationwide have been put into operation of photovoltaic power plant launched a free service, this service is aimed at intelligence (information + specialization) in philosophy, continuous upgrading of power plant operation, thereby enhancing the power plant generating capacity. At present, our professional plant diagnostic services team has more than one plant services, according to our theoretical analysis and actual verification, PV electricity does have a larger room, 4.95%, up to 18.82%, on average, about 7%, the effect is very notable.

Original title: dedicated to photovoltaic power station fault diagnosis–Beijing wood can visit software General Manager Li Weihong

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