Frequent positive renewable energy construction adjustment in final period

Polaris solar PV net news: about distributed PV new deal, renewable energy quota system, wind power equipment market order specification, reset the coastal nuclear power plant and a series of policy documents, recently have been adopted or are being developed. Industry analysts generally believe that, under the current smog control battle, adjust the structure of energy consumption has become an important starting point to accelerate clean energy alternative to coal consumption, completed by 2015 renewable energy targets up to 9.5% per cent of primary energy consumption in the final sprint. Represented by nuclear power, wind power and solar power, the domestic renewable energy industry, after the first two years of policy “brakes” and after a brief adjustment back into developing fast-track, which will correct past poor market for the renewable energy sector is expected, sector valuation is continuing to enhance the probability of the event.

Enter the policy before the end of intensive release period

Earlier this month after the release distributed PV new, National Energy Board, wind power equipment market continues to regulate succession, renewable energy quota management exposure drafts and other documents, a series of policies are designed to promote renewable energy generation status in new energy development strategy to accelerate the use of clean energy to adapt to the needs of air pollution prevention and control.

According to the policy planning, by 2015, the national water, wind, photovoltaic capacity reached 2.9, 1.0, and 35 million kilowatts, by 2017, the three main renewable energy generating capacity to 3.3, 1.5 and 70 million kW, respectively. Wind and solar PV current installed capacity to progress now, to complete the “Twelve-Five” target must be further clear policy and institutional obstacles, fully arouse the enthusiasm of market participation in renewable energy investments.

China renewable energy society, an expert told reporters that the intent of the policy in the second half of this year growing, is to complete the established capacity in various fields not only target figure, more looking for incentive and restrictive measures to mobilize local governments and companies to develop renewable energy enough attention.

Renewable energy quota system, is considered to be around the current renewable energy power to dissolve obstacles to enhance the level of generation projects operation benefit from one of the most effective policies. Broadcasting certificates Hang Seng considers that, in accordance with the basic idea of quotas, the State power plant, power enterprises, local governments will be the three main binding renewable energy quota requirements set out, which is equivalent to the entire production and new energy industries to dissolve was supported by the national commitment of guaranteed annual minimum consumption. Galaxy securities said that without regard to technical support, grid and grid capacity cases, provinces achieve renewable than required, the fastest and cheapest way is to develop wind power.

Increase in the proportion of renewable energy consumption a key

Air pollution prevention and control has become the industry’s current priorities, the energy industry is considered to bear the brunt. Unreasonable traditional energy consumption is considered to be one of the main causes of serious air pollution, adjustment of domestic energy consumption structure has now become an important measure to control air pollution. According to the National Energy Board recently issued air pollution prevention and control programmes in the energy sector by 2017, China’s coal consumption will drop to below 65%, non-fossil energy consumption to 13% per cent of total energy consumption.

Experts point out that strictly controlling coal consumption over the past few years have been a target, but the effect is always bad, coal consumption in its key to reduce the energy consumption of maneuvers out of space in the current situation does not find very reliable alternative form. Therefore, accelerating the pace of development of renewable energy, increase their level of capacity is already tight. According to the Shanxi securities [-1.45% funds research report] statistical analysis that by 2013, China’s energy consumption structure, coal accounted for 67.5%, oil accounts for more than 17.8%, 5.1% per cent of natural gas, hydropower accounted for more than 7.2%, 1.5% per cent of renewable energy such as wind and solar, and target figures, there is a big gap.

Comprehensive major brokerage analyst’s viewpoint, this year, the senior has been repeatedly referred to the concept of the energy revolution, and will serve as the energy industry’s most important strategic tasks in the future. As one of the main attractions in the energy revolution, accelerating the development of renewable energy generation, and raise the proportion of its overall energy consumption patterns, would be sustainability policy plans. Based on this, the market has reason to amend the last two years due to a variety of factors are lower the renewable energy sector is expected, future general valuation of the industry will be repaired and continue to improve.

Original title: frequent positive renewable energy construction adjustment in final period

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