Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Province: PV market space promotion way

Polaris solar PV net news: PV power generation as the emerging industries of strategic importance, to optimize the energy structure, improving the ecological environment, the development of a low carbon economy is of great significance. Since June last year the province since the million roofs solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration project was started, this form of low carbon power generation were sought after by many people. In the true benefits of the roof-mounted PV plants? Residents can enjoy what PV policy dividends? PV power applications for Ganzhou bring? For many issues of public concern, this reporter recently launched an investigation.

1. policy support lifting solar thermal

Jinling road in Ganzhou, a lot of people recognize Qiu Zhongbo home. “Look at that shiny photovoltaic installations on the roofs, I knew it was his house. ”

Last January, Qiu Zhongbo 4.8 kW rooftop solar plant built since the formal power, it is first distributed small PV power station in Jiangxi province, Qiu Zhongbo becomes “Ganzhou rooftop PV first person”.

“Photovoltaic noise-free, pollution-free power station built on the roof, not occupied land, easy maintenance. And built power plants is a one-time investment, issued not only for personal use, sell over the Internet. “Qiu Zhongbo in the electricity sector for many years, the PV benefits is clear.

As a result, as early as October of last year, of distributed solar power projects by the Government price subsidies done until he boldly Queen pay 45,000 dollars, plan to build the power station.

In December last year, while the province’s Wanjia rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, Qiu Zhongbo and installed a 5-kilowatt their roof photovoltaic power plant. This time, he received a 4 Yuan per peak watt Province Special Fund grants, actual installation costing around 30,000 yuan.

Now, when the two nuclear power stations total generating capacity reached 8200duoqianwa, Qiu Zhongbo also get power earned more than 6,000 yuan. His fingers out: “plant annual generation of approximately 5,000-kilowatt, the country with 0.42 Yuan/kWh (including tax) of subsidies for electricity, national grid electricity price in 0.475 Yuan/kWh (including tax) of the standard acquisition, coupled with the province for the one-time installation allowance works out to about 6 years to recover costs. ”

However, at the end of the first settlement when you return, Qiu Zhongbo was faced with problems. “Must go to the local tax Department, sales invoices and send invoices to Ganzhou power supply companies to settle, and before the tax authorities did not accept this kind of business experience and the basis of coordination to smooth out the invoice. ”

After this, Ganzhou power company is quickly tackled measures come into effect this year, “one-stop” services to help residents invoice on behalf of clients, normal monthly meter reading, generation revenue directly into the customer’s bank account, greatly simplifies the checkout process.

In addition, Ganzhou power company also distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power generation business has opened up a “green channel”, 20 working days to respond to access system solutions, project completion and acceptance of completed within 10 working days after incorporation and debugging, incorporations and subsequent settlement services with full and free, and took the lead in the province involving solar power low-voltage operation of the interim rules, standard photovoltaic grid-connected power generation services.

As the subsidy policies and supporting measures to improve, rooftop photovoltaic power in the city is getting hotter. At present, the city has implemented liangqiwan roof photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, completion of 309 families network. Qiu Zhongbo enthusiastically began his “PV” new schemes – add a 20-kilowatt on a roof of photovoltaic power plant.

2. the prospect though residents had concerns

As with Qiu Zhongbo, zhanggong District residents He Weiwei had focused on roof photovoltaic power generation a few years ago. Last June, the province started million rooftop photovoltaic power generation demonstration project, “time has come”, he declared in the contract gave up at the last minute.

This reporter learned that, in provincial energy Board established one of the first among the province’s 11 engineering suppliers and no Ganzhou local enterprises. After optimization, the city has identified 3 local agents, to provide complete sets of product services and installation, commissioning, incorporations and sale and other one-stop services, these agents promised the system warranty period is 5 years.

“In other words, power station just back, warranty expired. Service life of a household PV power station for more than 25 years, with longer, more prone to problems, but also face the risk of business failure. “This contradiction He Weiwei chose to wait and see,” If the product warranty can be extended to more than 15 years, I did not care. ”

He Weiwei said, at present, the domestic photovoltaic industry are “excess” phenomenon that leads to PV module falling average selling prices and profit margin is very low. Vendors (dealers) profit restrictions, often short on quality assurance and after-sale service. He hoped that the Energy Department in charge of coordinating, monitoring vendors (agents) make checks on quality and service, and let residents use with more confidence. Also expects suppliers to be local in Ganzhou enterprises more convenience, service is more secure.

In interviews, reporters found, roof rights issues into account, many people strongly support family PV, but due to the lack of suitable roof resources can only be “closed”.

“Photovoltaic roof height requirement was not high, like Villa, penthouse floor, residents of single-family houses with good installation conditions, or in a bicycle shed and a business bike shed roof installation of PV modules. “The Chief of the municipal development and Reform Commission’s energy zhuxiao-Hong said.

Already installed several rooftop PV citizens told Xinhua in an interview, said that from a return on investment perspective, promote social benefits far outweigh economic benefits of rooftop photovoltaic. Are subject to seasonal weather, generating expectations are less stable and long payback period. Second, using household electricity are more concentrated in the evening, solar power but only in the daytime, it causes dislocation of electricity and power generation, solar-powered radio and multiple streams back to the grid during the day, household use at night is actually the power supply of electricity.

All these are roof photovoltaic power generation problems faced during the promotion process, from low carbon and environmental protection, from the Government’s perspective, prospects are promising.

3. the roofing industry expectations

Photovoltaic power generation is divided into large power generating and distributing small power generating two types. Countries in these two years nearly 30 PV industry support policies, the PV market development priorities from “large ground power station” to “roof distributed power plants.” Under the new direction, from “House” the city distributed in photovoltaic applications have been driven by wind.

Sun, Xiaotian village of Adobe houses concentrated settlements and Gan rivers, ningdu County communities, rows of gleaming roof of the farmhouse cottage, 3847 PV Board continued to absorb the Sun’s energy.

River Community is the only province of Jiangxi’s photovoltaic industry construction and rural the transformation of the old Adobe houses with demonstration sites. Last August, Xiaotian village in accordance with the “invest in companies, Government help, farmers benefit from” model, the introduction of Ganzhou qiguang solar energy science and technology limited company invested 12 million yuan in building roof PV power plant in the community. Power station early this year to achieve grid, when annual output of up to 1 million-kilowatt.

“In the past to burn more than 1000 kilograms of firewood a year, not only labour-intensive and time-consuming, but also seriously damage vegetation. Now have solar power, shower, water heating, energy saving and environmental protection. “The villagers said the xiaoyiyong.

Qiguang Zhang Lianhong, General Manager, told reporters that residents built with common patterns are different, the PV energy innovation exploring a contract construction business model qiguang as contract energy management company, signed an agreement with more than more than 200 farmers, leased more than 10,000 square meters of idle roof-mounted photovoltaic power generation device, return belongs to the company. 20 years later, all his equipment free farmers, driving farmers ‘ income steadily.

With the speeding up of new towns, huge development space of photovoltaic power generation in the country are already visible. In May of this year, Jiangsu zhenfa new energy technology will be 100-megawatt photovoltaic power plant project located in the town of quannan County chengxiang town village, which will develop and construct a photovoltaic greenhouses, photovoltaic power generation, agriculture, tourism, agricultural science and technology combine, for the development of agricultural industrialization in the city to provide a new road.

Meanwhile, the roofs of public buildings such as schools, plant resources, are PV companies effectively collected. Not long ago, the domestic renewable energy industry leaders Jiangsu Icahn group innovation in 10-kilowatt campus in Nankang plans to construct a low-carbon PV science base, set low-carbon science, teaching, distributed generation as a whole, the project is currently in preparation.

In May this year, the province established provincial commercial PV project 0.2 Yuan/kWh subsidy for a period of 20, plus national 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidy and enterprises to invest in PV industry earnings further improved, dynamic highly motivated. Believe that in the near future, “on the roof and recycling industries” is promising.

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