GTM: small commercial PV project handover

Polaris solar PV net news: market research firm headquartered in Boston GTMResearch studies have shown that, under the influence of market incentives and technological innovations, small commercial PV project will revive.

Although the capital markets over the past five years, increasing investment in the large-scale commercial solar projects, but for small commercial solar projects to attract investments is facing considerable difficulties. These small commercial solar projects tend to adapt to a variety of contract terms, lack of industries and electricity purchasers themselves have credit ratings or does not have a value, then there is the construction site of the project has a number of special requirements. In addition, compared with the much larger projects, small commercial solar projects related transaction costs flat.

All these faults, cause investors to lose confidence in small commercial solar projects, to larger investment capacity solar projects, especially projects that power output greater than 1 MW.

This investment trends over time on an increasing trend. In 2010, the non-residential electricity installed capacity of solar power plant project 70% is the sum of less than 1 MW, and by the year 2014, this proportion had dropped to 44%.

Map: distribution of non-commercial photovoltaic installation. Data source: GTM United States solar market observation reports second quarter of 2014.

Creating market conditions for small commercial solar energy project is of great significance. In theory, to a large extent, the development potential of this market is actually pretty huge by today’s standard. Is pleased to note that, we already foresee some emerging market trends, and these trends should help small commercial solar energy project development.

First, the United States have realized the importance of developing small commercial solar projects, it is necessary to differentiate, is now pushing stimulus project to expand its market.

Secondly, we have seen a lot of different companies are constantly introducing innovative technologies, reduce the cost of investing in small business management of solar energy projects, such as online attendance system project points system, and investment platforms.

Finally, some companies in order to attract third-party capital, large-scale commercial projects in development at the same time, have begun to set up their own small commercial solar project. Development trend of small projects over the next few years will eventually be reversed, we remain optimistic about this.

We expect the United States civilian output this year will exceed 1.3 GW of PV industry and increase of 21% in 2013.

Original title: GTM: small commercial PV project handover

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