Hebei xingtai: solar power station when it walked into thousands

Polaris solar PV net news: Huang SI town, xingtai, with a total installed capacity of 50 MW power PV grid-connected power generation by the end of last year, invested nearly 500 million Yuan.

In the village of qiaodong district South kangzhuang, newly-built a small home solar power stations, only 50,000 yuan of investment.

The morning of August 19, South kangzhuang villager Zhao Hongyin home on the roof of the 24 panels lined, quietly undergoing conversion. Installed on Zhao Jia PV inverter display on the second floor, this family-type solar power station is for every 20 minutes of electricity capacity, deliver electricity to the national grid. Another piece of meter display, grid connected since July 25 to the reporters, the family power station has accumulated power of 496.

Only this type of investment of tens of thousands of dollars the family solar power stations, both because of its clean, practical, and investment value are being recognized and accepted by more and more families.

In the economic development zone is located in xingtai, Hebei three-ring solar limited, Engineering Department head Wang Ziqiang interview with reporters, phone calls and visits from a likely to be interrupted by the individual user.

San Huan company is Zhao Hongyin domestic photovoltaic power stations system providers. Previously, San Huan company installed the family for 14 residents in Cixian of Handan power station. In xingtai locally, in addition to outside the South kangzhuang, also to the South and, neiqiu 3 users to install grid-connected solar power station and the success of the family.

Household solar power station to spontaneously use mainly, excess electricity can be sold to the national grid. Wang Ziqiang, gave reporters a “return on investment accounts”: xingtai peak sunlight was 4.8 hours per day. Power 1-kilowatt power stations generating capacity of about 5 degrees a day on average. Zhao Hongyin solar power is 5-kilowatt, invested 50,000 yuan, with annual output of more than 9,000 degrees. Usually his house annual electricity consumption of 5,800, by step electricity about 4350; 0.4196 Yuan per unit (tax) to sell to the national grid, while national PV user per kilowatt-hour 0.42 Yuan (including tax), tax subsidies.

“Comprehensive measure, seven years to recover costs, behind was made. “Introduced Wang Ziqiang, the life of the PV power station is about 25, San Huan company commitments: users from the date of installation enabled system, within 20 years, in addition to natural disasters, solar panels when problems arise, the company responsible for a free replacement.

Saving energy, no noise, no atmospheric pollutants and ecological benefits of solar power stations it is obvious that more substantial economic, but they were not “throw too big”, only with better economic conditions, forward-thinking individuals in recognition and promotion.

Power supply according to the Marketing Department of the company, as of August 27, the city’s total of 12 households, solar power generation, and another 23 user puts on-grid applications. This reporter learned that, at present, the city’s ability to provide system installation of photovoltaic power stations of Hebei JI Jie solar technology company. JI Jie Meng Xianghui Deputy Manager of the company told reporters that the company in the East, Shahe, 6 counties such as long-9 family installed solar power stations, 4 of them achieving grid. Overall, the market is still in the “spark”.

But promoting household solar power station on time. China renewable energy industry association said Zhao Zhili, now, in addition to financial support from the national level, a company’s attitude towards this type of clean electricity to the national grid is “open”. Distributed management task force, Feng Yingnan municipal power supply company told reporters that the proposed on-grid and grid-connected applications to accepted acceptance commissioning, the company promises to service up to 45 business days to process (not including installation), and does not charge any service fees.

“As one of the first to create a new energy model city, the city’s construction of photovoltaic power generation project is fully supported. “Municipal development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Chen Shi said, according to the plan, by the end of 2015, 800,000-kilowatt, PV industry development objectives are, I. In terms of promoting household solar power station, the municipal development and Reform Commission will actively coordinate grid-connected electricity sector to improve efficiency.

It is understood that at present, the main problems facing large scale is a one-time investment. Since such power stations require certain roofing resources, the most suitable in weak power grid construction in remote and rural areas and the potential users of these areas most sensitive to the cost.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, but you must have good wind power.

“Now, we mainly do demonstration. An area to do a House, so that potential users as much as possible about the benefits of home solar power station. “Wang Ziqiang said, wants local governments soon website subsidies, such families to rapid power stations into millions of households.

Original title: solar power station when it walked into thousands

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