Hefei again dreams PV development chapter

Polaris solar PV net news: yet another goal from a grand plan into the foot of a solid bench, which is leap to catch the experience of Hefei.

The construction of “PV power application first city”, to create “Great Lakes cities, Highland of innovation” on the journey, Hefei has set a goal for yourself.

Hareon solar Sun power from PV countryside anti-poverty projects to national first batch of distributed PV demonstration area … … Hefei caught industry and applications at both ends, continue to close, close, close to the target.

Footprint carved struggle time runner, to lift the giant hand of dreams a new chapter of history. Scores have been behind struggle never stop, targeting “PV power application” the first city goal, hearts together to make another new journey in Hefei.

Industry in 2015, and strive to achieve 30 billion yuan output value

Without industry, Hefei to create “PV power application” the first city’s clout comes from its own increasingly sophisticated industrial base.

Breakdown of PV enterprises in Hefei, and strength of each. Hareon, JA Solar’s investment of 10 billion yuan invested 7.5 billion yuan investment of 2 billion yuan, Sun, Rainbow PV glass power investment of 1 billion yuan, United States 3M to invest 1 billion yuan, some of these major projects have been completed and put into operation, it is speeding up the construction, its capacity is continuously released.

Leading enterprise drive, PV is speeding up the formation of industrial clusters in Hefei city, the initial formation of polysilicon raw material-solar-power-integration component works of PV industry chain, is speeding up the formation of industrial clusters. Products are mainly concentrated in Silicon rods, PV modules, PV system manufacturing, photovoltaic system inverter technology and market share in the country.

The development of photovoltaic industry, States, cities are experimenting with different direction, is also exploring the promotion of photovoltaic industry development in Hefei new tipping point. Committee through a letter, electronic information industry Department official told reporters, Hefei focusing photovoltaic products of research and development, production and application, are now targeting architectural PV artifacts, wants to foster being the next explosive economic growth.

At present, City economic information Commission is pushing Beijing new building materials group in micro-and nano-electrician, South, Hefei and PV PV artifacts for building product research and development, production and application of reach co-operation intention; promotion of micro-and nano-electrical company with the tongwei solar companies in the high-tech zone to manufacture photovoltaic components used in construction and open up the market. In addition, Hefei University and micro/Nano electric company building construction PV component test center was in communication and contacts.

Goals into the PV industry of Hefei accelerated forward momentum. Hefei and strive to achieve PV industry output value of 25 billion yuan by the end of 2014, the city distributed PV breakthrough 300MW of installed capacity; by 2015, the city’s PV industry output value of over 30 billion yuan in national demonstration city in the forefront of photovoltaic power generation for large-scale application of, becoming an important national production, PV enterprises agglomeration.

PV countryside in 2020, 3000 families enjoy the PV power plant

To promote photovoltaic applications, is a huge market in rural areas. In 2013, the Hefei launched PV anti-poverty projects in the countryside, opening a national precedent. 100 rural households as beneficiaries must first enjoy the benefits of photovoltaic power plant in the family.

In 2014, the Hefei city, continue to implement the “PV countryside” poverty reduction project, selected 200 poor rural families in the city, city and County (City) level Government allocated 6 million yuan of special funds for the “three noes” construction of poor families distributed photovoltaic power plant. Now, Hefei is door-to-door surveys to develop implementation plan is expected before the end of October this year 200 poor families grid-connected PV power station can be completed.

According to the Central Government, provincial views on innovative mechanisms to increase the intensity of accurate poverty alleviation, starting from next year, Hefei will also further expands the scope of ATD PV, PV countryside anti-poverty plans to expand to 500 households by 2020, 3000 “three noes” needy families will enjoy the steady income of PV power plant.

Apart from the PV power station, a complementary light, solar greenhouses and fisheries such as new applications emerge at Hefei, Hefei city, these new applications will become the future main battlefield of photovoltaic applications. According to Hefei PV countryside “millions” engineering implementation programme, Hefei will vigorously implementation PV countryside “hundred village advance, and thousand households pro-poor, and million home roof and million acres base” four engineering construction, plans to 2018, built 100 a rural PV Application demonstration community, and 1000 a rural PV pro-poor family, and 10,000 a rural family distributed PV station, and 10,000 acres PV facilities agricultural (fisheries) base, strive to put Hefei rural area construction became PV agricultural of first district and PV application of focus district.

Innovative ways of establishing multivariate investment mode

At present, PV applications in Hefei city, two forces of Government and enterprise investment go hand in hand, and jointly promote the development of industrial applications. In future, more investment will continue to be introduced, innovation and development.

BA Doo da Zhang Cun town, feidong County, Tong Wei Sun and 28 farmers cooperative, 70kw family built distributed PV power generation projects. Tong Wei solar company in accordance with the “farmer’s rooftop, investment operations, generating proceeds of” new model, exploring PV companies + farmers cooperative methods. For rural PV market, Hefei will also actively explore the photovoltaic power generation expected profit mortgages, banks, microfinance, energy management, Enterprise rental contract farmers ‘ roof and other methods, to explore more rural PV industry development path, strive for more input.

Recent on accelerating the application of PV in a supplementary notice, also encourages innovative distributed PV project finance model in Hefei city. Encourage financial institutions to innovative financing products and services, preferential loan rate of distributed PV power generation projects, extension of the loan term. Exploring the establishment of photovoltaic power generation investment public guarantee fund and guarantee loans for PV power generation projects in the region. Individual installation of distributed PV project, exploring personal income credit terms with loan guarantees. Encourage the combination of funds, insurance, trusts and capital, explore the establishment of photovoltaic industry investment fund. Actively guide insurance agency cooperation with the power plant investment, reduce PV power plant operational risks.

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