High costs restricting zhe domestic photovoltaic industry called PV blue-water in residential roofing

Polaris solar PV net news: the last day of August, Feng Hui Zhen Feng Ming village, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Tang Pengji conceived four months many scenarios exist: their own rooftop solar photovoltaic systems into the national power grid, not only to meet the electricity needs of Tang Pengji family of five, the excess electricity can be sold to the State grid Corporation. The 10-kilowatt system, Tang Pengji spent more than 100,000 yuan.

“The subsidy according to the related policy, take 5-6 years to recover the cost. Time is too long, there are snacks cold! “Tang Pengji to sell the excess electricity prices again and again, make him feel frustrated is that home photovoltaic system is not only the high cost and cost recovery for far too long.

On October 26, 2012, national grid announced views on doing well the work of distributed PV on-grid services, this initiative to bring family-from large-scale photovoltaic power generation, distributed: the State encourages distributed PV distributed access and low voltage distribution system and promised free for 6 MW of distributed solar power projects connected to the grid, full purchase of surplus electricity.

However, high equipment costs, cost recovery period is long, has not only become a Tang Pengji one’s troubles, also became a difficulty encountered by families of PV power generation in China.

In February 2013, linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang He Xianjun is the first family of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project in Zhejiang province. According to the Zhejiang Provincial electric power company: by the end of July this year, household PV projects in the province a total of 134, volume 846.4 kW. Among them, the grid project 86, volume 606.8 kW. Power companies said 134 residents on-grid and grid-connected applications family contains only PV projects, residents installed grid-connected generation system, but not the family cannot be quantified.

Solar energy industries Association Secretary-General Shen Fuxin, Zhejiang Province, believes that strictly speaking, a family not many PV projects in Zhejiang Province, “in addition to new countryside plan construction, leaving the user’s awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, spontaneous installation required. ”

Shen Fuxin referred to the high cost and low income are important causes of household PV at present cannot be universal. He also mentioned that subsidies of at least 1.1 Yuan/degree when household PV Returns period can be seen, “and the current price, combined with State subsidies of Zhejiang Province, 4 2 Mao and subsidies 1 hair, add up to less than a dollar per watt”.

“Families are mainly cost. “The Committee through a letter, Zhejiang Province industrial investment Department official surnamed Chen told reporters that the family of photovoltaic power generation costs about ten dollars a Watt, as the family roof small size, cost and there is no way to stand down. The other hand, although States and provinces, even with subsidies, but the cost of photovoltaic power generation system is that the subsidy is not enough to make up for it.

“We have several large, primarily residential community and the construction of new countryside, such as jiaxing shajiabang community. “The Committee through a letter, Zhejiang Province, officials said. Shajiabang community is located in xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, 100 families in a community rooftop solar photovoltaic generating units were installed, this is the rural area of Zhejiang Province, the first compact residential rooftop PV solar energy demonstration projects.

“By the end of the finished we should implement nearly 2000 families of PV power projects, mostly in Zhejiang province. “Zhejiang solar technology Co Ltd chairman Hou Shengyue said, he referred to 2000 than on equipment installation, was not in the incorporation phase. He is a case study of development of solar water heaters and that the family as photovoltaic power generation and residential application of solar energy water heaters, sooner or later, become a kind of consumption habits.

With the cold case of PV markets in foreign countries, starting last solar domestic PV market shift from foreign to domestic, Hou Shengyue believes PV market blue-water in the households on the roof, just need time to spread slowly, slowly the market.

Committee through a letter the Chief also believes it is only a matter of time home photovoltaic, with carrying capacity of the environment more and more weak, PV is definitely a trend, now plant photovoltaic can make money, family this will be better and better, “to lower costs, Governments at all levels should promote its work”.

“When I installed it thinking, better than bank interest rates high, as an investment strategy. “Tang Pengji smiled and said, now has some neighbors asked him about household PV power thing. He also intends to wait after the successful incorporation, own my own company that specializes in home photovoltaic equipment sales and installation.

Original title: high costs restricting zhe domestic photovoltaic industry called PV blue-water in residential roofing

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