Hina 20 years success–loses me

Polaris solar PV net news: three dozen years, in-depth development of the reform and opening up and the Socialist market economy, China a landmark change in the socio-economic … |||| Encourage competition as a market economy, it compels people to blaze new trails, fighting spirit, the courage to step forward. Market economy has also produced a number of effective and have some non-public economic enterprises. State policy under sail, in the tide of success of hanergy holdings group is the leader in enterprise.

20, Han can do only one thing, that is, clean energy.

Follow the party, comply with the policy, seize the opportunities, take full advantage of the State’s attention to the real economy, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and economic development aspirations, gave Han can usher in a golden opportunity for development.

With the nation’s destiny is the future of enterprise, Li Hejun, hanergy Holdings Group Chairman to this deep experience: Chinese today, because the reform and opening up of the motherland gives us the opportunity to serve the country; development of Hina, as its development is closely integrated with the development of the motherland and national prosperity. We chose the development of clean energy, a common fate with the motherland, you have to constantly blaze new trails, and Chinese to the world.

Li Hejun Hakka descent, has not been short of daring to venture drive, inspired by the economic reform and market economy in 1994, Li Hejun hanergy holding group established (when huarui) and embarked on a road of industrial nation.

Who have engaged since the inception of clean energy, practicing industrial help. The next ten years, Han Feng in hydroelectric field, has invested the Huangtian, MUJING, wulanghe and other small and medium hydropower stations, ranging in capacity from jiwanqian Watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts.

Who are most proud of jinanqiao hydropower station was founded in 2003. The Li Hejun called “miracle” hydroelectric power station is located in the middle reaches of the jinsha River, was approved by the State planning in the middle reaches of the jinsha River hydropower planning report “a grade” fifth level, belongs to the country and especially hydro, installed capacity reached 3 million-kilowatt. In March 2011, the 2.4 million-kilowatt unit one of jinanqiao hydropower station power generation.

Eight all year, for ten years, construction of jinanqiao hydropower station has been difficult, and now look at Jin Anqiao success, Li Hejun believes that Han could have brought at least three levels of harvest. One is stable of economic; second is won has outside trust, because Han can put Jin an bridge so complex of thing are dry into has, also has what dry not, this for Han can won has Mall Shang most valuable of a “letter” Word; its three is for Han can team brings has confident, “han can core team through Jin an bridge ten years of experience, obtained has mental of growth, and team power of growth, we also has has confident, feel we can dry event,” Li Hejun memories said.

Traditional hydropower sector is a cornerstone of Hina development of clean energy. Han construction of hydro-electric projects in provinces such as Yunnan, Guangdong investment, at present, the Chinese hydropower interests total installed capacity of more than 6 million-kilowatt.

In addition, Han started in 2000 for wind power development, currently has a total installed capacity of wind power 131MW. Hina Rudong wind farm northeast of Rudong County in Jiangsu Province, and installed capacity of 100MW, is country’s first demonstration wind power concession projects, is Asia’s largest wind power project of the year. Hina helanshan wind farm is situated in northwestern Ningxia Hui autonomous region, project capacity of 31MW.

Since then, Hina has completed Li Hejun often mentioned in another miracle, in four years to become the world’s largest thin-film solar companies. Original intention of entering the solar industry, Li Hejun interpreted sense of mission. “After finish Jin Anqiao, we don’t have to do anything, why do things that big a risk? who the team’s mission is to change the world with clean energy, who believed that through thin-film technology can change energy patterns, we are thinking of alternatives off the thermal power, nuclear power. “Li Hejun, all renewable energy, solar energy is most likely to become the next leader.

In 2009, solar troughs in China when the Chinese launch of 2000 MW of thin-film solar projects, caused an uproar at the time, when the world’s thin-film solar boss United States FirstSolar 1800 megawatts of capacity.

However, under Li Hejun who in the space of a few years to achieve just this ambitious plan. At present, Han in Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Jiangsu and invest in research and development of thin-film solar industry manufacturing base, total capacity has reached 3 gigawatts, signed about 10 gigawatts of solar power plant construction deal. Hina contribution for reducing carbon dioxide emissions of more than 20 million tons per year and absorbs the carbon dioxide would require 1 billion trees in one year’s time.

Outside even more amazing is that who one after another in the past two years, four world-leading manufacturer of thin-film solar companies into their folds, electricity is Hina’s film technology has reached the international advanced level, with Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) component production conversion rate has reached 15.7%, access to United States national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) certification the highest conversion rate of 20.5%. Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) single junction solar cell conversion 28.8%, dual-junction cell 30.8%, this is thin-film solar cell technology world record for the highest conversion rates. Han will be world solar photovoltaic field can not be shaken technology leaders.

Now Hina to continuously develop innovative spirit of modern enterprises, after 20 years of business and development, laying a “radical wings” enterprise development strategies, namely: on the basis of traditional clean hydro-electric power sector, to development and production of high-tech energy sources such as solar energy plates for the left-wing, based on the film generation applications for industrial structure on the right. “A radical wings” layout form the Han can complete the clean energy industry chain and value chain.

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