India Solar project reserve capacity of 4GW

Polaris solar PV net news: India new Bonthe Island gantner (Telangana), and previously as part of Andhra Pradesh State, launched a 500MW solar power bid.

The pitch to join the entire India 4GW of solar project reserves development contracts.

Te re Gan Nabang recently suffered blackouts, and recently formed solar auction to help it tackle its power deficit.

Solar power project developers can bid on public sector, Southern Power Distribution Company in the State of Telangana Limited (TSSPDCL), a 25-year power purchase agreement.

Bidders can bid on continuing a 25-year power purchase agreement of the general rates, or they can bid the rate is divided into ten-year and 15-year price.

The deadline for bidding on September 26, the bidding process is scheduled to end on November 23.

The tender will be allocated through competitive bidding power-purchase agreement.

Has since signed a power purchase agreement, grid connected project for a period of ten months. Receive multiple bids, items must be in 2-200MW, with the incorporation of the TSSPDCL substation.

Particular LUN Ganna 4GW of agriculture to help meet energy needs, but only 3.5GW is available, resulting in blackouts each day.

LUN Ganna solar auctions matching its current neighboring Andhra Pradesh 500MW solar for sale – the deadline is September 17. But while Andhra Pradesh also has more of a 12-month deadline, but due to the larger 200MW limit, as well as flexibility, Ganna Napoleon auction are expected to get more interested.

According to the solar analyst BridgetoIndia, Ganna and midazolam in Andhra Pradesh for its ambitious solar energy auctions, and involvement in the 4GW reserves.

Reserves in the 1.5GW of this project is part of the national solar energy plan.

According to BridgetoIndia, in Delhi and Punjab, along with new net metering policies across India new tender over 2.3GW items, including Haryana and Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand) 75MW 50MW and Maharashtra tenders.

The analyst firm said in a press release, India Solar market, “benefiting from more solar than clear intentions. Bureaucracy, however, especially at the State level, before making announcements and issue a tender does not effectively implemented. “

After BridgetoIndia showed that may contribute to the State-level solar auction is the “Central and State a road tie in the allocated time, more frequent, smaller allocation instead of a single large tenders, as well as a standard, simple and efficient allocation of online bidding process.”

BridgetoIndia said: “If India starts to more streamlined, and carefully considered policy implementation framework will become even more prosperous. ”

Recently, the United States developer FirstSolar LUN gantner said it is also building a 45MW solar power stations.

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