“Intelligent monitoring system of photovoltaic power generation” research projects through acceptance

Polaris solar PV net news:

On September 13, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources (hereinafter referred to as water and electricity Institute) in Beijing hosted the “intelligent monitoring system of photovoltaic power generation” research project acceptance. From China electric power construction Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development, upper Yellow River hydropower development company limited, Beijing wood software company limited, China electric power construction group in the South, East and Northwest hydroelectric investigation, design and Research Institute of experts and representatives of more than 20 people attended the meeting.

“The intelligent monitoring system for photovoltaic” hydropower Institute 2013 project, hydropower Institute, upper Yellow River hydropower development limited liability company, software company limited and Beijing wood can hydroelectric investigation, design and Research Institute of Northwest China electric power construction group limited to “common inputs and common benefit, the sharing of intellectual property rights” principle of collaborative research projects. Research Group of the photovoltaic power generation systems running reality, power plant operation and management needs, research and development of intelligent monitoring system for photovoltaic products and implementation of intelligent monitoring photovoltaic power plant equipment, and improves the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system management and standards.

Project achieved the following results:

PV power station has been built, summarizes the domestic operation management situation and problems, combined with the demand for photovoltaic power plant construction and operation, PV smart integration solutions for the first time, completed the typical design of intelligent monitoring system for photovoltaic program.

Second, complete the research and development of intelligent monitoring system for photovoltaic products and realize PV combiner box, power inverters, tank, booster and transformation and environmental monitors and other equipment for data acquisition and real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis and processing of the collected data, realized the power of intelligent devices and sophisticated centralized control and management.

Three, photovoltaic power generation of intelligent monitor and control system using hierarchical distributed architecture and modular design, realize massive data collection, storage, analysis and processing, taking into account the different sizes of photovoltaic power plant to improve real-time performance, stability, and scalability of the system.

Four, according to the machine running the system status, network, and intelligent, programmed control over weather conditions and realization of remote fault diagnosis, treatment and closed-loop feedback systems. Through standardized, streamlined and a one-button operation, improve reliability and safety of the PV power plant.

Five, intelligent monitoring and control system in accordance with the “platform” line of thinking, intelligent control system, intelligent information management systems, optical power prediction system and video surveillance systems are integrated into “intelligent integration platform of photovoltaic power plant”, effective integration of resources, duplication of investment is reduced, realization of the photovoltaic power plant scientific management.

The project results have been Zhongwei 18 photovoltaic power plant in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region successfully applied. System performance is stable, works well, needs of dispatching system for power plant dispatching management requirements, meet the needs of property owners on the station and information management, with a wide range of promotional value.

Acceptance listened carefully to the discussion group of the expert group report, reviewed the relevant reports and information technology, watched the results show, to a careful discussion and consideration of the research results, the expert group considered that: the outcome of this project is in the domestic leading level, with higher social and economic benefits, and broad application prospects. Acceptance experts agreed the project through acceptance, and recommended strengthening the marketing of research results, and marketing and industrial development to further improve outcomes.

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