Japan threatened to create developer PV feed-in tariff subsidy cuts rumored to be eliminated

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Japan Government spokesman, called on Japan nearly 300 large PV project developers may receive the necessary documents to comply with procedures to start the construction, or risk losing electricity price subsidy response seems to have been encouraging.

Seems to overturn the spokesman in recent days have planned from Japan next fiscal year, which began in April 2015, slash electricity price subsidy for rumors.

Trade in the country’s economy, trade and industry (METI), a division of, natural resources and energy renewable energy spokesman KazuyaAoyama said in an interview, “a lot of” developers have responded to the call for developers on the project to produce land use rights to show that construction will continue.

PV projects totals nearly 65GW have access to equipment certification, so far in Japan get electricity price subsidies. However, by the end of March 2014 last year, Japan at the end of fiscal year, the country’s only 8.66GW, however, there is still enough to make Japan close to the top of the list of the installed capacity in the world. As previously reported by the times, since the beginning of February, 288 solar photovoltaic project was approved until March 31 files. Some developers may wait before executing the project costs down there had been the possibility of some controversy, in particular will gain higher electricity price subsidy rates for 2012 fiscal year, so as to maximize its profits. Despite this possibility, but Dr RTSPV HiroshiMatsukawa, an analyst in Tokyo said last week that projects have yet to be has many other causes, including Japan and plight of the use of agricultural land for other purposes.

METI Aoyama said: “because the applications are still in the statistics, figures are given too early. ”

“A lot of people (developers) to METI, submit forms for land use rights, in response to the August 31 deadline. ”

Aoyama said the Department will evaluate the documents and make sure any did not respond in a satisfactory form developers would be likely to face public hearings of the repealed electricity price subsidies. As neither land nor equipment certified developer to set an earlier deadline, causing 144 projects lost its feed-in tariff subsidy. However it was also pointed out that grid is still Japan continued on a large scale deployment of PV’s biggest obstacles.

Aoyama said: “on the projects already approved but not yet put into operation, there are two main problems. One problem is that some developers have signed high price subsidies (in fiscal year 2012) but not yet put into operation, so that when these began operations, it may cause serious public burdens. Another serious problem is to make the grid connected projects. Developers have applied for incorporation, but due to lack of availability, could not be reached. ”

“It will, of course, is likely to affect the ability of developers to apply for new projects. Eventually lined up in 2012 and 2013, projects a priority, including grid-connected. The other hand, a project price subsidies were removed, this will mean a new developers to replace with a new project. ”

The backlog has put pressure on the industry for some time, RTSPV warning of the potential for solar energy of the public backlash. In response to impending rumors of huge fiscal support for solar power, Aoyama said the electricity price subsidy each year until March before deciding, when the electricity price subsidy Panel meets to set rates, so the decision has been made yet.

“The data has not been collected, therefore it cannot make a decision. Meeting of the expert group and to assess the information gathered in the previous year, so they work in a short time, in the last month of the fiscal year. ”

Similarly, Aoyama said no Government to try and shift market focus shifted from large-scale projects to support other specifications of the generating facility-specific plan.

In an interview, the Agency’s Deputy Director YasuhiroGoto spoke briefly, confirms Japan grid scale battery test will be on the grid next year. The batteries will be used to integrate renewable sources of variable output to two local power grids.

Original title: Japan threatened to create developer action, electricity price subsidy cuts rumored to be eliminated

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