Jiawei shares to join hands in developing the next generation of Tsinghua University solar cells

Arctic star solar PV network news: due to intends disclosure major matters, Yu this week three opened up temporary suspension of Guangdong local company Yoga Wei shares, Yu yesterday evening released bulletin said, recently and Tsinghua University signed has technology development contract, in Tsinghua University has has Nano carbon-crystal silicon Sun battery technology of based Shang, both on “graphite Ene-Silicon film Sun battery of research” project for technology development.

According to the notice, the said contract for a period of 3 years. During the contract period, will complete the study and development of Tsinghua University and Graphene thin films of silicon thin film production technology; design and optimize the structure of Graphene-silicon thin-film solar cells studied Graphene-silicon thin-film solar cell production technology and influencing factors studied Graphene-related scientific problems for silicon thin film solar cells. Total contract price of 3 million Yuan, youjiawei shares offered. After the project is completed, both parties are entitled to the arising out of technology and intellectual property rights, including the right to apply for patent, transfer rights, use rights, in accordance with law.

Announcements, including Graphene, carbon nanotubes, including carbon nano-materials in the field of solar cells with great prospects. Graphene in its unique structure and excellent material properties and is widely used in fields such as physics, chemistry and materials science, which hopes one of the applications is the new generation of high conversion efficiency of solar cells.

Jiawei shares announced last night, with the highest price not to exceed $ 10 million acquisition of European company Lion&DolphinA/S (called L&D) all the shares. L&D operates mainly in LED lighting business, with “Duracell” lighting brands in authorized except for North America, China. Jiawei shares, said after the merger L&D, which will have “Duracell” lighting brand outside China’s global mandate to realize the “Duracell” lighting brands and global sales of the company’s own brand, its business in the European market, are expected to achieve more substantial growth after the acquisition is completed.

On the secondary market on Wednesday before trading was suspended, Jiawei shares closed at 26.15 dollars.

Original title: Jiawei shares to join hands in developing the next generation of Tsinghua University solar cells

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