Li junfeng: energy innovation needs of compatibility

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 17, the DuPont innovation Center in Shanghai in the opening ceremony of “innovation and collaboration” interactive dialogue process, national climate change strategy Li junfeng, Director of the Center for studies and international cooperation issued a statement, after listening to quite touched, now finishing as follows to readers:

Along with economic development, with the improvement of people’s living standards, or improve the quality of life of the people, demand for energy is constantly growing, it is a big trend, this trend won’t change in the short term. Its biggest challenge is to produce clean, safe every day, so that everyone can afford to pay for energy, this is not something one day, two days, but sustainable, so that a sustainable energy supply is one of the biggest challenges. Our President and Prime Minister spoke of energy innovation, energy revolution, as a particularly important task in energy, that now we are faced with serious challenges, to maintain energy security to ensure a sustainable supply of energy.

For the energy situation, first and foremost saving, how to improve energy efficiency. Referred to President XI Jinping of the revolution’s top priority is to improve the energy efficiency of energy and control energy consumption. Second is increased energy of supply, this is maximum of a problem, on like we President said of, he out half of task is find oil, and Russia, and Middle East, and Argentina, and Mexico, and African, country on of basically are is energy supply, buy oil buy gas, so increased energy supply is we now maximum of challenge, this including solar, we to increased innovation, increased new of energy sources way.

DuPont talked about cooperation in innovation, inclusiveness and innovation, which is a necessity of history, starting with internationalization, integration in the global economy, we need global cooperation. Addition now technology increasingly complex, past in energy problem Shang, like found coal mine solution all of problem, later found oil solution all of problem, now we find not to any a technology can solution global of energy problem, we needs more complex of technology, like PV, a simple of battery Board, has tens of thousands of species of material in inside, we needs research various of material, to put it even in together only effective, while also needs all of participation, this is most difficult of things. We of energy and food, and car not as, car can has differences of service, like has Austrian extension, has Maserati, poor 1000 times times of price, we of rice can sold to 90 Yuan/kg, also has 2 Yuan/kg of rice, but we of electric only sold a price, cannot said this electric good on sold 10 Yuan, this electric bad on sold to 1 Yuan, we do not to, we must to sold also of price, let everyone together support it only line. Such as electric vehicles, a minority support could support Tesla, good products, such as high-end milk powder was up minority support, but not for our energy, energy innovation needs the support of society as a whole, this is a very difficult point. We hope that collaborative innovation, collaborative innovation, all inclusive, containment refers to what? Inclusion is not just that it merits, and also to try and contain it faults, shortcomings when it started, we have to try and contain it and overcome its shortcomings, let it grow and expand.

Original title: Li junfeng: energy innovation needs of compatibility

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